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Before I leave...

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 10:31 PM
*Posted here because its a physiological way of getting to people, sorry if wrong topic.

I have been looking at others that get all information for "Main Stream".

What I see is people enjoying their lives, and letting "what they don't know kill them". a quote from whom i have no idea.

Then I look at ATS,we really go over the edge sometimes with the fear. I am saying this from my perspective, and from many posts i have read about how scared people get.

Never the less, we need the truth! Or at least we think we do.

Maybe some truths are irrelevant and will just distract you for just enough time.

We all hear, we will first go far right, then far left, then balance. I think we may be one of the far sided groups. No offence or anything, this is natural. We must explore and experience in order to maintain balance and harmony.
But oncewe see these obvious irrelevant distractions, spend all of our time on them, instead of creating anew, we are just as foolish as them.

I purpose some of us that are willing to, organize and start sharing ideas, spreading the ideas to all communities around the world.
Everything great always starts grass roots. All we have are information sources, and besides certin movements that are ridiculed for thier belifes due to media, destroying their reputation.

We have to relate to the unawaken, pretend you are them literally, and you know nothing. present small presentations to gain reputaion on some basic problems they have not yet seen. then break out the bad news.
If the two sides keep fighting, some sneaky beings will take the middle.

"If it means pretending to be sheeple, it must be done." - Gandhi, ATS.
*i mean that as a joke of course*
No matter your age, start educating your community about new ideas on sustainable life other than monetary systems and so forth. If your young, even better. Young people that bring serious problems to the table are usually able to get local publicity, if you go for it. Don't use the word try.

I am 17, and before i go on my adventure in the wilderness, i will try to change.

But I want us to come together as a world of civilians, not governments. Most don't think this is possible, but what if we were to just get everyone, let everyone know everyone will be in on this sooner or later due to our expansion after a while of planning, and then create a world of civilians by peaceful takeover. OUTNUMBERING, our best advantage. Possibly our only.

I am already doing presentations to truancy schools to the drop out high school kids getting them to think, think hard, and guess what! it works! even teachers think the idea is good. and thats all it takes.

Once something big happens, thats when the time for take over is most vulnerable. Thats when martial law takes over. Or, thats when we take over by refusal. Like i said, relate, allow for trust and relationship, then break bad news.

I leave in 5 months, if you think this might be a fighting chance, message me or start anew more professionally by all means.

GO! Time is now a factor people.This is not just for the United States of America; remember, this is for every eye that looks upon this.

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posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 12:56 AM
All the fear is only a phase while learning about how things are in the world we live in. After some time of adjustment we tend to get stronger again when seeing the Opportunity that may be offered for our growth in such scenarios.

I think it best to know and see clearly what is happening and not be personally effected by it so that we react in fear. In this way we can more easily discern what we can make changes to and what we must allow to to reach its own conclusion.

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