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Ex-Senator and Govenor of Maryland....

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posted on May, 19 2004 @ 06:54 PM
These two are in deep doo doo with some, and being held as kings by others. Why? Well, they both eat at the same McDonalds. They order the same thing every day for years. one day they go in a a new employee is there. They order. Guess what? The employee is a mexican who doesn't know biscut and tea. The cash register has pictures, not names, so the ones who can't read can still know what's what. Yet the person still can't ring up the order. So what happens? The Ex-Senator and Govenor start asking questions. Why doesn't the employee know english? Legal aliens have to know english or not allowed in. So obviously an illegal alien. But, why did McDonalds hire them? Well, McD's didn't hire the mexican, the manager or whatever did.

Now, some are calling these two Hitlers and such, cause they expect people in America to speak American for some strange reason. Be like being called Hitler when in Italy cause you criticize a illegal alien in Italy who only speaks gobbolygook, not italian, the language of Italy.

Others, like me, see them as leaders for the Pro-American Movement. Far to long has not speaking American or being an illegal alien been seen as ok, right, while being an American citizen or speaking American has been seen as wrong and evil. If you are an American and speak American, you are an evil tyrant, bent on keeping down the criminals who speak gobblygook. If you are one of the criminals, aka illegal alien, then you are a poor, down trodden person fighting for your rights. But guess what? If they are not an American citizen, they have no rights. They are criminals, here illegally, making life harder for the Americans. If you have to sit through "Press One for Spanish, Press two for gobblygook, Press three for English" when you call an AMERICAN country, that is wrong. This is God Damn F*CKING AMERICA! WE ARE AMERICANS! WE SPEAK AMERICAN! We are not mexicans, cubans, dutch, whatever, we are one race, we are the American race, we speak one language, different dialects of American, but still American!

Have you ever had problems at a store or restaraunt cause the person was here illegally and spoke no American? Now some may see it as immagrant bashing, others call it Nazism, others call it love for their country! People come here everyday legally, they speak American, maybe not very well, but one can usually understand. My aunt Lee is here legally, been here long enough to get her citizenship. Her American is still not 100%, but one can understand her. Guy who runs the Corner Store is here legally, he is from Ukraine. Guess what? His American is also not 100%, but he can be understood. But these illegal aliens are so easy to spot. They have a job, but speak no American. Wal Mart is one of the biggest ones to do this. Thankfully they just use them as slave labor janitors, so don't have to speak to them, but can still spot out the illegals from the legals. Arab woman, she legal, she works in the electronics dept. Her American is ok. One security guy, also Arab, is here illegally. He doesn't speak a word of American. How I know he here illegally? Just yell "INS! Drop to the floor and show me your card!" I got kicked out, but he fraked, she didn't.

I know it is mean to do such things, but now I want to move to Maryland to support these two men. These two men are great! All Hail AMERICA!


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