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System of Control!

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posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 02:56 PM
This was a great video, talking about a "force" behind the scene controlling our world (Illuminati perhaps) re-shaping our DNA not just from what we eat/wear but mostly how our psychological perception is being created and fed to us like a bunch of sheeple that we are!

Dividing humanity to see itself as "different" from one another to rely purely driven on Ego and Status rather then understanding our true essence.

Very interesting speech, I recommend EVERYONE to listen to this and really think about it... not just to find "reasons" to argue/nor agree with it... but really let it sink in and pause, look around you and reflect!

It just may slowly remove the filters that blur our humanity and see the world using our own "common sense"!

Max Igan - American Voice Radio - 11/05/09

Systems of Control 1/6

Systems of Control 2/6

Systems of Control 3/6

Systems of Control 4/6

Systems of Control 5/6

Systems of Control 6/6

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