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2012 will come and go with some positive all depends on us!!

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posted on Nov, 13 2009 @ 08:17 PM
2012 will come and go with some positive all depends on us!!

by Norio Hayakawa
November 13, 2009

The topic of 2012 will continue to be a hot topic among some people as we approach that year and date.
But realistically everybody knows that 2012 is not about the end of the world.
The hype about 2012 being the end of the world has been brought about largely by those who have to thrive on such hype, such as movie producers, survival kit business owners and writers who depend on selling books.
To many, 2012 is a business opportunity.
There is nothing wrong with business enterprises per se. It's as human as it can be.

We all know and seem to believe that the world will go on and on. Even the Bible seems to indicate that it will go on.
The system of things may change drastically in the future but the world itself will go on.
The hype about 2012 is also based upon humanity's feeling of insecurity, especially during these difficult and uncertain times, whether from worsening economic downturns or fears and threats of wars and terrorism or from speculations that our environment will deteriorate and will cause global destruction.

To begin with, 2012 is not about the year itself of 2012.
It's only about one particular day, i.e., December 21 of 2012.
There will probably be nothing earth-shaking at all in the year 2012.
The Olympic Games will be taking place. U.S. Presidential election will be going on.
Life will go on as usual.
Of course, among a segment of the population the hype about December 21, 2012 will continue to accelerate until that date arrives.
However, December 21, 2012 will come and go.

The only thing unique about December 21, 2012 (or in some calculations, December 23) is that it marks the end of a calendar cycle used by the ancient Mayan civilization.
In this sense, December 21, 2012 will be just like a New Year's Eve to those who are very much into the Mayan calendar.

So I don't see why we should not join them and have a celebration, since another cycle will begin immediately after that date (or in some calculations, December 23, 2012).
In fact I suggest that humanity, as individuals, or as individual family units or in various groups, should gather together on that day all over the world and have a celebration of life and a time of personal meditation.
It could be held on a mountaintop or in the desert or in any location of natural beauty where one could feel good vibrations.
It could be held in any of the so-called sacred sites around the world.
Or it could be held in homes, backyards, places of worship or in community centers or just about anyplace. The important thing is that people gather together to celebrate and meditate.

We all make New Year's resolutions, don't we? Or, at least we try to.
The same with December 21, 2012.
It's the beginning of a new cycle, and we all want to transform ourselves for the better.
2012 is all about personal transformation, not about catastrophic earth changes (although we cannot rule our anything!! LOL!!).
Real changes come from within.
The world will change for the better if we all make an effort to shift our attitudes, thoughts and actions.
This paradigm shift will not happen suddenly, although some say that it will be brought about supernaturally.
I personally believe that it will be a gradual shift.
This world will change for the better if each of us could change in some ways, for example, if we:

1) begin to abandon our self-centered attitudes (i.e., the "I, I, I" and "me, me, me" worldview) and begin to think of others more and understand others' feelings. Ethnocentricity should be de-emphasized. National boundaries and national identities should still be important but we should first consider ourselves as citizens of the earth (or even better yet, Citizens of Heaven) more than just being citizens of a particular nation. Global consciousness must become the dominant consciousness.
Or, even going further, cosmic consciousness, that we are all one and part of the human and cosmic family.

2) begin to de-emphasize our linear method of thinking and look beyond the physical and begin to acknowledge that this wonderful world is filled with mysteries and that there are things and even entities (the bulk of whom are benovolent to us) unseen in this world that co-exist with us. In a larger scale, we must acknowledge that there are countless number of intelligent entities whether in physical or non-physical forms (the bulk of whom we believe are benevolent to us) in the entire cosmos and that eventual contacts with them may be inevitable.

3) begin to make our spiritual health a priority while we do our best to keep ourselves in good health. Material pursuit (beyond what is necessary for our basic survival) must be decreased, if not totally abandoned.

4) begin to de-emphasize our denominational religious structures. We must move away from religiosity and seek for true spirituality.

5) begin to acknowledge that this entire universe was intelligently designed by a Creator (or Creators) whether we call the creator a God (or Gods), and that each of us is a unique creation and that we are not here by coincidence.
We must begin to re-appreciate and enjoy every moment of our precious lives and begin to thank everyday for our breathe of life. We must believe that our physical death is not the end of everything. In fact we must believe that there is an afterlife and that physical death is simply the beginning of a new life.

6) begin to think that now is the most important moment in our life, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but NOW.

If more than 50% of the world will begin to have a personal transformation based on some of these outlook on life, perhaps we will then be ready for a real global Disclosure of Truth, whatever that Disclosure may be that will be coming.

Therefore let us all look forward to December 21, 2012 as the beginning of a new day.
By the way, we do not have to wait for December 21, 2012 to begin to make our personal transformation.
In fact, we should start it right now.


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