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EU Army and Taxes

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posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 04:59 PM
I hear rumblings from the EU that they want to create an Army and start taxing the people of europe. Do you think people are going to join this army why not join there countries own army if they want to join the army. Unless they intend to disband all national armies and have one European army. Which i can see the people of the UK really going for. How do they plan to collect this income tax do they plan to co-opt the inland revenue to do there dirty work for them. Or do they plan to setup there own revenue collectors again i just cannot see the people of the UK going for this. There is a lot of ill feeling in the UK towards the EU. In so much as they are scared to hold a referendum on the EU because they know the answer will be not 51% No to 49% Yes more like 90% to 10%. The British people have not been asked nothing in regards to this so in reality we have given nothing to the EU in the form of a mandate for armies or taxes. A few people in Westminster does not represent the will of the people no matter what treaty or any other document they might sign. We are the sovereign people of the United Kingdom not a few politicians in Westminster. They cannot sign over the power of our country to a foreign power or they are committing Treason and sedition and should be given lengthy Jail terms in respect for there crimes. I feel this a hurdle so big for the EU that it is doomed to fail because they have used treachery and underhand tactics to appoint themselves fiat leaders. In just the same way i just appointed myself king of the world now bow before me

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 05:21 PM
I'm all for it.

All US troops out of Europe.

As a matter of fact, no more financial aid of any kind.

Europe can handle that hemisphere from now on.

They're going to raise taxes and be in charge.

Bout time.

We're broke.

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 03:41 AM
As much as I agree they have no legal right to sign powers away.. they have..

As for the Army, what I am sure they will do is take control of all the national armies, while they are still national armies.. they will set the objectives and mission goals..

As the integration process moves along units will be merged, perhaps a German and French unit will be merged first..

The process will be exactly the same as applied to vauxhaul/open.. align the models, while keeping existing individuality, then start the European alignment process the Opel Kadett was renamed the Opel Astra after the Vauxhal Astra, while the Vauxhal Cavalier was renamed the Vauxhaul Vector after the Open Vector.. so each side only sees small changes..

Aligning the military will be the same, some British units will keep their names, some French units will keep their names and some German units will keep their name, so it appears to each nation that they are only appear to be losing a part of our military when the truth is that we have already lost the lot.

It's all just a con.. and I am not sure how this will pan out.. and I do wonder which troops they will actually use as front line troops.. I suspect we British will still remain the EU front line troops for a while yet.


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