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Aaaah, why is nothing practical within the world of the supernatural

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 06:21 PM
so i came across the wingmakers stuff, and thought, wow, after reading the interviews and philosophies, and i started reading lyricus, and just got annoyed, but that was mostly because earlier today i was listening to the coast to coast am episode most recently with steve quayle, and i just turned it off, because he says a bunch of interesting stuff that leads no where. now hear me out. this isnt about steve or the wingmakers.

but for example. steve is always talking about the reanimation of the giants, and how they are gonna eat people, and people that have been to close have suffered painful headaches due to the i guess electromagnetic frequency or whatever from the giants brains, ect.. but he has no solutions at all. nothing. the most i have ever heard him say really was to pray to god, and native americans use to use smoke to kill them. how the heck do you kill something that you just told me you cant even get close to without your head exploding, so in turn, how did david even kill one of these since he believes in the bible so much. so much of what he says is interesting, and i can put pieces together from other things that make what he says sound like a possibility, but overall its useless information. if i cant defend myself from these creatures, along with all the other demons and things he talks about, then why even listen to you speak. where is info on how to protect myself. sounds like I need some superpowers to keep myself from getting killed if these things are ever resurrected. thats like telling me a bunch of info on how a virus can destroy my computer, and how dangerous malware is, but you dont tell me how to protect myself and just leave me sitting looking dumb.

so getting to my point, nothing i come across is practical. all of magick is purely subjective, and i can understand why and how that works. hold hold on. lemme make my point even more clear.

all the philosophy is grand, the spiritual talk, the power of love, ect.., but in a world like this, where if there was a way that i could quickly get tuned to a source power that would allow me to physically manifest objects out of thin air, why is this not being researched more. great, angels exist, whop di do. go pray to an angel tonight for ten grand, or even the ability to make ten grand the next day somehow, via gambling, whatever, and lemme know how that goes. matter of fact, ill do it tonight also. so we can pretty much rule out praying to other entities for help, and why would i. im made of the same source as them, im just in a stupor state so to speak, and i dont remember my connection and abilities anymore.

life is a game. i get it. there is no right or wrong. no energy is wasted. everything has a purpose, even the extremely evil of the universe, but what the hell am i suppose to do with that info other then know i know something someone else doesnt. there is nothing practical about it. the law of attraction is almost a worthless endeavor since its not a real science, and works whenever, however. for all that, i might as well continue going through life ignorant to such a thing, still creating my reality regardless of watching the secret, or reading books on the subject, or not.

come on people, lets be honest here. im not saying i dont believe. i fully do, but something is missing. i feel like im always reading more philosophical banter, then im reading techniques to regenerate a broken bone or scarred face, manifest money to help pay the rent, ect... the only thing i get is, the power could be dangerous in the wrong hands. yeah, so can a knife, a gun, and basic chemicals purchased at your local home depot. you can google the dag on anarchist cookbook for christ sake, and download it in under a minute. everything is potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. so freakin what. thats just the reality of the universe we live in. someone could shoot you in the face, choke you with their bare hands, stab you, or use telekinesis to throw a fork into your head. big deal.

i mean, is there some literature out there that addresses this topic? i have been reading into metaphysics and the paranormal for over a decade now off and on. ive practiced many techniques, and had my experiences, but i need something practical. now! not tomorrow, not friday. now! i dont have time to meditate for hours a day just to feel less stressed. if im going to do that, i need daily results. like, meditate for 8 hours, and now i can glance into the future up to 30 seconds. cool, ill go gambling so i can pay for school. there are plenty of things i can physically do for 8 hours straight and get EXCELLENT results, but yet with the paranormal there is like this invisible brick wall that is like, you can do that for 8 hours, but its not gonna change much. well then what in this formula am i missing out on!?

all i can do is keep trying and educating myself, but i feel the real stuff is NEVER addressed. crowley was such a magician, then why is he dead. those yogis in india are so tuned in, then why are they old, weak looking, and probably couldnt run away from a child if they needed too. i think that is why skeptics get so pissy about the subject, because where they can make 1+1=2 and get a reaction for their hard work, the world of magick and stuff has no formula, and is purely subjective. its hard to deal with. should i use mantras, or should i not. should i write a ritual, or just meditate and seek to connect to the oneness. should practice obe's, or lucid dreams. pray to angels, pray to god, or pray to my higher self. its just a big messy bunch of crap at times.

i need clarity, and im searching for it, and trying to even just create it, but its frustrating. at a time where i could use any help i can get to get by and create a solid future for myself, the most i can get out of my studies is a bunch of philosophical banter, hints at amazing supernatural abilities, and nothing else. every single book literally seems to avoid the topic of psychokinesis, telepathy, transmogrification, physically manifesting objects out of thin air, ect.. we read examples, and hear stories, but yet no real formula other then belief makes things real. great

im mad because there are so many excellent practical things we could do with "paranormal" powers, but its like there is no formula out there. all these gurus, and people traveling to other realms in obe's, and nobody thought to ask an entity, hey, how do i levitate?

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 06:25 PM
excuse the long post. i know its hard to get through that stuff sometimes, but im really curious. where is the practical magic? philosophies dont heal wounds, pay rent, levitate me in the air when i fall off a roof, teleport me out of the car to a safe place to prevent death, allow me to calm a wild tiger so it doesnt kill me, dodge bullets, heal the sick, stop wars, make money, ect... its just useless nothing at times. great for debates that want to go no where. im trying to get by, survive, and even maybe one day help create a better world, but i need some help with the practical magic.

hell, just give me photographic memory and im good. ill go read a thousand books on the internet, create something, and get my finances in order, and live a happy life taking care of myself, and looking out for friends, family, and strangers.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 06:48 PM
My advice would be to pray for God's wisdom in all things. His truth never changes,despite the many efforts of man to pervert it. There are far too many options these days as far as what to believe,though there's really nothing new under the sun!

