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Census And GPS Mapping Implementation Of A UN Plan?

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 09:14 AM

Although the document purports to present GPS mapping, remote sensing, integrated field data collection, etc., merely as tools to conduct a successful census, the clear implication is that such census data collection techniques are actually tools by which an advanced and highly accurate form of individual population mapping is being accomplished on a worldwide scale.
Census taking is envisioned to become a continuous process rather than a deca-annual event: "Therefore, we advocate a paradigm shift from a traditional mapping approach, which is repeated for every census, to a digital census mapping approach, which is an up-to-date and a continuous approach. "


It is still painfully obvious that the military application for GPS tagging is for precision weapon strikes to said coordinates.


Here is some information i found on the Census project.
The article tries to point out that this project is ment to be for global use.
Is this a new system for population count and tracking ?
I guess they don't need your mobile phone any more to lock that hellfire missle onto.

I think most of this "big brother technology" is unstopable, therefore it is most important that people are aware of them and know how they are going to be used on them.
These technologies are beeing implemented almost under the surface of the public awareness and can do much harm in this way when controled by the wrong hands.

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