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How to produce CHI, how to work and learn chi??

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posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 01:20 AM
So awhile back, i watched some video, where there is a man HEALING people with chi. (will show u video after this)
And some time after that, i seen shaolin monks, using chi to protect and enhance there physical strength.
And now i have seen someone move things, with there chi.

So time passes by and i watch some youtube videos, on how to do certain chi meditation. What they say first that happens, is the place your directing your chi (for me it was my fingers) will get real hot, like a hot metal rod, sort of speak.

So last night me and my gf are doing laying meditation somewhat near eachother. I started to open my chakras, and when i got to my stomach chakra, i tried to actually "produce" chi. What i did was, on my inbreath i focued on energy COMING UP and stopping at my stomach (solar) and when i breathed out i imagined it coming from my head and stopping at the stomach. On my out breath (holding with no air in lungs) i imagined the two merging (ying/yang) and did it over and over.
Within about 5 minutes, i felt my stomach burning, but it DIDNT hurt at all. It felt as if i pulled a muscle and it was an intense HOT sensation on my stomach.

So 20 or so minutes pass by (my guess), and my gf says my temple i thought hey why not let me try to massage it, but try to push chi or energy at the point. (i know it was dangerous, a lot of videos/reading say NOT to mess with chi, especially with others unless you know KNOW what your doing) im doing the same thing, and i imagine it going to my fingers on the outbreath, and after the 3rd. time she exclaims! omg...what was thaaaaat!?
i look a bit dumbfounded coming out of meditation and ask here huh? and she says omg it like BURNT me, it felt like u got a lighter and burnt me!!...
so after that i broke meditation and said OMG! wow it really DOES work lol

Im curious has anyone had any experience with CHI?? using it in different various ways?

(heres the video of the man healing/doing things with chi)

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 01:54 AM
Sounds like you stumbled onto something.

Around 15 years ago, I was lying in bed with my girlfriend with my hand on her stomach. I was imagining "ocean blue" calming energies, and (unknown to her) was trying to project this energy to her.

Suddenly she jumped and said "I can see blue!", which truly amazed me. I then asked her what she meant by "blue" and she said "I could see a blue hand".

Spun me out big time, that did. Keep working at it.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 05:36 AM
I'm a huge Bruce Lee fan, not just because of the martial arts but how he was the best he could be spiritually as well as physically. (More the butt kicking when i was a youngster but just being honest)

I would like to learn these techniques if possible do you know of any possible sites to buy tutorials or anything that could help.

As i understand if you control your chi / activate chakras any is possible within reason.


Hope you dont burn too many people


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