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posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 10:37 AM
It's all so clear to me now. I've been thinking along these lines all along, but it is only recently that I've taken the next logical step and freed myself from worry.

I have already stated on here that I perceive the highest levels of "International" relations as a high stakes game, a form of free-ranging imagination play where the world's elites shape the world through consensus and agreement. I have said that the machinations on the world stage are nothing more than theater for the plebians, providing them only with the information that may impact their day to day lives.

The logical assumption that one can make from this is that the highest order of control, the true ruling class, the Elites have already established their One World Government, or New World Order.

Now you may say that's ridiculous; that we have different governments, different armies, different currencies. You may tell me that the NWO is close to their goal, but we will not know it until the NWO Flag is unfurled over th UN, the camps open up for dissenters as the one world currency is implemented and our guns are taken from us. I will then ask you this:

Why would the Elites bother with all of that?

The top eschelons of power already enjoy a level of wealth, luxury and power that you, me and most "rulers" could only dream of. The fact is that if the TPTB wanted to make your family disappear, bring you to an undisclosed location where they extract exotic drugs from your adrenal and peneal glands and then snort them off of your wife (or husband's) bare bottom before using them as pleasure slaves, they could.

They have no need reason to take your guns or your national identity.

A one world currency? Are the wealthy people of any nation that matters magically poor elsewhere? Can the elites not cross borders without a drop in their quality of life? No. The money contolled by the Elites is so vast that they have no need to implement a one world currency as there is no way for it to improve their situation.

Camps for Dissenters? Taking our guns?

Look around this message board. For all the talk of armed revolution, for all the stockpiling of weapons and practicing of survival tactics; the "Dissenters" of the world are so delightfully preoccupied with "Conspiracy Theory" that they will NEVER take up a real revolution because TPTB are too smart to give them a real reason. They'll keep us worried about the possibility of government agents coming for our weapons, but will never give you an excuse to open fire. What does it matter to them if you sit on the internet fretting about a plan that actually came to fruition 50+ years ago.

The Powers That Be need a population that is able to continue producing food and goods. They like having entertainment. The real enemy don't care about our petty individual freedoms, so long as the population as a whole provides the needed support for their lifestyle.

The waiting room to become part of this inner circle is chock full of powerful, dangerous and stupid people. These are the folks who may be inclined to take away guns, set up camps, implement an official one world government, etc. They may undertake these things in a misguided bid for tje favor of the real elites. They will always be thwarted because it is those types of actions that could set off the powder keg and jeopardize the production on which TPTB rely.

Ultimately, TPTB have devised destractions for ever sector of society. For the majority of people this is the conventional entertainment industry: reality shows, celebrity gossip and the like. For others it is politics ("The entertainment branch of military-industrial complex" - F. Zappa). For us it's the world of Conspiracy Theories.

Do people die in the name of these petty distractions? Yes. Are people killed by the wannabes posturing for ascension to the inner sanctum? Yes.

Such is life, but now we know the game. What can we do with this knowledge?

[edit on 12-11-2009 by RobertAntonWeishaupt]

posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 10:45 AM
What can we do with this knowledge?

We can stop thinking of the staged spectacles as World Ending Calamaties. TPTB like this world too much to end it. We can look past the worst case scenarios to the most status quo sustaining outcomes to see how we can improve our situation within the confines of the game that TPTB are playing.

Maybe it's time to start embracing some of Bucky Fuller's ideologies. Stop worrying about the spectacle and start worrying about making the world a better place.

As RAW once titled a book of wisdom: Everything is Under Control.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself. FDR was sending a signal to the people of a New World which would forever live in the shadow of the Military-Industrial Complex. It is only if you allow the worry that can derail you. The NWO's primary concern is retaining balance. It is far easier to let a conquered people retain their identity. As a matter of fact, if they remain unaware that they were conquered in the first place, you need never worry about an insurrection. The NWO has no interest in taking away your identity. You can do as you please in the eyes of the real controllers.

Now that you know you are in a world that has its equilibrium protected at the absolute highest level of power, what can you accomplish. The world is not allowed to collapse, so you need not obsess about holding it up. The house is not on fire, so put down the bucket.

You are all Free.

posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 10:52 AM
Some of you may say that it is TPTB/NWO people that want to "reduce the population by 90%"

I call shenanigans.

They have no reason to do that. They are at the top of the food chain and will never want for anything. So long as there are resources, they will have access to the first cut. They don't care how many people there are.

Why do you think the H1N1 is failing as a population control device? Because TPTB have nixed it. Some morons in the Waiting Room probably cooked up this scheme to impress TPTB. The plan has been weighed, measured, and found wanting.

The vaccine debacle will still suck. Kids will get sick. There may be tracking devices. Remain vigilant against the idiotic adventures of the wannabe elites, but rest assured that they will fail.

TPTB don't care about tracking you. The yahoos behind PositiveID are looking to make money, but will never be allowed to realize the most nefarious possibilities presented by this technology as it would be bad for the only real business of this planet: keeping the elites, well fed and entertained.

posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 11:08 AM
What you said for the most part is the absolute truth........why. It is and remains entertainment for the worlds elite, people for the most part can not seem to concentrate on any path for long. We are like a cat chasing a mouse until someone points a laser and all efforts of the mouse is gone thus once again the elite are safe.


posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 12:36 PM
Interesting post.

And I agree completely. The views you illustrate, in my opinion, are simply the only truly logical views to have regarding this matter. It has always baffled me that more folks cant see the sheer simplicity in this matter.

"They"--whomever they may be and as fluid as that concept is----are exactly where they wish to be and have things exactly as they want them to be. Just the right amount of chaos, just the smallest touch of stability----and on and on it goes. Certainly, as you pointed out, horrible injustices exist, but such is a grim reality of being physical beings on a physical planet and for all the internet protestations any of us might have, the only path nature has really left for us is to ride it out the best we can.

The 'end' isn't any closer now than it's ever been. We humans have always been part savage and part saint. To see the future one just has to look at the past of our race. 'TPTB' are just any/all of us with much, much more power. No more and no less.

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