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4.5 Million Send Congressmen 'Pink Slips'(you can make it higher!)

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 01:18 AM
This is from World Net Daily:

WASHINGTON – Hundreds of thousands of "pink slips" have been dispatched to members of Congress just this week, raising the total sent by Americans worried about the future of their nation to 4.5 million.

If stacked, the pile of pink would be taller than the Sears Tower and almost three times the height of the Washington Monument. Placed end to end, the "pink slips" would stretch from the District of Columbia to Chicago.

He said members of Congress are talking about the pink slip campaign, but "they're talking about it behind closed doors, in elevators, in hushed tones. They ask each other how many of those did you get today?"

There is a link on the site where you can sign up to send one to every congressman too.

Members of both the House and Senate are going on the record to commend WND for its dramatic campaign notifying members of Congress that they will be permanently "pink-slipped" in 2010 if they vote for bigger and more intrusive government.

"We've already received thousands of pink slips in our office, and I think this is a good wake-up call for Congress," said Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., the latest member of Congress to weigh in. "I'm encouraged that Americans across the country are standing up and speaking out for constitutional, limited government. Congress needs to get the message loud and clear: stop the spending, stop the takeovers, and stand up for our freedoms."

I can't believe I haven't heard about this!
These guys are getting a mighty hefty wake up call.

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 02:18 AM
The "pink slip campaign" is an interesting form of protest and may have a limited effect on how Congress votes in the future, however, regardless of the amount of communique's sent to Congressmen and women the House just passed the current "Health Care" legislation which is no doubt an intrusive act by government that most assuredly taxes the people even more and threatens to imprison those who resist. The sad truth of the matter is that while several states across the nation have by ballot created Amendments legalizing medical marijuana, Congress has not listened to this growing voice that is making clear the people do not view marijuana as a drug worth criminalizing. The federal government blatantly ignores the will of the people and raids the legal marijuana dispensaries claiming that federal law trumps state law and Congress refuses to do a damn thing to reign in the executive branch by passing new legislation that would defang the federal government.

It is doubtful that the current spate of politicians occupying the House and Senate will pay much attention to the multitudes of protests being staged across America regularly. If the police response in Pittsburgh to the protesters there is any indication of how government responds to protest, then it should be clear that these politicians are more amused than worried. While protest is certainly a way of redressing grievances, the birth of the United States was not created by protest but by rejecting protest in favor of revolution.

Fortunately, our Founders framed a Constitution that allow the people multitudes of ways to affect peaceful revolution. Sadly, most people today think the only option they have to affect any meaningful revolution is by "throwing the bums out" on election day. Yet, history has shown that this electoral process has done little to reign in the ever expanding scope of government. The best way to communicate to Congress that their intrusive legislation will no longer be tolerated is by the people using the courts in an effective way. Sue the government into bankruptcy! Sue the private individuals who have gone beyond the scope of their jurisdiction as government officials and acted under color of law and by doing so obstructed justice.

Beyond that, the more educated the people become on the law they are all ready presumed to know, instead of avoiding jury duty they will readily embrace this responsibility so that they may do the most damage that can be done to intrusive legislation. Those fortunate enough to gain access to the Grand Jury may use their position to refuse to indict individuals who have rightfully ignored bad legislation such as intrusive drug laws or the upcoming "health care" laws or even tax laws. If a Grand Jury does indict there are still the everyday people of a common jury who can refuse to convict a person regardless of what the legislation says in the spirit of the law. By the spirit of the law what I mean is that law that is a collection of acts and bills intended to protect the rights and property of people, any other form of legislation is not law but some form of legal plunder and as such any just jury would refuse to convict a person charged for a "crime" under such dubious jurisdiction and there is not a damn thing any judge or any other government official can say about it.

It is We the People who hold the inherent political power across the world but certainly in the U.S. by Supreme Law of the Land which is the Constitution, we the people are undeniably the final word on how governments may act. Throw the bums out or don't it really doesn't matter when the people united refuse to convict a person based on stupid legislation. If such actions become the norm Congress has no choice but to listen to the people and begin to enact legislation more conducive to law. If juries just simply refuse to convict it is only a matter of time before Congress will repeal the laws that juries ignore.

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 02:03 AM
*sighs* I hate to rain on your parade but I can show you where all of those pink slips will end up this morning:
Send all of the petitions,pink slips and anything else you can think of,folks because in the end we don't matter.

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posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 09:09 AM
I think the only thing these Congresscritters will understand is if we all send them a pitchfork with us standing behind it.

They don't care about us. All the "pink slips" in the world won't make a bit of difference. They are insulated from us and until we are literally up in their faces, we will continue to be ignored. When I say "we", I mean MILLIONS OF US, who have reached a point where we are NOT afraid of whatever consequences our actions may bring. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough of us and I don't know that there ever will be.

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 09:23 AM
Great idea, I think I can make my own and mail it in to just my district for less than $29.95. I will not vote for anyone who voted Yes on healthcare.

posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 11:20 PM
I agree that yes, we are ignored by congress. However, the fact that this is going on is showing them not to be so arrogant, unless they want to go down the wrong road.

You never know.. maybe this is what stops the few who were on the fence about the heath care thing?

Or maybe they will actually read the bill with all the red flags from the people.

I'm optimistic I suppose. There is no reason to live in fear regardless.

posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

Well thought out and articulated piece of reasoning...refresning to read this on ATS.
I've never starred or flagged a piece here on ATS but I would on this piece if I knew the process

Polictical activity is not just a right and privilege of a free nation, its is also a responsibilty. Poltical involvement like any human ability will atrophify if we fail to excercise. If we pass our oppertunity to act for ourselves and abdicate that right to someone else then they will only use it to their end. Eventually we have no one to blame but ourselves for the "state" of our Republic and it's fate is in our hands. Most significant is the Global Governement that our President intents to sign as the representative of the American people without a national refferendum.
Soon the saying "Its your country" will be "It was our country, but we gave it away".
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posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 11:51 PM

your boss don't pay to fire you,or put you on notice... how can we do this for the price of a postage stamp? ill print my own "pink slip"

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