Be a rebel! Believe in Jesus Christ! For He IS..."the way,the truth,and the life"!

You can't say it won't work if you don't try! He can give you peace the world can't,no matter what your circumstances.

It works for me!

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 06:49 PM
A true seeker of illumination, good for you. I believe the answers you are looking for can only be found through great self sacrifice, divestment of self, fasting, and practice, practice, practice. And moreover, once enlightened you'll find that you must keep any new "abilities" strictly secret, so that you will not find yourself an outcast from friends family and others.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 06:55 PM
I would assume the reason "facts" don't support "most supernatural ideas and philosophies" is because "facts" usually pertain to "factual things" that are "possible and provable".

Follow me on this what I do here.

"I offer you my new theory. That ALL life on earth is actually made of nickle-plated gumdrops...and that these gum drops can only be witnessed by things that have the supernatural ability to "see through dolphin flippers".

Now...use "factual evidence to prove me plausible or probable".

Have fun with that...get back to me when you have some facts to back up my theory.

If you can not prove my new theory "at least plausible", then I offer your failure to do so as insight to your question.

Good day!

[edit on 18-11-2009 by Mr Mask]

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 07:11 PM

Be a rebel! Believe in Jesus Christ! For He IS..."the way,the truth,and the life"!

so out of the hundreds of different major religions, and thousand of off shoots of those, i should just put my faith in one savior? well im glad it works for you. i hope you have a model wife, beautiful children, a nice place to live, your young and healthy, with a six pack that you could run a train over, and more then enough money in the bank because of this. i on the other hand do not like saviorship. id rather do it myself. if jesus wants to give me a little handy guide book. ill take, thank him, and move on.

A true seeker of illumination, good for you. I believe the answers you are looking for can only be found through great self sacrifice, divestment of self, fasting, and practice, practice, practice. And moreover, once enlightened you'll find that you must keep any new "abilities" strictly secret, so that you will not find yourself an outcast from friends family and others.

oh i will. yeah, i dont think showing the world i can manifest money out of thin air, or anything for that matter, would be beneficial to me. lol

If you can not prove my new theory "at least plausible", then I offer your failure to do so as insight to your question.

what are you even talking about. more nonsense. within that rambling is there some formula to having obe's in 2 hours, or anything useful other then some worthless brain tease? no.

im not trying to be a prick here, but im pretty straight forward about a lot of things, so im just trying to see if this thread will bring about something i have overlooked or not studied, or tried yet. im not wasting my time deciphering ramblings. i mean, do i need to use blood rituals? take baths at certain points of the day? what? only eat dark meat? what? if its just purely subjective and i need to just find my way through the mud of my subconsciousness, then i might as well quit now, give up on this journey, and go back to 1+1=2, and join the rest of the sheep. just drinking, smoking, having sex, and doing whatever until i die. but that sounds like such a boring life if i cant do anything else with myself, and the only moments of mysticism and magic abilities i can have is when im watching movies, or playing video games.

there has to be something im missing?

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by jimmy1200

Sigh...I guess the art of rhetoric and rebuttal are dead. For you I will simplify what I meant.

The reason the supernatural fails to find "factual evidence" to support because, by definition, it is "unnatural to science as defined by physics".

Meaning...facts debunk such things...not add weight to them.

Make sense?

Forgive my meandering style of babble.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 08:19 PM
I see you like you facts straight, and I strongly appreciate that. That was my mindset before getting involved in what you're seeking. And yes, the sub-concious muck diving is sort of a pre-requisite. Kind of a way to keep out the riff-raff and trouble makers. I hope you don't give up just because it's a lot of hard work and dedication. Would a University give you a medical degree if you took baths at a certain time of day, or practiced ritual blood letting. Look around this world. If you want crops, sow the field, if you want water dig a well. Don't wait for someone to come along and feed and water you, or you may die waiting.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by jimmy1200

Are you asking questions in your OBE's or similar situations?
If you are asking questions, are you getting answers?
Do you research these answers?
If you are not receiving answers, hints or similar stuff then you are not doing something right.
I don't think that we can materialize stuff or levitate but I know that we gain knowledge that helps us with things, even things that we have never heard about.
By following the clues that I was given a few days ago I can tell you that the great pyramid was used to collect electricity from the lightning hitting the golden tip of it and that it acted as a giant battery and a sort of light bulb that illuminated alot. After doing some research I found that some rocks and crystals after being energized are capable of glowing. That is the reason that there is no evidence of them using torches inside the pyramids. I don't know how correct this information is, but i'm pretty sure that it can be proven and I did not look up this information until I saw it in one of the "visions".
These are the types of things that you get from this if you ask.
It would be cool to get money and material things from this besides knowledge. I don't know if it's possible but now that you have brought it up I am going to have to try.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 10:34 PM
There is a guy out there who offers $1mil for ANY proof of supernatural ability. Nobody collected yet.
Probably those with real abilities can't or would not take the money...

I do believe that it is fairly easy to gain some special abilities...but it comes with a heavy price. Be careful not to lose what you have...

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