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Time Windows

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posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 10:50 PM
The topic, 'Time Windows', I am referring to having seen something from the past or future, in real time, not in a dream, I can't say they are 'stargates' as the one I saw I never had a chance to walk to or through it, just saw a change in real time while awake of an area, and without blinking before my eyes the scene changed to what I assume was the present, so what I saw was either the past or the future, I would guess the future, I've already discussed it before, so don't want to bore anyone, but a video, my next video will be on this subject, I won't be criticizing anyone or anything on this subject or video, it'll be more of an exploration piece, learning channel style.

For those who assume I don't believe in the supernatural, because I see hoaxes for hoaxes when others see hoaxes as prophets and their scripture, but I also see non-hoaxes that happen to be supernatural, I posted my account on my old spacetimenews site in 2004 or so, but the account happened to me when I was in my teens, if anyone else has a similar experience, having seen something they might describe as a 'Time Window', 'Rip in Space-Time', etc etc, feel free to post and talk about it.

If there are other time-window threads feel free to share.

Since my experience, I personally know time-windows exist, are they on accident or does every one serve a purpose I can't answer that, but I intend on visiting the site where I saw the time window, I don't expect anything to be there, maybe a house was built over the spot I don't know, just going to go there to film part of my next video.

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