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A Conspiracy of One

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 01:08 AM
In the long history of conspiracies and conspiracy theories it has always seemed that in order to conspire with others to achieve any given agenda, that those people must necessarily act towards some common ideal. Ideals by definition are ideas not all ready existing in reality. Once an ideal comes to be reality, it ceases to be an ideal. Once the ideal ceases to be an ideal what is left? If an ideal remains in perpetuity in any given conspiracy then what you have is a conspiracy of dunces. People who devote their lives to an unachievable ideal, and truly it would seem that many of these so called "secret societies" that have existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years have attempted to make some slow but steady march towards those ideals. Yet, if groups like the CFR, or the IMF, or the Bilderberg Group, are actually attempting to forge a "one world order", it may seem as if they are accomplishing these goals as the current state of affairs seem to support the notion that a "one world order" is upon us. If this is the case, the people that belong to these organizations must truly be dunces of the highest order. To think that humanity is filled with mindless beings incapable of thinking for themselves is to think one is above that, but truly how mindless can one be to think they can corral people across the world as if they were cattle?

Not every individual living today will attain a higher level of awareness, and throughout time this has been true. However, many do attain that higher level of awareness, and for those who have, it is doubtful they joined some secret society in order to become an adherent to some agenda that would enslave humanity. Hardly the actions of one who has achieved a higher level of awareness. It is not so clear to me if I myself have achieved a higher level of awareness or if I am just deluding myself into believing I am aware of many things. I attempt to further my education each day and I attempt to maintain an emotional level above apathy and even above anger, although it is easy to fall prey to anger. Better anger than apathy, however, and while anger can accomplish little as a sustained emotion, anger does have its place in dealing with others. If you are dealing with others who are apathetic or even those who operate on an even lower emotional level, projecting anger at them will often times get them angry and in doing so, then their own emotional level has risen considerably.

The trick is getting people to rise above anger into emotions such as a strong desire to change things and then serenity. No one can effectively manipulate others to do such a thing as manipulating others only makes them the effect of your own actions and by being that effect they have surrendered their own ability to be cause. It seems to me, that in order to sustain emotions like desire to change circumstances or enjoy a serenity of being, one must accomplish this by being cause. People will only rise up to these levels of emotion when they choose to and not before, but if that is true then it illustrates just how powerful people can be. If it is only by choice that we can be happy and only by choice that we can effectively change circumstances to better facilitate happiness, then choice becomes the operative word and makes clear how important choice is. Conversely, if people can only be happy by choice, then it stands to reason that people can only be depressed or apathetic by choice.

We are who we choose to be! If this is not true then those so called "secret societies" are not conspiracies of dunces but instead are diabolically clever souls who are rightfully commanding those who must be commanded. I choose to believe that the former is true and not the latter. Indeed, I have found enough evidence to suggest that choice is ours to make and not a power belonging to the privileged few...CONTINUED IN NEXT POST

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 01:30 AM

Based on that evidence I have made the choice to create my own reality and continue to make the choice to be happy. I refuse to surrender to any so called "powers that be", and instead insist upon playing only those games where the rules allow me a fair shot at winning. If I can't win by playing the game why play? If the game is rigged in such a way that renders a no win situation, then the rules are faulty and must be changed. I have come to call this "the Captain Kirk principle" based on his legend of reprogramming the computer that simulated no-win situations to see how commanders would react in such a situation. It seems to me, Kirk was correct in his perception that a true commander is unworthy of the position if he or she resigns themselves to surrender and accepts no win scenarios. If one can not win by playing the game, then it is not a game that is being played but something else all together. I think it is better to view life as a game, and the point of living is to flourish and prosper, which is tantamount to winning. If we do not flourish and prosper then we loose the game. Or, at least, as long as we are not flourishing and prospering we are loosing the game.

The current systems set up across the globe, and what I know best is the one here in the U.S., seem to be set up to keep people from flourishing and prospering. If that is true, then the rules are flawed and must necessarily be changed. Not by protest, not by election of government, not by surrendering our will to a greater power, but by our own will. If there are those who have conspired against humanity, then they must be stopped. But how do we stop them? It seems we are so happy being divided amongst each other, so content with our political, religious and financial divisions that to form our own conspiracies or societies seems just one more no win situation. Too much division between us to effectively accomplish anything in our own lifetime, and if we can't enjoy freedom in our own lifetime by secretly conspiring to accomplish this, what real worth does it have. What do we offer our posterity if all we can offer is a slow steady march towards freedom as if that were the only way freedom can be gained. As if freedom were nothing more than an ideal rather than a common law truth universal throughout humanity.

