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Rare pygmy hippo accidentally shot in Northern Territory, Australia

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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 02:16 AM

A pygmy hippopotamus has been shot dead during a pig hunting expedition in the Northern Territory.

Nico Courtney, 27, was out spotlighting for pigs with mates in the Douglas Daly region on Saturday night when he accidentally shot the vulnerable African rainforest dweller.

Stories about sightings of African wildlife wandering the NT outback have long been shared amongst locals.

But it wasn't until Mr Courtney stumbled on the dead hippopotamus, after shooting what he believed to be a wild pig, that he realised the campfire yarns about free-ranging exotic animals were true./ex]

What an unusual story, the pygmy hippo is on the verge of extinction and one turns up in outback Australia of all place, it's a shame it got shot.

Apparently it may have come from a now closed down exotic wildlife sanctuary.

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