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posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 08:14 AM
I've just got to get this off my chest. I really do.

I'm so sick of all the political and religious problems that's been going on, and since I don't have an outlet like ATS, I'm going to try my best to vocalize what I feel needs to CHANGE with the world (and don't you start relating me to the NWO!).

I hope and wish that you can all put here what you feel needs to change with the world. Just go slowly, one by one, and maybe we can fill this thread with 40+ pages and maybe into 2010 and you can all see for yourself what's gotten better and what hasn't.

1) The understanding that one person does not equal everyone.

We need to stop generalizing. One Muslim who shoots up the world doesn't equal everybody. A younger friend of mine at his school who is a Muslim is complaining to me that recently everyone is making fun of him because he is Muslim and shares a syllable in his name with Hidal Hassan.

If you're a parent, stop that behavior right now. Teach why it is wrong.

2) We should be proud of who we are.

I'm proud that I'm American... I'm proud that I'm Asian-American. I'm proud that I know my heritage, speak Chinese, and yet I love America to the fullest of my hearts.

If you're Republican, Democrat, abortion-rights, not-for-abortion-rights, atheist, non-atheist, be proud, come together, and...

3) We should find something to agree on.

Can't we find ANYTHING to agree on? Pretty please? It seems nowadays, NO one has anything that they agree on with anyone else. So, hopefully, things change, big-time. And you know what I mean, for those of you who've sat in at a local small town town hall meeting.

Yes, what they portray on Gilmore Girls is an absolute fake-out.

4) Politicans need to stop lying.

'Nuff said.

Anyone add anymore?

And if you think this thread is corny, optimistic, immature, whatever...

5) Stop being so jaded.

Let's look to the future. Let's all try to head toward something better in the coming years. Let's START being optimistic. In case you think I'm faking you out, I've seen enough jaded old people on this board.

P.S. I don't know where to place this thread, so I put it in the board I visit the most often. If you have a better suggestion, do tell.

P.P.S Someone also explain to me why AMERICANS aren't proud of being Americans. I mean, not that I'm condoning his actions, but even Nidal Hassan was proud to call himself American. That contrasts with tens of thousands of people who hate their country. Question is, WHY? Why would you hate America The Great, with such a beautiful and amazing history?

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