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Mother attacks PM sympathy letter

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 10:38 PM
So, you go off to war, trained, you arrive, destination? Afghanistan.

You do your duty, follow orders and one day while on foot patrol, an explosion ends your life.

Now, for a Government Official, there is no graver task than writing a letter of condolence to the Soldier's Mother.

It is in this regard that we take note of just such a letter written by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the response to it by the Mother of a fallen Soldier.

According to the Sun, his mother Jacqui was angry when she received the prime minister's letter of condolence in which he appeared to misspell Guardsman Janes's name.

The paper has reproduced the handwritten letter.

Mrs Janes told the Sun that the letter was "scrawled so quickly I could hardly even read it" and that "some of the words were half-finished".

She described the letter as "disrespectful" and an "insult" to her son.

It goes on that Mr. Brown would never intentionally misspell and something about problems with his eye sight due to a childhood rugby injury.

Not much of a excuse. I think the bereaved Mother may be right.


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