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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 02:23 PM

Better Place is the global provider of electric vehicle services, accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation.


A video interview:

An interview with Aliza Peleg, VP of Operations at Better Place, on the second anniversary of the company’s founding. Aliza discusses the last two years at Better Place, including the main challenges perceived in the early days of the company, trends in the electric vehicle (EV) space that have emerged over the past two years, and an overview of the main challenges facing the company for the coming two years.

Video Page

In the opening words of the interview, Aliza states;

"We wanted to change the world. We developed a very innovative and bold business plan ..."

Regarding electric vehicles, world wide acceptance of this plan could facilitate great reduction and dependence of oil, but even now, I'm sure there are those who will attempt to thwart full realization of this endevour.

Could this be the future of transportation?

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