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What`s your favourite Bush science or NIST Theorycrafting explanation?.

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 01:25 AM
Without any shadow of a doubt, mine has to be.... The Air Squib, this beauty has been right up there since the arrival of the 1000`s upon 1000`s of video releases showing them.

This loyal and staunch founder member of the alternative Hypothesis hierarchy, has ridden many a storm, only to come galloping through with head held high, as the one and only contender for the sparsely challenged alternative explanation, heralding from the days of the *Pancake Collapse* involving - Whole complete floors dropping down to the one below with exact precision and timing, with no signs of an asymmetrical descent, thus compressing the air between floors (and some 20-30 storeys beneath) causing it to expel through the windows, completely disregarding the sheer facts of what was creating the huge dust debris (the concrete mainly from the floors) and overlooking the rather minor point of 80% of the falling debris being ejected outside of the towers footprints also.

As time passed on, NIST began realising that a *Pancake Collapse* could not account for the completely forgotten about 47 centre core beams destruction, an alternative theory was put forward, which, by all accounts, has left a somewhat under par and barely accounted for replacement, a brand new explanation for the Air Squib comes in the rather hurriedly put together package of random explosions.

I have done my best here to put together what I think are the causes of these *Squibs formerly known as Air Squibs and are now random items exploding* (Irony here being that no way on earth they were explosions in the Air Squibs era, but now they are).

Here we have a lot of random explosions doing their thing at exactly the same time.


My list of the catalogued explosions so far......

3-4-5-6-7 Are part of a huge explosion which seem to have cut right through and severed the top 34 storeys from the rest, easy one this it`s obviously the fossil fuel based one.

11-12-13-15-22-23-25-26 Are quite obviously fire extinguishers.

19 I think is a random coke vending machine.

17 Is a can of deodorant.

1-18 Are computers.

9-10 Are not explosions but dust that has accumulated behind the ceiling tiles over the years.

Anyone know what caused the rest please?.

Anyways, that`s my fav, let`s hear yours

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 01:32 AM
The air squib is funny for sure, especially when you have a 757 sized
hole in the side of the building. Kinda tought to compress air when
you have a huge leak in the side of your 'canister'.

Doesn't anyone find it strange that we didn't see a huge blast of debris
jetting out the Boeing sized hole?

I'd have to say my favourite is the "new phenomenon" excuse for WTC7
by SCAM Sunder. The new phenom being fire having the ability to totally
demo a steel framed building.

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 01:32 AM
No evidence of Molten Steel.

"Various metals (most notably iron and lead) were melted during the WTC Event, producing spherical metallic particles. Exposure of phases to high heat results in the formation of spherical particles due to surface tension. Figure 21 and Figure 22 show a spherical iron particle resulting from the melting of iron (or steel)."
page 21/34

"In addition to the spherical iron and aluminosilicate particles, a variety of
heavy metal particles including lead, cadmium, vanadium, yttrium, arsenic, bismuth, and barium particles were produced by the pulverizing, melting
and/or combustion of the host materials such as solder, computer screens,
and paint during the WTC Event.
Combustion-related products are significant WTC Dust Markers, particularly
if seen in combination. However, it is worth noting that fly ash and partially
combusted products can occur in trace concentrations in ordinary building
dusts, but not in the concentrations observed in WTC Dust." page 23/34

"Many of the materials, such as lead, cadmium, mercury and various organic compounds, vaporized and then condensed during the WTC Event." page 25/34

"The presence of lead oxides on the surface of mineral wool indicates the exposure of high temperatures at which lead would have undergone vaporization, oxidation, and condensation on the surface of mineral wool." page 25/34
Rj Lee Group
For lead to be vaporized the temperatures would have been over 1750 Celsius

1750 Celsius =3182 Fahrenheit

What's the hottest that NIST says the fires got?

NIST reported maximum upper layer air temperatures of about 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,800 degrees Fahrenheit) in the WTC towers

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 01:36 AM

Originally posted by Seventh
11-12-13-15-22-23-25-26 Are quite obviously fire extinguishers.
19 I think is a random coke vending machine.
17 Is a can of deodorant.
1-18 Are computers.

Care to prove that?

Do you think the vending machine was mostly Coke, Diet Coke or Coke Zero? The differences in chemicals might affect the explosion. Also, was the deodorant a male or female deodorant? Again, the differences could account for the size of the explosion. Male deodorants promise so many powerful results when used against women. You might have stumbled upon the truth, if you can isolate which worker sat at the desk with the deodorant can in their draw.

(Disclaimer for some official government story believers: The above paragraph was not intended to be factual, correct or even serious.)

I never knew that a steel framed structure would pulverise concrete into a pyroclastic flow of virtual dust, as the top section began to tilt sideways...

(Disclaimer for some official government story believers: The above paragraph was intended to be a serious observation.)

Turn of the millenium Bush Science, indeed...

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 01:56 AM
The very two words: "thermal expansion" say it all, the fact that many buy such tripe hook, line and sinker is amazing. Is it too much to even ask people to think slighly outside of the square?

The perpetual motion NIST fairytale of a WTC7 collapse is the best smoking gun IMHO but the action movie screenshots whom the OP put up work just as well.
In response to the exploding urr.. gas bottles.. simultaneously.. shown in the photo, i've had a few shills try to sell me the 'fujitsu backup server ups batteries burning and leaking molten metal'. Problem is that most UPS batteries are sealed lead-acid with a water based electrolyte in a plastic casing. Don't see no molten metal coming from them, let alone in the quantities we saw on tv.

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:10 AM
The claim that the amount of kerosene that would fit in a medium size Ryder rental has the ability to:
1. completely vapourize a 65 ton aircraft;
2. have enough left over to burn ferociously enough for over an hour at the impact point to melt steel ( melting point about double the maximum combustion temperature of the fuel );
3. still have enough left over to pour down the elevator shafts and start similarly destructive fires all throughout the building.

This kerosene really is remarkable stuff! How chilling to realize that those kerosene heaters we had in the house when I was a kid were deadly bombs, just waiting to go off. One false move and the entire street might have been vapourized. And never again will I take kerosene lamps out camping. One moment you're there innocently holding the lamp, the next moment -- kapow! Vapourized into nothing along with the rest of the camp site, and still leaving enough of the deadly stuff to start a massive forest fire (humor provided by

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:12 AM
reply to post by superleadoverdrive

I got another one.....

Not really one of there claims butttt,


posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:52 AM
Well, there is also the awkward fact that there weren't any Arabs on the planes. If there were, one must speculate that they somehow got on board without being filmed by any of the security cameras and without being registered on the passenger lists.
So some of the fictitious fiends were actually searched before boarding because they looked suspicious? How are they supposed to have gotten on board with all that stuff if they were searched? And if they used gas in a confined space, they would have been affected themselves unless they also had masks in their luggage.

“Excuse me sir, why do you have a boxcutter, a gun, a container of gas, a gas mask and an electronic guidance unit in your luggage?”

“A present for your grandmother? Very well sir, on you get.”

“Very strange,” thinks the security officer. “That's the fourth Arabic man without an Arabic name who just got on board with a knife, gun or boxcutter and gas mask. And why does that security camera keep flicking off every time one these characters shows up? Must be one of those days I guess...”
....more from

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