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H1N1 The Business of Fear: MSN Article

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 09:11 AM
I was suprised to see this headline because I thought it goes against everything they are trying to push on us. It is always suspicious to me when something 'against the grain' makes it mainstream when logically it should not - like how they keep pushing aliens on us (but thats another thread).

The writer Deirdra McMurdy obviously knows her stuff:

Whether it's extra insurance, new and improved safety features, or health club memberships, anxiety is a powerful consumer engine. The more dire the scenario the more we spend — and there's nothing quite like bad news to sell newspapers and attract eyeballs.

Basically what she mean is that our panic caused paranoia and led to further economic degradation - our own fault. Our own fear is what causes us to lose balance, be more likely to fall, which becomes part of a statistic, which leads to further panic!

Whats suspicious? Then on page 2 she says

You'd have to be living under a rock not to feel fearful about the reports of vaccine shortages, six-hour waits for inoculations, the proliferation of hand sanitizer dispensers. Then there are the predictions of a devastating impact on productivity on the cusp of economic recovery. There hasn't been anything like it since, well, the SARS outbreak in 2003. (Which carried a price tag estimated at about $2-billion.)

With estimates that eight million Canadians could come down with H1N1, it doesn't take long for everyone with a calculator to pile on to the gurney. And let's not forget some of the other alarming information that's contributing to confusion and panic: 2,000 to 8,000 people die annually in Canada from the seasonal flu. And seasonal flu shots, which we're typically urged to get, may increase your vulnerability to H1N1.

Suddenly it no longer seems like she is talking about the negative side of capitalising off peoples suffering. She IS trying to reinforce peoples fear. So a reassuring article becomes fearmongering. To me I perceive as a bait and switch - get people in an article they will agree with (there is profit to be had at your expense!) but then reverse and that the profit is justified! Because there IS reason to fear! I see it as an obvious psychological warfare tactic... but can not know for sure.

At any rate read the article she makes some very good points nonetheless
Profiting from H1N1

A good video they link to is here
They talk about Rice Krispies exploiting this too by saying 'builds immunity' or whatever, some poor sucker will read it and actually think it helps! They listed vitamin A, C, E as helping but I just looked at the rice krispies on my shelf, and A & C read ZERO!! Granted they mentioned 'cocoa krispies' whereas mine are regular but still.

It is nothing more than the stupid Atkins diet where every damn product at the time says LOW CARBS across the package even though its really fatty! Come on people! There is no simple answer! Eat HEALTHY get EXERCISE stay ACTIVE be strong willed!
...and dont forget your onions and oranges!


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