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Gray robot hybrids.

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 11:23 PM

we know there is a variety of "dwarf gray large eyed hominid"
that is produced in a "manufacturing facility" some like DragonGirl here on ATS call "trees".

from past life experience, i saw the embryo maintenance hardware, as technology,
though indeed some of it was rather complex and intricate in it's workings.
to make it look more naturalistic.

Depends on the implementers. The CIA(american black suits in room) (now remote viewing) gray hives are more cubic, with more white tones, and emphasis on plastic organic,
the trays with hardware are rectangular light metallic racks with aluminum luster.


So there is a particular tribe, that has "run free", and are making or have already implemented,
a host body manufacturing facility.

We both have goals (me and one of their leader/representatives), that in vague ways are similar.
We both wish to live free and are willing to accept robot (or robot hybrid) host bodies.

they have facilities, where it is feasible to inject or insert data hardware periphery, at a relatively young age (fetal) so they completly blend with the host body in a natural way.

see a vision, a gray boy, about 5 or 6, sitting in front of a computer,
with hands put together, fingers enfolded except index, which are held straight.
there are wires running from his head and going into the back of some desktops.

see him look surprised as he looks right to see a little ways off he's printed some paper.
he starts walking over, the wires on his head tug, he winces a bit, reaches up and unclips them.
reviews the paper.

see him look quite happy as where the printer was now is a moving robot arm.

see him standing ontop of a "gundam like" miner machine, wishing to connect with it,
the grays standing by, are saying things about how "they aren't sure that's a good idea",
he moves around a bit, remembers falling.

wakes up to find his arms covered in a computing metal sheating.
he bum hops on his hospital bed flapping his arms and smiles with joy.
he closes his eyes, turns up his eyes, and sends his mental processes into the arms,
he is momentarily shocked by the increased voltage,
he transmutes into experiencing the capabilities of addons.

some of the events have yet to happen, perhaps.
some may have already occured.
I love it.

what say you?

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 11:55 PM
i started smoking cigarettes again first time in 6 years. after a recent abduction experience i was able to remember the mind scan part clearly. boss surgen knew about the cigarettes and then scolded me in a way "you must not hurt yourself you're important". i could hear this booming in my head, yet underneath i knew doc boss was still calculating as ever.

this is why i feel the surgens i've delt are more robot than living being, when we touch minds all i feel is a cold void.

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posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 06:22 AM

Originally posted by kmarx
this is why i feel the surgens i've delt are more robot than living being, when we touch minds all i feel is a cold void.

A cold void is still an emotion. Those particular grays, seems to me they were abused as children. So learned to disassociate from their emotions.

Gray dwarves were initially designed as a slave race, and are still used as such. Some masters aren't as nice as others. Even when some of these groups don't have interaction with a master for a long time, there is still the kind of resonance that is left behind.

Personally, I'd like to blame most of these hyper clinical grays on having been brought up by reptilians, though I'm sure some or even more of them are from human made stock.

Homo Sapiens of the military variety are very well known for their hard emotionless clinical attitude. They typically lack telepathy or empathy, and some human surgeons are sadists or at least enjoy cutting things.

warm and loving attitudes come from people with a warm and loving attitude to life.
something that takes some experience to kindle and keep going.
Even or perhaps especially for earth homo sapiens.

posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 12:17 PM
Actually though my basic stance on interactions with greys, zetans in particular, and what they seem to be doing in my family is for them to buzz off, I do have a hard time with being mean. My son as well. We both experienced something different than the normal run of mill coldness. Nor was it pure emotionless either. What I sensed was that this could be considered a negative grouping, much like our control system is. Which needs to change, and probably why I don't wish to see robotics yet appearing here. But despite this world being a very negative 3D reality to billions of people with a need to restore freedom and free will by Mother's Divine Plan and the positive cosmic citizens, and us too, we need to wake up, we still have many wonderful, caring and loving people. Even in our military some are freedom fighters with integrity.

Greys are like that too, often cold fascist leaders, some jerks thrown in the mix, and many wonderful, intelligent decent people. At least that is my take. Psi, or group mind, the Universal Understanding, whatever one calls it, would mean a real need to be able to suppress emotion on the surface which is what I see the coolness as, a deliberate suppression. Which would mean unless you interact with them, and find out for yourself, you would not know if they were negative/negative or positive in heart/mind/soul. This would imply that both my son and I did encounter a situation where that happened, where we were able to interact in a different way. Though I have certainly encountered the negative.

That being said, very glad I don't remember a lot of it. Not to mention that I have had a lifelong contact with non-greys, and am not afraid of this side, for I know there is another.
Possibly quite a few groups involved with earth. I am curious how much robotics is used amongst andromedans, sirians, ple'o'sha'ns and lyreans from various systems.

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