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My impressions on the movie: The 4th Kind

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 06:41 PM
There are slight spoilers below

I've just literally come back from a night showing. It's difficult to try and describe this movie. After the first 25 minutes, I realised that I was slightly bored. Here I came to watch a suspenseful drama about a subject that should excite the imagination of just about anyone but instead we're met with something more...normal. In fact arguably 80% of the movie is an illustration of a conventional social dilemma as a family try to deal with the tragic loss of their father/husband. I didn't know at that point whether or not the fim was being character driven or plot driven.

After the credits, my opinion had completely changed. The shift the film takes in the last 30 minutes is an emotional trek. I loved what the director did. Instead of bludging the movie with heavy themes of conspiracy and sci-fi, he changed it cultural and social commentary and this is best highlighted by the persona of the main characters. Mila is open minded and explores the suggestion of non-human intelligence at play, whereas her counter parts and the Sheriff dismiss that "horse-#" and question her sanity. In fact her friend, also a psychologist, whom actually witnesses the same things and is later abducted himself, admits to not being able to "accept it". To assert the Summerian aspect into this shows that the producers/writers know their UFOlogy, and it only dawned on me recently on the bus trip home when I realised that the polar opposite attitudes displayed by the characters reflects that of todays debates on the subject of UFO's; there are mainly the belivers and a level of sceptism that is unrelated to the issue of a lack of evidence.

There is this aura of ridicule that surrounds the subject. This woman after the screening asked her partner, with a wry smile, "do you actually believe in Aliens" with a tone of bemusement. And when you come to think that so many just accept ghosts to be plausibe or even real but laugh at the idea of non-human intelligence you can't help but feel there is an inconsistency of logic there.

I don't want to ruin the movie and what exactly happens, but I will say that the impression it leaves on you is more thought provoking than the actual content or developments of the movie itself. If anything, you'll ask yourself how would you feel if you were in her position and the entire world laughed at you with fear of a truth in their voice

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 11:27 PM
I too just saw this movie. I am not really prepared to put down my whole feelings on the film but I think it scared me more then anything ever has before. Whether or not what really happened to these people was abduction, it scared them enough, to in one case kill his family and then himself.

I would really be interested in watching only the recordings done of the video camera, as for everything else it is hard to say what is fabricated and what really happened. However as far as the video and audio recordings done by the doctor I believe 100% that they are factual. I don't think someone created them with the intention of fooling anyone. I don't know how you can not believe what was said and done on those recordings. I can't even think about it correctly.

I know some are going to say that maybe I am gullible or foolish for believing these things, but unless you have seen the movie I will not even listen to your opinion. If you have seen the movie and do not believe that the recorded footage is "real" then I would like to know why you think that.

If they would have made this film 15 minutes long with only the documented footage and audio recordings and the information on Sumer it alone would have been worth my money.

I'm not trying to convince anyone that this movie is real, or that anything in it is real. For instance my wife walked out saying "that was BS". I happen to think that she feels that way just so she does not have to think outside of her box but who knows. I really want to hear some other opinions on this film.

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