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Global Governance: Humanities Birthright.

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 12:11 PM
Call it what you will, Global Governance, NWO, One World Government. It's inevitable. It is going to happen.

In fact it is already here. The framework for the NWO as a governance of the world populace was established in 1865 with the International Telegraph Union. If that doesn't flip your lid right?

But it's true, you have to have infrastructure in order to have a government. This telegraph union developed into the first Universal Postal Union, and then the League of Nations, then finally the United Nations.

Despite the back door dealings (Bilderberg, CFR, Illuminati, Bob in Louisiana.) An overt world government has been slowly forming for ages now.

This is kind of like the tale of slowly cooking a frog. Cook a frog slowly enough and it won't jump out of the soon to be boiling water until it's far too late.

But is it a bad thing? And is it too late to change this Global Governance into something that is democratic in nature? Perhaps fighting against the NWO isn't the answer, instead fighting towards a Global Governance By the People and For the People is indeed what should be done.

Because in all reality fighting against the NWO if successful will only result at this point in another Dark Ages for humanity. What the citizens of these collective societies need is more control over who it is we send to the UN. We want representation. Perhaps a people's Parliament? A house of commons? A realistic approach to ensure that the common man from every corner of the globe is allowed his or her say in the governance of this planet.

Because a global government done the right way would end all war, end all poverty, and end all starvation. But to let the rich and powerful just have their way will indeed end in slavery and oppression. And to fight against it would cause another dark age for humanity and set us back again into a time of horror and death.

The NWO is coming are you ready? Can we change it towards mankind's collective needs and wants?


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