If freedom requires forming secret societies that conspire to accomplish it, it is doubtful freedom will ever be gained. Perhaps if there must be a conspiracy, it should be conspiracies of one. I will conspire with no one other than myself to attain my own freedom and let everyone else who desires freedom do the same. Sure we can work together to work towards common goals but all the while keeping our own conspiracies of one truly secret, which means we conspire with no one other than ourselves. When we find ourselves trapped in a no win situation, we could, each of us individually, conspire with ourselves, to extricate ourselves from that trap. Perhaps along the way helping those who need help out of the trap but never for any other reason than it is what we choose to do. As long as we are making the choice then we are free and no one manipulates us.

If the system is too oppressive then we as individuals could simply respectfully and quietly decline to go into agreement with that system. No million man marches are required, no sacrifices made, just refusal to co-operate with systems that naturally tend towards entropy. Refuse to obey intrusive legislation that does nothing to protect rights and does everything to plunder wealth and property of others. Refuse to co-operate with tyrants and respectfully disagree with their obstruction of justice. These are choices I can make and how I go about them and what I ultimately do to confound any system that would conspire against me, would be my own conspiracy of one and secret to all but me. The more who do this, the less tyranny there will be.

posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 03:53 AM
I admire your forthrightness and clarity of thought and expression.
You've very succinctly expressed what is wrong with the way we are and more importantly, WHY we are still where we are !
The problems with our race is not that we can't change - but we don't WANT to change. Hardly 1% of the human race lives in awareness around them and in the moment - aware that they HAVE a choice every waking second. There are times when, we in our lives,make a choice which is not of our conscious making. A choice that emanates from our deep down ‘Voice inside’.
Yes, with every single action we take,
each thought we think and
each choice we choose, we make a choice of doing/thinking/acting it.

Whether it emanates from our conscious or subconscious is not the point im trying to highlight. Whether we are AWARE of the choices we make (or don't make actually)is.
Whether we choose to listen to it or not, is not the point. What matters is the existence of awareness of the fact that there is a choice.
Why ?
We all have a conscience.
We all are good peace loving if seen as an individual, but when collective thought gathers, the prospect of anonymity surfaces and we do that, not which we personally believe in, but that fuelled by a 'i can get away with it' mentality.
These 'Secret Society's' or conspiracies are precisely the result of this. A few people exploiting the rest simply because they have anonymity on their side and thus they make chaos as their ally. I admit it, we are a chaotic bunch left to ourselves and have a very pessimistic and cynical view about the system. How can we all want to 'change the world' when we cant/dont want to even change ourselves..?
Even before being the change we want to see, we admit defeat saying ''What can 1 man do" or even "What can just a handful of us do?"
and give up.
Yet if we examine history - each time there has been a revolution or dramatic social change - it has been because of ONE OR A FEW determined individuals who despite odds kept up their efforts and NEVER - EVER admitted defeat.

It is these handfuls of people after all who are controlling us - no ?

A few elitists who know the power of ceaseless effort. That they are using it for a negative goal is besides the point.
Until the majority doesn't become aware of this and know THAT THEY HAVE A CHOICE, AND ENFORCE IT, WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT CHANGE.

One determined man - becomes a majority. Because he has an idea.

And you cannot kill an idea.

Well...Not easily anyway.

It's nice to see someone like minded out there.
Very Nice post.

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 12:01 PM

Are all agendas to suppress humanity and to turn the game into "something else" or could certain conpiracies exist (societies even) for the purpose of making sure it stays a game, ensuring humanity has chance at winning? Should all such efforts be executed out in the open or would it better serve that end and ensure that it can serve that end to keep it in the shadows?

Such efforts would thanklessly continue until humanity awakens enough to take advantage of them. That there appears to be a path through it at all, even by complete collapse, and that there still exists a place to discuss it serves as some "slight" evidence that such a thing exists.

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 07:33 PM
*two lumps*

Additionally, to add to the last post, since my four-hour take-it-all-back-because-it's-so-embarrasing-but-in-this-case-I-want-to-simply-compound-the-idea-stream allotment has passed, I find it plausible that I could currently be a member of a secret society so secret, that my own membership is hidden to me.

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posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 10:23 PM

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posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

(Sigh) I'll try posting that again....

I really have no idea what I am doing wrong in posting these Youtube videos or just how long I am supposed to wait. Sometimes I get it right and other times I don't. The waiting period when I get right has been shorter than this one so I don't know...could be a conspiracy.

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posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 10:43 PM
Saw it. I look forward to Baron von Dukenheimer.

My turn:

Hint: It's a lower-case "L" in the 7th ID digit, not capital "I".

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posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 08:09 AM

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

What?! More subliminal words-from-our-sponsors? You're running this like a "real" news program.

One thing we must bear in mind is that these benevolent societies believe that humanity is capable of evolving past the point where it requires overarching political systems. In the short term they are somewhat social-democratic, in the longer term, from the perspective of worldly planes, anarchist.

Tiny government, big hearts.

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