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Population growth out of control? Nonsense.

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posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 12:56 PM
In many places on the net and television we are confronted with this idea that people are bad, and that more people are worse. The argument is often made among billionaires that steps must be taken to curb the growth of human populations on the planet.

Before committing to this belief system, I would like to offer a few pieces of information. First, most of the population growth seen around the world is in very poor countries. It is a matter of fact that nature, in its effort to survive, adapts different behavioral and reproductive techniques. In poor countries, where survival is difficult, human and natural instinct compensate by having a high birth rate.

In industrial countries, however, since most human needs can be met by relatively available resources, the population growth has tapered off, and in some places, actually declined.

The argument that poor countries must not be allowed to industrialize because the numbers of their people would grow exponentially and thus demand resources that the earth cannot deliver is incorrect considering the above information.

Considering also that with the progress of technology and better techniques of distribution, reuse, and recycling, it would seem that earth supporting a large population is not only possible, but quite likely.

All we need to do is put our collective efforts towards coming up with better ways to do things. Once we realize that not only will it take less work on our part to provide for ourselves if we decide to do things in a smarter way, but that it will provide abundance in excess of anything we need, then the threat of "overpopulation" will lose its teeth.

Of course, no one with a measure of control over this world would want that to happen. Control is based on denial and scarcity.

Here's a recent news article on Japan and its declining population:

A new way to deal with all the garbage and waste:

Disabled cheerleader recovers from vaccine poison:

Double your gas mileage:

Highrise Farms:

These are just a few of the good-news links I could come up with off the top of my head. There is a lot more out there.

Never be discouraged because of "bad news" going on in politics and world affairs. The power is with us!

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posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by 30_seconds

People aren't bad but population growth is. There's only so much wilderness left, only so much more space for us to expand and only so much resource to tap into before the Earth is used up. I'm not talking about 10, 20, 50 years down the line I'm talking in a few hundred we're not going to be sustainable unless things change and the growth of population decreases.

Just think of the number six billion, try to imagine that many people. I mean the biggest crowd I've ever been in was a few thousand at a rock concert, I can't even imagine six billion.

So its not so much a crisis as it is something that will need to be dealt with slowly but surely over the next century or so and I think it starts with individuals taking responsibility for their reproduction. More people need to set out in life with the attitude that they do not need to have a child to fulfill their dreams. Everybody I talk to thinks its SO great to have kids and I wrack my brain trying to figure out why.

All we really need to do is kick the Elite out, once the old world financial titans are out of power we can use our resources, land and reproductive freedom more wisely and avoid any future problems at least for a few centuries until we can start looking for new habitable planets.

posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 02:01 PM
It's no so much the ammount of people we have. It's the ammount of people all living in the same place.

Humans tend to congregate around areas such as ports and other places where trade is easier due to routes and oceans and what not.

What we need to do is move people to areas where there is little population. Space ourselves out more.

Just look at Canada for instance. We have 33 million people in a country that is larger than the US is. About 50% of that population is based in Southern Ontario.

This makes no sense considering the vast expanse of the prairies and other provinces.


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