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Low drop in temperature before fever!!

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 01:53 PM

I tried posting a few minutes ago but the forum didn't like the title so i have to start all over! This past week has been hell on my family. We have the flu, except for my husband. It started Saturday with my daughter not feeling well. I came home, she had a high fever and I treated her with tylenol, 2 days past and I start feeling blah, with an earache, headache (that won't go away with anything), and a sore throat. I ended up going home earl because I wasn't feeling well. Tuesday I called in sick, and my youngest ended up staying home, even though her temp was low, 96.6, I thought that was kind of odd. I also ended up taking my middle child to the doctors he confirmed it was the flu, but not the swine flu, he couldn't confirm it, because she was getting well.

Meanwhile I am still feeling blah, my son come home and says he went to the nurse but was sent back to class with a low temp, 96.5. He unfortunately is now home with the same symptoms I have but with a nasty cough and a high fever! My youngest also has a high fever. Same symptoms. I recently took my temp because I feel funny again, even though I thought I was getting over it. My ear aches and headaches have come back and now I too have a 96.4 degree temp. I took it three times and it fluctuated between 96.3 and 96.5!!! I never had a temp that low before.

Anyway, my question is has anyone experienced a very low body temp, and then a sudden high fever within a day?? If so, is this normal with the flu? I ask because the last time I had a fever was back in 2004. I have been taking multi vitamins, and silver but the silver isn't kicking in. I've been cold all day long!! Also how long does it take for adults to get fevers with the flu???? i am just wondering so i know what to expect in the next few days! Thanks!

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 02:25 PM
mysticalzoe, I am dealing with the EXACT same thing! Scary. I have been down with this virus since November 6th. My symptoms were typical. The last few days my temp has been elevated not feverish (around 99.3 - 100.2), so uncomfortable but not insanely so. Yesterday I felt "better" with only a few spike in temp. Today I have had ear aches again along with the horrible chills so I keep taking my temp and it is at 96.3 - 97.1 each time.
What the heck?

Anyone out there have a theory!

Edit to add that I just took my temp and it is back up to 100.2.

Obs out

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 03:20 PM
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My only advice to you is take some tylenol or advil, and keep light clothes on, don't bundle up it seems to elevate your temp too much. My son is sitting on the couch in underwear as his temp is 103.9, he just took a bath! I wish you much luck!!

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