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Michael Jackson-CIA Burst Ray- But not before his Cloning.

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 12:43 PM
In 2006, Clonaid, the leader in human cloning, admits to cloning numerous people around the world, beginning with a cloned girl they named "Eve, has a news article posted on their web site;
Commending Michael Jackson’s ‘pioneer vision of cloning,’, in which they state:

LAS VEGAS, July 8 – After fielding numerous inquiries about the possible cloning of Michael Jackson, Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, head of Clonaid, today reaffirmed the company’s policy of strictly respecting the privacy of each of its patients.

“Clonaid prides itself on never releasing the identity of the numerous individuals who have been cloned in the past six years,” Boisselier said. “Even if that policy has been at the cost of my reputation, it’s important for us that the celebrities and other interested parties contacting us know they won’t be betrayed.”

suggesting that a clone of mIchael Jackson may have been egineered, but privacy policies will not reveal or dismiss the possibility.

With Michael's untimely death, more questions arise than are answered, and stories such as this Russian release:
WHO killed Michael Jackson, and why??? You decide,
gives one another issue to ponder, consider this snippit:

One of the largest tv stations in ....Russia.... is reporting that their sources in the Russian governemnt are saying that at the moment of Michael's death there was an extremely large burst of Electromagnetic Radiation detected by their spy satellites over his house! And that it came from a known CIA source!!!

This sounds very bizarre....but then they go on to say that Michael had recently been in contact with Jane Burgermeister. Jane is heading a worldwide crusade to stop the mandatory Swine Flu vaccinations that will begin in a few weeks. Michael reportedly was planning to focus his upcoming mega concert tour on stopping these vaccinations.

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) has spent a fortune putting together some 4.9 Billion shots, which they are getting ready to make mandatory that we take. Donald Rumsfeld has ownership in the company making the vaccine, and Barack Obama has stock in the company making the antidote….

SO those who stand to gain are the usual suspects, Rumsfeld, Barry, and of course, the CIA continues to act as a rogue agency as it has for most of it's existence.

Of further import, the story of Michael's chief aide, Dr. Tohme Tohme, and the reported fear and ultimate firing of whas reported by some MSM, but it seems all video's have been pulled from YouTube of the reports.
Here is an article regarding Tohme and the strange events surrounding him, his firing and subsequent speaking in behalf of Michael after the fact?

Here is a bit of the content:

"Michael said, ‘He’s (Tohme) mean, he’s trying to keep me and separate me from everybody and everything that I love." Jackson severed ties with Tohme in May (09) after learning his manager had threatened the boss of a California auction house over memorabilia items that were set to go under the hammer.
After rehiring svengali Frank DiLeo to look after his affairs, Jackson sent a letter to all business associates, in which he insisted, "Dr. Tohme Tohme is no longer authorized to represent me." But, Tohme spoke on behalf of Jackson hours after he died and conducted an interview with NBC two weeks after the tragedy in June (09), when he stated, "I’m still in charge of Michael Jackson’s business until otherwise I am informed not to do so (sic)."

So it seems the mysterious Tohme has an agenda that overrides his employment status.

What I see is an effort to stop the potential platform of Michaels upcoming tour, which is purported to also be used to inform the masses he commanded of the PTB's agenda against humanity.

In this Mike Collett-White Reuters article,

LONDON (Reuters) - Michael Jackson and a son of the king of Bahrain signed an out-of-court settlement on Monday ending a legal dispute under which the prince sued the pop star saying he reneged on a recording contract and owed him money.

Neither Jackson nor Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa were at London's High Court to hear their lawyers confirm to the judge that a deal had been struck.

Two hours later, both sides agreed on the wording of a short joint statement, which they said formally ended the dispute.

"Sheikh Abdullah and Michael Jackson are pleased to confirm that they have amicably settled their dispute which was in litigation before the High Court in London," said Philip Croall, senior partner at Freshfields law firm.

"They wish each other well in their own, respective endeavors," he told reporters. Both sides said details of the settlement would not be made public.

News of a settlement "in principle" was announced late on Sunday, sparing Jackson the ordeal of having to travel to Britain to testify.

further on,

FSB sources are reporting to President Medvedev today that American pop icon Michael Jackson was “most assuredly” assassinated by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after an examination of data transmitted by a Russian Military’s Kosmos 2450 satellite show “conclusively” that immediately prior to the music stars death in Los Angeles an electromagnetic pulse consistent in pattern to EMR weapons looted from the former Soviet Union by the United States was employed at the “exact coordinates” of the rock stars home.

And of course the most critical issue pointing to a possible assasination,

Both Michael Jackson and Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa have been long standing supporters of the fearless Austrian investigative journalist, Jane Burgermeister, who is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway

Of course the only suspect that police were looking to was Michaels doctor. Cardiologist Conrad Murray, reported here;" target="_blank" class="postlink">HIDE AND SICK We find Michael Jackson's drug probe doctor
Where the World Exclusive report states:

Cardiologist Murray, 57, is the only police suspect in relation to Jacko's death in June, caused by an overdose of powerful anaesthetic IV Propofol.

Only suspect?
Well maybe not.
According to this article:
Source: Michael Jackson's Doctor to Be Charged With Manslaughter

Murray isn’t the only doctor who faces criminal charges in connection with Jackson's death on June 25. A law enforcement source told that Jackson’s longtime dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, will be hit with charges related to medical malpractice. Investigators are still building their case against Klein, and he will not be arrested for at least another two weeks, the source said.

Interestingly, The good doctor seems to be free and on the run. But not from murder charges. Rather, from skipping court regarding child support.
TMZ Reports: Arrest Warrant Sought for Dr. Conrad Murray

in part says:

Michael Jackson doc Conrad Murray bailed on a very important date -- and now a Family Law court wants a bench warrant for his arrest and possibly the suspension of his medical license.

Murray failed to show up to a scheduled child support hearing yesterday -- he allegedly owes more than $13,000 to baby mama Nenita Malibiran, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Why is he free? I guess there must be a reason.

Now, in the event this was a successful operation, what about the possible clone that may have been engineered in 2006 or earlier, possibly as early as 2002?

Could Michael still be alive? At least as a cloned version? I say it is plausible.

As Clonaid stays silent, speculation is the only thing to go on. I would imagine that someone like michael would indeed afford and be a great candidate for cloning and most likely was cloned.

Maybe there will be another concert appearance for Michael somewhere in the future...

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 02:58 PM
"Families who lost a beloved relative: human cloning can give life a second time to the same genetic code who has died at an early age for example" from source.

Giving life a second time to the same genetic code; that's astounding. Though that second version of the genetic code would experience a different set of experiences. It could be exposed to a much more toxic world than the host cells lived in and therefore be more sickly.
Or it could live in a healthier environment and be healthier than the original.
But it would not be the original. Even if Jackson did clone himself it's not his psyche that would be in there. The same blueprint , yes, but a different person with different experiences.
Unless the consciousness itself can be transferred directly and completely into the clone whose brain is completely wiped clean and ready for the consciousness to be inserted then there will never be an occasion of a human being living twice as the same person.

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by imd12c4funn

I have to be honest - when I read your title I actually laughed out loud!

but, nice job on much research, and with quotes and citations!

Don't have much to say on the subject just wanted to say I was pleasantly surprised by your post. =)


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