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Simplified explanations.

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posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 05:50 AM
Some of the questions often asked here is, "Why won't aliens give us technology so we can better our civilization? If aliens were so nice they would help us acquire antigravity and all the other cool bling they posses. Why won't aliens disclose themselves?"

Let me answer this question. We suppose that aliens were going to land on the White house lawn and give us everything they know. As soon as all this snazzy technology gets handed over, it would disappear from the public, the "disclosure" a giant stunt for a new alien movie, and the military would have far advanced technology to build better weapons than everyone else and conquer the rest of the world.

Now let us suppose that the aliens handed their technology to the leaders of every nation. Suddenly an arms race occurs where the winners anhilate the losers and we either enter a cold war style standoff, or someone beats the crap out of everyone else.

To put it in an analogy might help you understand. Say we gave all 6 billion people on the planet a handgun and said, you need to use this to hunt, this will solve world hunger. Perhaps for a while people might use the weapons for their intended purposes, after a short period of time someone will piss someone off, and someone else will use the tool to kill someone, and war will erupt. Suddenly you have everyone killing everyone, everyone is armed and shooting at someone, the world erupts into a giant bloodbath and very few survivors are left.

It is not at all cruel of other beings out there to hold back on giving us their knowledge. Believe me, they want to help us, but being as smart as us, smarter in most cases, they know that we would simply use better technology on each other to be the top dog. The only way certain alien groups can give us their cool toys, is for world peace to occur, where we will work together on new technology as a species, for the better of our species. If the day we arrive at world peace occurs, expect saucers to land everywhere and a totally new age to start.

World peace, its a joke now. Worldwide peace does not look like hippies or 1984, it looks nothing like what most can perceive. Peace is gained through love, love indeed conquers all. If we were to show unconditional love for one another, all evil within our society would disappear. Evil would not disappear, but in us it would, the remnants and destruction in the wake of evil however, would remain. Unfortunately for us as a species, we have failed to love each other, time is running out for us, soon our world will come to a close. Genocide between races and religions will all but wipe out most of humanity, whatever god you believe in will have to finish off the rest.

Now those aliens are showing us love in a huge way. When saucers go flying over large population centers, they are visible for a reason. The message is so clear screaming for humanity to hear, " YOU IDIOTS, YOU SHOULD BE UP HERE! YOU ARE RACING TO THE LOGICAL CONCLUSION AND JUDGMENT FOR YOUR ACTIONS! YOU IDIOTS, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU TO GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, ARE YOU SUICIDAL OR WHAT?"

That's why those craft fly overhead, to remind us of what we will be able to do should we get our act together.

Sadly, we as a species are very close to being wiped out, yet they continue to risk their own safety out of love and compassion, trying to snap us out of our delusional behavior. The danger I speak of the aliens encountering is explained as why we sometimes hear claims of UFO craft getting shot at or in some cases escorted or chased by military craft. It is risky business when some people don't want humanity to wake up, this brings me to my next point.

It is a crime against humanity to help dupe humanity into thinking that these ideas are bogus. The fact that someone would shoot at a humanitarian mission is so morally bankrupt. We see on a daily basis that our leaders in no way have our best interest in mind. If we were given free energy, the ability to grow free food, anyone could build a flying saucer in his garage, who will make money? The reason why our leaders do not want us to advance as a civilization is because of greed. This is the most simple explanation and sums up the way our leaders think. Our leaders would rather fulfill their greedy desires, than help society as a whole, totally a crime against humanity.

Humanity as a whole cannot use the excuse of being coerced into the act of hating each other. Every time you get cut off in traffic by an inconsiderate jack@ss, that guy is not showing you love and respect, he is in the wrong. Every time you wish that jerk was dead, you are just as bad and keep the lack of love going. Every day we all are able to choose whether of not to love each other, the fact that we choose not to is our fault, we are continuing the cycle.

Some of us however are screaming at you to shape up. None of us are perfect, all of us are going to make mistakes, love however, forgives and forgets. Accidents happen, we get hot headed, love forgives, and love apologizes. Some members here, without naming names, are begging you to shape up, to love each other. There are people in society that are trying to do a damn good job of showing what unconditional love is like.

As our time on this planet draws to a close, our species wiped out, it may seem unfair that the few people who gave it their best shot get the snot kicked out of them with the rest of us. You know what? It is! And you know what else? The other guys think so too. There is no point in rescuing humanity, humanity collectively made their bed, they get to lie in it. However, justice is not the teacher disciplining the entire class if half the kids are misbehaving. Justice says that the innocent should not be punished. This leads me to explain the biggest humanitarian mission in the history of our planet, the rapture.

No, not the Biblical rapture. The few people in this world that really tried to work together, to love each other and everyone else, those people are worth saving. Humanity is not at all perfect, but those who gave it their best shot and are trying not to shake in their boots as they stare down the barrel of the gun pointed at the head of this planet, they don't deserve their fate.

