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Senator Dodd trying to end Fed power

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 11:07 AM

Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) -- The Federal Reserve faces the biggest blows to its authority and independence in five decades under legislation championed by its lead overseer in the U.S. Senate.

My question is should us US citizens support this? I really havent had much chance to analyze this. With the Fed, being the conspiratorial enemy of the Free people, with us paying their illegal interest, losing any power, basic logic says this should be supported.

Capitalists might oppose this because they are breaking up big banks. I watched Kudlow last night and a point that was brought up is if its too big to fail it may be too big to exist OR to big to chaoticly fail. That leaves the loophole of making the bank interdependent (not breaking them up into corporations and leaiving them in divisions, much like what happened with AIG).

So what do you think Americans (and outside opinions welcome) Too big to fail= to big to exist?

Do we write our senators in support, or support this movement with our weight?

I'm ok with the move, but it may move banks (and their tax dollars) outside the US.

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