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The beekeeper's legacy ......

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 02:03 AM
My inheritance was delivered the other day . My grandfather had recently died ,
and his estate was willed to me . He had lived on top of a cliff ,over hanging the
ocean , and his rundown mansion was more like a castle , than a house .
I hadn't seen him since I was a kid , and my memories of him were vague , to say
the least . My parents always told me he was eccentric , a beekeeper by trade ,
and that was all I really knew .
The house , had never been maintained , and it looked ready to fall into the sea.
Like me , he was a real loner , a man of complete mystery to everybody .
I determined to keep the house in his memory,[he had built it single-handed]
and set about assessing the priorities for repair . It was mostly stone , and all of
the masonry was fine . The woodwork however , was in bad shape . The renovation
would be expensive and time consuming .
As I descended the stairs to the cellar ,
I came to a landing ,that had a trap door
in it . This immediately aroused my curiosity , and I spent the next hour exploring
the corridors under it .
As I descended , the darkness gave way to a gentle glow , that illuminated my way.
As i rounded the next corner I was shocked to find before me a large , glowing disc.
A U.F.O ! Granpa ,you sly fox . This was incredible . What a find . I would be famous .
I could sell it ! ... or , maybe not .
I had plenty of money , so that really wasn't an issue . What I had to do now was
find out more .
As I approached , the disc rose from the floor , and a door opened , and a ladder
extended to the floor. Throwing caution to the wind , I climbed inside and had a good
look around. It was only small , about the size of a bedsit inside . There was a bed ,
a futuristic looking arm chair , and not much else . It had a console in front , and
shuttered port holes , with what looked like internal plumbing running in all directions
on the ceiling. The golden glow was coming from everywhere ,yet it didn't seem to have
any interior lights . I made myself comfortable in the arm chair , and it was the most
comfortable chair I had ever sat in . so relaxing ..... I must have fallen asleep , because,
when I woke up , .....

........... to be continued

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 04:51 AM
As I woke up , the disc settled gently to the floor , and the port holes and door opened .
But I wasn't underground , below my grandfather's mansion . The view through the door was
staggering .
I was parked on a golden runway , next to a hundred similar discs , facing what I could only
describe as the garden of Eden . I jumped to the runway , and was met by a small group of
people , who motioned me to follow them . As we moved into the garden , I noticed animals
and insects of every description . Overhead , a massive crystal dome filled my view .
Beyond this , the dark sky was filled with stars , none that I recognised , and more brilliant
than I had ever seen . I pinched myself , to make sure I was awake .
Soon we came to a stream , and standing by it was a man , I instinctively knew was God .
My escorts left me , and God began to speak .
"No , you haven't died ",he began,"this is where all life comes from. Your grandfather
is one of the saints , and now he is at rest , in heaven ". "You have inherited his job , that
means , you now work for me as the beekeeper"!" Your disc is a holy vessel that delivers
my handiwork , to my latest creations ." Return to the disc now and be on your way."

I made my way back , and inside the disc , on the bed , was a dozen bee hives !
Upon making myself comfortable in the armchair , I again fell into a deep sleep.

Next thing I know , I'm awake , and standing next to the disc again on a planet with two
suns in the sky . Golden discs of all sizes , were coming and going , unloading animals ,
plants , insects , even the new inhabitants , of all colours and shapes . The atmosphere
was like a huge happy party . I was in complete awe .
My cargo of bees , was unloaded and I was bid farewell .

Again I relaxed in the armchair . The portholes and door closed , and somehow I dozed off !
When I awoke , I was once more in my grandfather's windowless cavern , the trip was over .!

Over the next fifty years , I made many more trips , each time to a different planet .
Obviously this must remain my closest guarded secret , and my grandson will inherit the same
task .... the beekeepers legacy...

THE END [thankyou for your time]


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