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The NWO, we watch as it runs it's course

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posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 10:30 PM
After watching a few rallies, interviewing lotsa folks and their opinions, one thing stands far above the rest of the ideas of just who and what the new world order is, and that is the fact that people are "Only Now" becoming scared and really concerned as a whole!

We americans must realize that the Obama administration controls our banks through TARP, our auto industry with more bailouts, and now our healthcare, and the last straw will be our sovereignty with the cap&trade bill, also known as the Climate Control Treaty. Here where I live in rural america, I like to call us "Gooberville", people are now starting to wake up! Now, if the farmlands of america are taking notice, think of what is happening in the larger areas of the USA?

Once Obama signs that Bill, and our congress ratifies it, america is forever gone! No more to be remembered at all! The Obama administration is trying to abolish eating beef and pork, and limiting the intake of poultry. This was exposed on glen beck just last week where in baltimore md, schools there have what is called a "meatless" monday on school lunch calendars!

A really good example of what Obama is trying to do can be seen in that 1987 Kris Kristofferson called "Amerycka". Americans for the most part either have to be scared to death, totally intimidated, or just plain kicked in the teeth with the foot of big gov't before they'll ever respond! Well folks, I am pretty afraid that we have had our final chance because we ignored the warnings of many of our watchmen and women!

Perry Stone, Hal Lindsey, and many other notable evangelicals have all been explaining about the nwo and the north american union, to include the currency on their respective tv programs. I myself have spoken with several local preachers and they are really worried about the days ahead. One thing that is in common in basically all converstions at the kitchen tables here in virginia where I live is the new world order. So, if it has now come to rural america, think about our larger cities, and when you do, pray for one and all!

The days ahead are not going to be easy, and many will fall! Some to extreme poverty, some to illness, some to starvation, and a lot to resisting the powers that be! To all that read this posting, I wish you well, and my thoughts and prayers are with you one and all!

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 10:40 PM
You do have a point that it is currently running its course, but I don't think it's the end of the line for us.

I think we can still stop these guys and their plans don't always go accordingly. Look how long this plan has been in action, I just think it is moving along a little faster now.

People of this site have gained awareness and more Americans are waking up. The more crap that goes on the more people will catch on. The only thing we can hope is that it isn't too late.

You are also right that some people are running scared, which to me is a funny. All this talk of how the gov't is not in our best interest and those sheeple continue to not heed the warnings.

But like you said it takes people to be scared to death to want to turn off "Dancing with the stars", so they can finally see the light.

We continue to be distracted by the media, and we will continue to be unless everyone wakes up to the "master plan"

When this will happen? Who knows, but hopefully the U.S. doesn't fall apart by then.


posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 10:25 AM
I hear you thewind and agree absolutely with your prognostications, however very few people I know here in Richmond are aware of what is really going on and are still just going about their daily lives. After a long day at work all they want to do is have a beer and watch a football game and forget everything else. It's really sad. So many people in my neighborhood have lost their jobs it's unreal. About one out of three formerly employed here still have a job to go to. They are clueless and don't want to hear anything negative. I've become a bit of a Pariah with my friends for speaking about the NWO and politics. I'm afraid television has done us in my friend. I'm praying hard too.

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posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by Asktheanimals
It just seems like, for the most part that americans don't care anymore as a whole! Yes, there are a few like myself and you that can see the forest for the trees, but trust me, we are a mere minority. I have talked to many, many people, and they all say the same thing:"What can we do now"?

They are still in total disbelief as to what is happening right now in not only the usa, but the entire world. Television preachers like Jack Van Impe and other heavy-weights are raking in the mucho dinero using fear to sell their latest books and videos on the last days, the mark of the beast, 2012, and the new world order.

Even after talking to people who have seen these movies, they are still unconvinced that this stuff is really happening! if thesde same so-called believers of God can't believe what's happening in front of them now, how can they honestly believe in God at all?

The next 3-5 years are going to be real interesting to say the least!


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