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Do conspiracy theorists have it wrong regarding the NWO?

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 09:47 PM
I was wondering if conspiracy theorists had it wrong regarding the new world order. I think that the elites are working together towards a world government. They already have a system of world governance in place. I see that world governing body as the G20 body. I see the bilderberg group as mainly some side group where they all connect together and they do plan certain agendas and talk about various things- but I see the G20 group as the one that has more power and is more open about its agenda.

It's the one that does what conspiracy theorists say that elitists do. I was wondering if perhaps- just perhaps that conspiracy theorists are wrong about this. That's not to say that the bilderberg group doesn't have any real power... it's just that the bilderberg group seems more like a place to discuss things in secret- and discuss things they don't want the people to know... but the G20 group is where the decisions are made and carried out.

Also- I see tons more other groups that are talked about in the news that seem to be part of a world government systems. That being said- we get to see more of the operational groups of the world government in plain sight. What they do at bilderberg is totally secret and we don't know about it sure- but what if- just what if they do most of this stuff in plain sight?

I don't think the conspiracy theory is wrong per se. It's actually a pretty good theory. I was just wondering perhaps that there might be a few finer points in the theory that needs to be adjusted to make it more accurate.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 09:51 PM
The thing is, why should anything be secret? Imagine seeing a giggling group of girls (builderburg) whispering, then they come up to you and tell you they think you are hot/pretty (G20). They were just whispering to eachother, should we trust what they tell us now?

They shouldn't need to talk in secrecy. I think the G20 is just a show, and anything they tell us should be taken lightly.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 10:02 PM
I see that you misunderstand what’s going on, by separating the Elites and N.W.O. Sure there are some real extreme N.W.O agendas and not all ‘elites” are up to speed with what’s going on around them. But the two are one and the same. But like I said not everyone.

These Power groups are only taking care of themselves and their money and families, Hence the secret meetings. Many have come out in the open and said that they world has too many people and I’m sure a few are planning a Population reduction. I doubt the Full circle of Power elites are brought in with these kind of decisions. But in General most of what they plan to do is for self gain first.

Let me try put these into terms that you might understand; Its like a board of directors of a company voting that the staff will get a 3% raise but they’ll get a 10% raise(on higher salaries too) they’ll also get stock shares each year and Big Bonuses, as well as the use of the “Company” Jets and Holiday houses and time share etc etc etc.

Get the point they’ll decide to do things that’ll benefit them 1000 times more than you and I.

posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 08:53 PM
The nwo is really about 3 factors, money, power and control. He who has the money and the power retains total control, which is what we're seeing right now. America has too many people who are wealthy and are not considered "nwo" material. Remember "Sir Richard Branson's" buddy who was said to have disappeaered while making that solo flight? Well, after further research, he was not one who bowed to the global elite and had the money to actually fight them!

The global order wants 2 classes of people, them, and those who serve them! No more will you see a middle class type of lifestyle in america I don't believe. The funny thing is that we will probably see lawyers and doctors working for less than 2/3 of what they are making now since the gov't is getting control of our healthcare system.

Doctors won't be able to charge what they use to charge for they will be working for the gov't, and lawyers won't have any if many suits against hospitals and doctors because the feds will be in control of them also! That's the Obama helathcare agenda!

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