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Blacklisted Subjects by the "Scientific" Establishment

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posted on Nov, 20 2009 @ 01:57 PM
There are so many credible witnesses and trace evidence cases to conclude that UFOs are a real physical phenomenon. ..a real phenomenon that clearly involves cold fusion and ion propulsion technology.

The stigma of little green men and probes is bad enough when it comes to real scientific research. I can probably understand why the scientific establishment ignores the UFO topic. However, things get worse on subjects related to cold fusion even though there is more observational data available.

(Observation is the first step of the scientific method and you can’t prove a model without it. Observation is the foundation of science. If an observation contradicts a model, the model must be corrected.)

I have looked into the cold fusion phenomenon in order to find an explanation on how UFOs obtain their incredible source of electrical power. The search has led me into areas I have never considered before. The journey resulted with the following scientific models:

• Expanding Earth (includes Planets & moon) - suggests nuclear reactions are occurring within the molten core
• Iron sun (Birkeland model) - suggests nuclear reactions are occurring within the molten core
• LENR/CANR (Cold Fusion) Deuterium loading experiments. - suggests nuclear reactions are occurring within the molten areas

(In a nut shell: There are natural and experimental sources with a definite pattern that suggests cold fusion reactions are common and should be expected under conditions involving a molten alloy’s ability to absorb and hold Hydrogen/Deuterium atoms. )

Surprisingly, *ALL* of the models listed above are ignored or ridiculed (blacklisted) by the scientific establishment despite irrefutable supporting observational data (Remember, observation is the most important factor of the scientific method?) Ignoring a model is one issue but when they disregard observational data that is simply dishonesty.

Can someone please help me to understand; What motivation do they have by keeping the public in the dark? Who are “they”? I find it very difficult that anyone can organize a disinformation campaign through various institutions but the evidence for these models are very compelling.


Electric Sun Model
Solar Abundances of the Elements

Observations made in science experiments:

U.S. Navy Cold Fusion Research
Physicist Claims First Real Demonstration of Cold Fusion
Infinite Energy
Molten Salt Techniques for Reproducible Excess Heat

Relevant observations in Astronomy:

Expansion of planets and moon (Videos)
Fissures on the Sun
Temporary solid formations on the Sun
Water detected in sunspots
Water abundance in star nursery (Orion Nebula)

Observations suggesting “cold” fusion power source in UFOs:

Flight capabilities
Falcon Lake case.
Falcon Lake case (my illustrations along with speculation)
Cases involving molten metals

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posted on Nov, 20 2009 @ 06:22 PM
I guess no one is interested in this subject.


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