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Valuev Vs Haye

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 02:33 PM
On paper, an easy win for the beast.
11 inches taller, 7 stone heavier (just about 100 pounds)

Haye though is quick - very quick, and he hits hard.

Valuev has never even been knocked down, let alone out, with just one loss.

Problem is, he hasn't fought anyone who is anywhere near as quick and aggressive as Haye, who is also a very good boxer having won a world silver at amateur.

Being from the UK I'd love to see Haye do it - I'm just not sure he can, because a 7 inch reach advantage is a lot to overcome.

It wouldn't be the first time a big 'un got beat by a little 'un, but I can't see it.

My heart says Haye, but I'd be a fool to put money on him.

But I think he can give the beast a good scare...

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 05:56 PM
Well, I was wrong - Haye boxed Valuev's head off, and very nearly took him out.

That'll teach me to err on the side of caution, eh...

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