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High weirdness during 1988 STS 27 DOD to follow

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 06:23 AM
Hi all,

I downloaded and searched through an old video file of the 1988 STS-27 (DOD) shuttle mission.

I haven't yet finished reviewing the video, but have already found three FASCINATING 'high weirdness' anomalies during the first few minutes of the video!

The video quality is unfortunately very poor. This is because the video downlink was heavily encrypted and low res to begin with (DoD mission), and coupled with being old and copied various times, is probably worse than it ever was...but i'm trying to improve the quality, and isolate and highlight the 'anomalies' for you all.

If you have an interest in these anomalies, you will NOT be disappointed.

This is just a heads up for y'all.

I'm busy today, tight schedule, but i'll work on capturing and posting clips of the full video later today/this evening.

As a taster: There is something on this video, which has to be seen to be believed..
I'm not sure, even after viewing it 50 odd times, that i can believe what i'm seeing!

How about several 'figures' (for want of a better term) hundreds, yes, HUNDREDS of miles in size (YES, I KNOW!!!), LEAPING around in the atmosphere?!

That's exactly what it appears to be...several figures, leaping/hopping around!

And yes, i really do know how this sounds.

How about a light pulse, from high orbit followed 1 second later by an equally bright light pulse from the ground (or from low orbit/atmosphere), and then equidistant to the two light pulse positions...a black craft, emerges from Earths atmosphere, completes a 90d turn, and heads up towards STS-27, at terrific speed?

Unfortunately, the shuttle's camera cut after only a few seconds, but it is long enough to see this thing shooting along on an intercept trajectory with the shuttle.

Well, you'll see for yourselves later (hopefully, if i get my finger out!)

Can anyone recommend good, low learning curve, video editor(s) to get the best from a low res, old video sequence, and to cut out clips of several seconds duration? (easy to use, as i want to post these clips today, ta)

[edit on 18/11/2009 by spikey]

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 06:08 PM
Hi Spikey.

Please are you anywhere near finishing your video ?

I'm on the edge off my seat here.

Forgive me for possible weird sentences, I'm Dutch, I'm new and of course a little rusty.
Local time is 01:06 PM
So maybe you're asleep ?

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