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Painted Lady Butterflies on the Space Station

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posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 11:42 PM
This will be interesting Butterflies in a zero gravity environment, they can't fly,what sort of a exercise routine will they have,will their wings unravel as they need a breeze to dry and unfold them
The larva is already having difficulty trying to chew off its old skin, they have to hang on to something to help rid themselves of their old skin.

National Space Biomedical Research Institute
Photo of the Painted Lady Butterflies on the Space Station. Photo taken 11/19/2009.

This video is of the Painted lady larvae feeding, floating, and exploring their habitat. The larva at the center of the screen is free-floating and appears to be in the middle of molting. .....

These Monarch Caterpillars were on-board the Shuttle 16th November
and can expect nothing more than Micro Gravity.


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