The humanitarian mission shows unconditional love for humanity, risking their own lives, some brave souls would swoop down to extract those few worth saving. Think about this, an advanced civilization where these aliens could do pretty much whatever the

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posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 06:05 AM
The humanitarian mission shows unconditional love for humanity, risking their own lives, some brave souls would swoop down to extract those few worth saving. Think about this, an advanced civilization where these aliens could do pretty much whatever they want, yet they would put everything on the line to give a petty species with obvious flaws a second chance.

This leads me to something to encourage the few of you out there. You are totally not alone no matter how dire you feel the situation is. We have each other yet we cannot see, nor meet each other yet. We have a universe that wants us to win, the game is rigged so far in our favor that it almost is not worth playing. As we watch the new world order flounder around trying to squeeze society to fulfill their just for greed and power, we get to watch for our backup.

We will hold out as best we can, the backup will be here soon. This is the last few minutes of the movie where the heroes are losing, yet everyone knows that somehow they will claim victory right at the end.

As the proverbial poo hits the fan, remember this thread, remember that while you are unable to see the cavalry, they are coming as fast and hard as they can. In the coming months and years, after you can no longer come here to read, remember this thread, remember that you do have an unseen ally that holds the winning hand. The realization that you have this unseen ally should give you the courage you need to face anything this evil world throws at you.

This is insanely exciting to me, it gives me hope. I get to know that we don't have to face our grim situation alone. We don't all have to sink with this ship we were born on. The very fact that someone else thinks we are even worth rescuing should be the most exciting thing in the world.

As to the rest of humanity, I guarantee you that when the few good people get bailed out, and as humanity realizes that they are inevitably about to perish, remember this thread. You all had your chance to shine, to do the right thing, to love each other. You chose not to do the right thing! As those on the outside watch humanity get wiped away, they will feel very sorry, it will not be a time of celebration at all, just the grim reality.

For those of you who think that this is bunk because their religion says the whole universe gets destroyed with this planet, think again. The planet alone gets wiped. The verses in the Bible as an example, that talk about stars falling and the sun darkening. All the bad things that happen on this planet is due to what is happening to the planet, the rest of the universe will go on as before.

in closing, I have no idea why I wrote all this, It was just there for me to write and I went with it. I don't know what the stuff I just wrote means, I just woke up, started writing, here I am, now I am going back to bed. Goodnight!

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posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 06:10 AM
People can be kind.

People can be horrible.

Why would any Alien come here? Knowing that we would probably kill them?

People are the true menace.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 06:39 AM
Your assumption that most people feel that beings in possession of advanced technology would ,(or could), be willing to share this with us, is not representative of the average UFO enthusiasts viewpoint. Any such exchange of technology would be (most likely), extremely undesirable from the alien visitors perspective. Humanities state of constant warfare has existed from the beginning of recorded history, I'm sure that this trait could be put to good use by some unknown Alien species out there somewhere, but giving us advanced hardware that could allow us to travel to unspoiled Planets and systems so that we could spread our ways of War, and our Planet destroying manner of living is not likely. I hope that the Aliens out there are smart enough to see that we couldn't even handle crude atomic fusion technology without first making terrible weapons capable of destroying the entire Planet. What would we do to there home worlds if we had a means of traveling there, could we be trusted to only go there to explore peacefully, likely some human faction would eventually use this technology to conquer and make trouble. So far the only technology we have been able to obtain from extraterrestrial sources have been the result of luck, if you believe the stories.
As far as your concerns over the possibility of all Humans anytime soon expiring, you can relax, current climatic changes will not cause the extinction of humanity, at worst we will experience terrible disasters and millions of deaths, but humans are tough as Cockroaches and enough will survive to continue on as we have in the past. Everyone being nice to one another even in traffic is a nice sentiment, but we have evolved into this state over millions of years, we've only become civilized for the last fifty thousand years, (Invented the wheel, learned to control fire.), so for us to suddenly change our inbred instinctive nature of fighting and war in such a short time is almost impossible. Perhaps after we have a hundred thousand or so more years to evolve beyond our current primitive state, maybe then we might be considered ready for contact with advanced societies from other realities, dimensions, or Planets.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 07:00 AM

Originally posted by Happyfeet
Some of the questions often asked here is, "Why won't aliens give us technology so we can better our civilization? If aliens were so nice they would help us acquire antigravity and all the other cool bling they posses. Why won't aliens disclose themselves?"

If I was a member of an ET species, there is no way that I would give any technology whatsoever to the people of Earth. Almost every technology goes the way of military exploitation.

I recently saw a Discovery Science documentary on anti matter and the whole premise revolved around how we could use it in a bomb and what kind of damage it could do. In other words, if we could weaponise anti matter we would.

I'm certainly no wowser but I was aghast! For years I have been under the firm belief that humanity has lost the plot and this simply reinforced it for me.

If we can be so determined to find new and even more lethal ways of killing each other for the simple crime of being 'different', then can you image how nervous an ET would feel about us.

