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2012, UFO Disclosure, Indications?

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posted on Nov, 13 2009 @ 10:43 PM
I wanted to start a thread where members could gather information together of indicators of these supposedly "upcoming" events. Are things happening right now that may be warning signs or indicators of things to come in relation to these theories?

I want to preface this by saying that I dont necessarily believe these things will happen. There is a lot of interesting facts, and BS, surrounding 2012 and UFO Disclosure. My intent with this thread is to clear away the BS and unsubstantiated rumors, and have a look purely at things that are known fact and may indicate that there is some truth behind the theories.

First, 2012. What substantiated evidence do we have for this to be a possibility? Not much. But something I see as a "red flag" is NASA's recent attempts at debunking the idea. They seemed to speak in absolutes in their statements regarding 2012, and many found that to be a little weird, as do I. Now, theres nothing saying that NASA isnt just honestly trying to say that nothing will happen, but why give the subject validity by speaking about it? In my opinion, the fact that they are trying to down-play it at all is a possible matter of concern, and also a possible indicator that there may be some truth behind it.

Next, UFO Disclosure. Is there any hard evidence that this may be true? I havent seen anything that convinces me. But, with the recent statements by the Vatican bringing ET's into the fold of Catholicism, it begs the question: WHY? Why now? I believe this to be an indicator that there may be some truth behind the rumors of Disclosure.

I hope the purpose of this thread is clear, to discuss actual events that may indicate truth behind the theories. Not to speculate and perpetuate more rumor. Please feel free to add to my thoughts on these subjects with your own, and links of verified news articles (not blogs) of recent events that fit within this criteria. Thanks!

posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 02:44 AM
Wow, how much thought have you given this question? What you're asking is redundant to what we all have been asking ourselves. Not a day goes by that my mind is clear of these speculations regarding twenty twelve or ufo disclosure. Your answer resides in the essence of time my friend. Sorry to burst your bubble!

If anyone posts an absolute on this question, i will haulk loogies at the stars until i get hit in the face

Starred for the effort....

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posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 10:52 PM
How is asking for any articles and opinions on current events that may relate to 2012, or Disclosure, not a well thought out question? I think you've either misunderstood the purpose I intended, or just wanted to make a post that made no sense.

Let me say this a little different way. Besides the two events listed above, (Nasa's debunking 2012, and the Vaticans announcement) is there any other noteworthy news recently that may also be a possible "red flag" to these events?

Maybe you should read the OP throughly and give some thought to your own question?

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 10:13 PM
.fiest of all. i am a believer. our universe is way to far for usto even explore. and do we have the tech to go faran futher then before? Why did our NASA sent a probe out with our language and dna sample and a video disc out into outspace?. if they sis not want another life form to find it? and out location in the solar system..
Ok Yes Hollywood made movie where they come and atteck us.please it's all CGI.. and most of all they made movies like men in black, alien nation, and the navagator. and these where movies where aliens land and lived with us one Earth.. Ok Yes I like to watch the movie, yes the CGI is awsume. but I know the diffrence in it,
I might get banded og kick from here but you know what it is my freedom of speech. and my goverment can't take my rights away.
Could their be aliens just explore for other life out their? Yes just like we are exploreing . So what if the Aliens do
come to our planet. let them. I will open my home. But my rule is this you harm my family i will harm you.
it is just like the lizards we have as pets. how do we know the are not aliens that came here and they stayed.
Man I can go on here. We all need to relized that we are tring to find LIFE and maybe they are to. not to harm us.
are we going to find their homes and then are we going to kill them? just because they look diffent?
Who is to say maybe they found the cure for canser or a cure for other deadly dieases that we can control..
Just stop and think people. if Your sone or daughter or maybe you mother or father has canser, and this alien life form says to you I can cure them, just to be your friend. Will kill him because he is threaten or are you afraid because you don't know them. (hell) I don't know a doctor from a to z if i gotten into and auto accident and i was rush into the ER and he or she saved me, that mean i will mis treat them because their a stranger or he or she is a diffrent race. Please stop and think about this. thanks for readding. P.S. Sorry for the typo's, thank you

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