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Custom Swords and stuff nice man...

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posted on May, 20 2004 @ 08:41 AM
Check out This doods Custom stuff man thats nice..

I like the Swords and that Guitar its freaking nice man

  • Swords
  • Daggers
  • Flail & Mace
  • Axes
  • And More

Do youre self a favour and check out the site

The Like to The Nice Stuff: Licata Site

Its expensive but nice

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 08:53 AM
Yep, they are pretty, nice, ornamental, and for decoration, and all for those prices? The guy is an artist and a craftsman, but IMHO, if I am going to spend that kind of money, then I would spend it on something that is more than ornamental and can definitely be utilized in sureness: the best made swords in the world--an authentically made Japanese Katana from the Japan Sword Company.


[Edited on 20-5-2004 by Seekerof]

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 09:37 AM
I agree, the weapons are oranmental and WAY over priced.
Real handmade swords can be bought for less than 10 grand.


posted on May, 20 2004 @ 12:11 PM
nice find
i want a double bladed sword like darthmauls

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 12:12 PM
Yeah those are pretty pricy. I also really agree on the Katana statement, those things are sweet weapons
Also it would seem the site is very much oriented towards Goths and such not towards people with a specific interest in that type of weaponry.

[Edited on 20-5-2004 by Amur_Tiger]


posted on May, 20 2004 @ 12:41 PM
I have a friend who makes reasonably priced, beautiful custom swords, weapons, antique styled medical equipment and more.
His site is
(temporarily down)
and he can be contacted at ferroelectricatcoxdotnet

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 12:45 PM

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 03:34 PM
I'm thinking a stainless steel guitar might be too heavy for long periods of playing. But, I hope the model keeps the same outfit when he does his next set of guitar pics.

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