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Explaining the Occult, The Clairvoyance and -audience.

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posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 04:25 AM

While I am not asserting this as a truth that should be credited or discredited, I think it might be something to ponder about.

This thread is about the psychic capabilities of human psyche; the relation between consciousness and subconsciousness. Normally, subconsciousness is considered to be a part of human psyche, the one that lays below the conscious level of human recognization and willful observation of surrounding phenomenas.

Furthermore, this thread explores the possibility whether our mind can perceive "weak signals" of surrounding reality. By "weak signals" I mean impulses or stimulus that bypass conscious observation, but could still be picked up and interpret by our subconsciousness.

First chapter, the capacity of human sensory organs.

In sciences that focuses on neuropsychology and -physiology, itis suggested that human sensory organs (eyes, ears, skin, nose and mouth) are capable of receiving very delicate information; about eyes, it has been suggested that it is capable of perceiving a change in a single photon:

The human eye is very sensitive but can we see a single photon? The answer is that the sensors in the retina can respond to a single photon. However, neural filters only allow a signal to pass to the brain to trigger a conscious response when at least about five to nine arrive within less than 100 ms. If we could consciously see single photons we would experience too much visual "noise" in very low light, so this filter is a necessary adaptation, not a weakness.

While I apologize that I for the moment am unable to provide more specific links, I would like to mention that I have also read this information from a recent publication of Neuropsychology. So at least on my mind, it can be established that our sensory organ are able to pick up and react on very weak stimulus that can escape conscious observation. Yet, some of these signals might be picked up and registered by our subconsciousness.

Second chapter, the link between clairvoyance and -audience with the subconscious.

In a moments of deep concentration (like meditation and focusing) or perhaps dreaming - which is said to be the condition, where subconscious organizes daily events in it's preferable order - then these weak signals can surface into the consciousness; perhaps it can happen in form of mental realization or even in a form of vivid images, visions. Also, from personal experience I can tell it can happen as clairaudience.

Please note, that in order to protect privacy of other people, I won't mention names and I've changed the date in following example:

Here I shall share an personal experience. Almost a year ago, when I was laying on a couch in quite deep state of relaxation and was certainly not thinking anything, I heard an audible voice (I think it was coming from within) saying a date that included day and a month (for example "fourteenth of june"), nothing else. I was surprised because there was nobody around that could've said that as I was alone in the appartment. Back then, I didn't share this with my companion, as I thought that it could've been some sort of imaginary thing.

Nevertheless, time passed and the date was approaching and I couldn't just forget it. I kept thinking myself that what could it mean, date of my death perhaps? So it happened that my companion left for a trip of few days around that date. Since we have two cats in our household, and I was thinking that I could die, so I put lots of food and water for them around our home, so they don't have to suffer of hunger in case something should happen to me. Well, obviously nothing happened, as I am here and writing this. Yet something happened: Namely, my brother's companion gave birth to a healthy child on that very date; but the birth took place about 3 weeks earlier than it was supposed to.

When my companion came back from her trip, she saw the extra catfood and water laying around our place and asked me about it, I told the whole thing. But since then, I became very interested about the issue of clairaudience and -voyance.

Third chapter, the conclusions.

Due my own experience and what I've learned since from various sources, I have become into understanding that it could be our unconsciousness which is capable of observing the 'weak signals' around us. In my case, I must've seen the 'weak signals' of birth in my brother's companion - but it puzzles me that it was like 4 mounths earlier when I heard the date, and yet the birth itself took place 3 weeks earlier that it was supposed to.

In case of precognitive dreams this is most likely what happens. The unconsciousness 'reveals' something to us. With what logics, I really cannot tell.

I must emphasize that this is merely my experience and understanding of this matter. Someone else might have totally different conception and it might be as 'sincere' as what has just been presented.

In the end, I'd like to invite people to the conversation in order to inquire this matter. Whether you think that these 'capabilites' derive from God or Satan, aliens or whatever, I would appreciate the input if it is reasonable.

All the best,


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posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 02:54 AM
Hello V,

For me it would be to hard to tell where these signals come from with out proper guidance. I think this is one of the reasons why the obvious is so... uninterpreted.

I do wonder tho who and how many out there have some control over this topic. Perhaps there are people who know how to use our gifts and knowingly know they are using them while others use them while not knowing.

Maybe there truly are jedi knights out there.


posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 10:43 AM
reply to post by Izarith

Hello Izzy,

I agree with you about the ability of controling these things. In my opinion, subconsciousness is not something that one should seek to control, but instead to understand. One of most profound way to familiriaze one with subconsciousness is the dream interpretation; in kabbalah, it is said that every dream that isn't interpret, is like a letter left unopened.

Originally posted by Izarith
I do wonder tho who and how many out there have some control over this topic. Perhaps there are people who know how to use our gifts and knowingly know they are using them while others use them while not knowing.

Indeed one can have some control over this issue, but as I mentioned above, total control is not preferrable, because it might be impossible. Maybe gaining a total consciousness by joining of the two is something that some people have achieved, yet this doesn't mean that you are attempting to control it, but rather to become one with it by eliminating the 'egos' that are surpressing one's consciousness.

As you probably has figured, I am not adept in this matter, I merely has made observations with my own psyche and made attempts to learn about myself. About those I am writing. I've also read quite a lot about the issue, but there is danger of falling into pit, because every book is written by the author and hence it is always subjective in that sense. What happens inside the mind of author, doesn't necessarily mean that my mind acts in similiar ways. Even the tomes of neuropsychology can't be regarded objective, expect the neural construction of human mind - but even our neural system may be similiar, our mind (including sub- and consciousness) acts distinctly depending of individual.

Originally posted by Izarith
Maybe there truly are jedi knights out there.

In certain sense, that might be. Including the both sides of the force, perhaps


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