We have a long way to go before we are worthy of any such technologies. Perhaps outlawing the Military Industrial Complex would be a good start. They are the ones who profit from keeping us embroiled in a culture of hatred, ignorance and war.


posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 07:09 AM
Well you heard it folks.

Love Each Other. That's what HappyFeet said.

Love Each Other. And this from a Douchebag.

But not just any Douchebag, a Douchebag who is proven Certified by Science.

Now I ask you people. If a Douchebag can love then why can't we all?

Let us think about this. This is Great. This is Wonderful. The headlines should read in tomorrows paper: Douchebag Calls the World to Love Each Other!

(Film at 11)

But we already know that. It's not a new Idea that HappyFeet the Certified by Science Douchebag has proposed. And you know.. he's 100% right!

I don't know if us loving each other will really bring the aliens to want to share their knowledge with us, but wouldn't it be grand if we could stop these wars and live in peace for a change and stop all the fighting and bickering between ourselves so we can be happy for once?

Now don't you feel ashamed that it took a Douchebag to make you see the light?

The Aliens may come and see the world living in peace and shower us with Free Energy and the means to Travel the Stars and congratulate us for being such a kind and decent race of Humans..

Or they may just Blow us off this rock because they're Douchebags too!

Sorry HappyFeet, I couldn't resist.. you do make some good points. I enjoyed it. ( in case someone thinks I am being rude to HappyFeet, this is all in jest because he calls himself a Douchebag in his avatar.)

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posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 07:26 AM

Originally posted by JohnPhoenix

Sorry HappyFeet, I couldn't resist.. you do make some good points. I enjoyed it. ( in case someone thinks I am being rude to HappyFeet, this is all in jest because he calls himself a Douchebag in his avatar.)

[edit on 17-11-2009 by JohnPhoenix]

TBH I dont know why or how I wrote that. I dont take offense easily, I laughed as I read your post.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 08:31 AM
I saw a show being advertised on either the History or Discovery channel some years ago. When I saw the title I knew the world was screwed.

"The Future of Modern Warfare"

A solid indication that we will never stop killing each other.

Kinda like I will also not hold my breath until I see a course being taught at the Harvard Business school titled: "Altruism, Ensuring the survival of Capitalist systems"

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 08:59 AM
Assigning human characteristics to an alien species is about as logical as assigning them to a goldfish.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 02:28 AM
I dont know about all this time is running out stuff. I dont see it happening really. unless you mean that 2012 bullox, in which case, Im just going to nod and laugh now. either way, the rest wasnt bad at all. but.. Im not loving the guy above me.. I hate that guy. he's such an arse. stomping on the floor all night, pissed at the world because his girlfriend lives down here. gah! some people... oops Love thy neighbour.. just not mine

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 02:39 AM
reply to post by Happyfeet

So the aliens you mentioned in your post view the world exactly how you view it right?

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 05:18 AM
Hey man. Not too sure how I feel about this thread, I agree about the technology aspect. Not so sure I agree about them taking the "People who Tried" or were "of Love". I think we live this life out to the death (whether's our Race does it to us or time) and then, we're given our new home/life depending on our newly attained vibrational frequency (which we keep in this life to be of service and to act out physical catalyst)..... also like to add that it is no coincidence, IMO, that you had the internal "urge" or "feeling" to post this thread. How are you to know who will or will not take heed? You simply are one do desires change (and therefore desire to be OF service to others) and has limited means of doing so, imo. Law of One (by Ra) state something like "You can only take their hand if they reach for yours." which is a quote relating to people only hear if they're ready to listen. Why some people insist upon being so bashful and angry and... uncomfortable with truth/Light (to put politely), I do not know. But, we ought not get frustrated with them, and judge them. We are no better if we start trying to force our beliefs and ideas onto them, wait until they ask; not only will what you say be recieved that much more readily, but you'll feel much better knowing you were actually HEARD. I try to remember what Jesus (allegedly) said on the cross to our dear Heavenly Father, "Forgive them, Father, for they know NOT what they do." Whenever you see a dis-info agent here on ATS (if they exist) or if you get cut off while driving to work, say to yourself, "How sad it is for them that they NEED to do these things to you... how sad they need to lie, cheat, and kill to achieve their ends" when all you (and I) must do is look inside. that's all it takes for us... simply looking inside, and CHOOSING the love.... feel pity and sorrow for them that they are stuck in such Darkness (and Ignorance) that they cannot get themselves out, how sad that they need to manipulate and control just to satisfy EGOtistical urges. For these few who are spiritually STUCK I feel sad for it will take them another life in this God-forsaken 3rd Density/dimensional HELL that we're in... it's not easy to Accept the world for its differences, but if you can forgive everyone for anything, in MY opinion, you're in like flynn.

my 2 cents

and PS: HappyFeet, do not be put off by the aggressors (or so it seems), they just need to dim the Light your soul radiates (even if only temporarily) just to get their nUt off. Best of luck to you.

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