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The litmus test of the recent elections.

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posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 08:42 AM
I have been thinking about this. What this means is that Independents are fed up with what the government is doing. Which is NOTHING. They voted in record numbers for change, and instead of change what they got was less than more of the same.

The problem is that the Democrats control both houses, but still haven't produced anything. But the GOP isn't helping the matter at all by being the party of No.

Three things right now are beating the hell out of both parties...

1. Health Care. Frankly, if Democrats don't pass a health care bill this year, in 2010 they will loose a massive amount of seats. This will be because of disillusionment within the party and with Independents. Who if this bill does not pass (with the Government Option) the party will loose seats.

2. The economy. If the economy does not improve significantly within the next 6 months (which means jobs jobs jobs) the Democrats will lose seats. People expected a significant difference from the last 8 years. With a supermajority in the Senate, there is no excuse why real change has not been implemented. I predict that not only will Democrats loose the supermajority, they will nearly loose the majority in the Senate in 2010.

3. Cap & Trade. To me this is a DOA bill. There is no way in hell that special interests are going to let this pass. Even though the concept of this idea is sound the implementation of this bill will be unattainable. There is no way to regulate this, there is no way to measure this, there is no way to enforce this. Cap & Trade is a stupid idea, even though its good for the national debt.

Frankly and honestly the Democrats are cutting their own throats. They haven't been as vocal as they should with the American people, they have been drowned out by the voice of the minority. Being in charge in politics does not mean that you can rest for a second on the success of the election. The last election the American people basically voted against George W. Bush. But people expect results. The Democrats thus far have failed to achieve those results. This will cost them in the next election. They did not win these seats by wide majorities.

Obama needs to take a real good look at these votes. This is a small check of the peoples opinion of the president. These losses are a litmus test of what people think of politics today. The people of this nation are sick and tired of party politics. They are sick and tired of lies. They are sick and tired of partisan politics as usual. They are sick and tired of special interests ruling over the peoples voice.

The GOP is not safe here. This is evident by the election for New York's 23 District, where the Democrat won the election. Instead of being the voice of the people, the GOP have been the voice of No. That is all they have been. The Republican party needs to reassess its position, they need to distance themselves from the far right. The far right has been utterly nutty in the hate they have shown Obama and the Democrats. This only hurts the GOP in the long run with Independents who more often than not vote democrat.

Real conservatives those that really want lower taxes, smaller government, are sick of the GOP's antics. They don't like Rush Limbaugh, they don't like Sarah Palin. They are sick of being used.

Altogether both Democrats and Republicans are loosing support among real voters. Both Democrats and Republicans are being found out for the Shills they really are. Independent voters are gaining strength. People are making up their own minds. This is good for the Republic at large. The two party system is breaking down in this country and the country will be all the better for it.

What the political system needs is real controls. The people don't want special interests involved in our government. The people don't want to be lied to anymore. The people are getting fed up with the system as it is. We don't want to be overruled by lobbyists. Lobbyists have been the backbone of the political system for far too long. They tell our elected officials how to vote and influence them with campaign contributions, they influence them with perks and benefits. My personal opinion on this is that it should be illegal.

Honestly the government should be by the people for the people but it isn't. The political system for far too long has been by the corporation for the corporation. Which is evident by the political commercials we all have seen by lobby groups trying to influence normal Americans to vote the way of the corporation.

If the GOP has learned anything if the Democrats have learned anything it should be from the Tea Parties. I know that the Tea Parties were largely influenced by FOX, but the sentiment of the people were heard.

Both the GOP and the Democrats should learn the lessons in this recent elections. Otherwise I hope the American people learn the lesson and vote all these idiots out of office and vote in independents who will listen to the constituency instead of the special interests. America depends on it.

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 10:13 AM
I figured that this wouldn't gather much interest. That is because it's the truth and not the spin that the bull parties feed y'all.

It's too bad really. Cause both Republicans and Democrats are selling off your country to the special interests. If your too blind to blind to see the truth there is really no hope for the republic.

You want to blame Obama or the Democrats for what is happening in this country, but the reality is that the government is screwing you all over. They give you all the reasons in the world to defy the other party but no one thinks of reality they just believe what ever bull dunk they are fed through the news media tripe trough.

Political parties are screwing you completely over, it's your choice what happens next. Do you hate the Democrat in office? Or do you hate the special interest that is feeding both parties with lies?

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 10:24 AM
Excellent write-up on the state of things, Wuk. As a self-professed conservative with latent constitutional tendancies, I'm sick to death of Rush and Palin both, as well as others of their ilk.

Agree that not all can be laid at President Obama's door. On the other hand, why are some of us acting so suprised at the disparity between campaign promises and reality? Hasn't it always been so?

I too, hoped for change. Certainly it takes some time after an administration change to effect positve changes, however as we approach one year of the POTUS in office, it's high time to see something.

Agree that the core problem, the nexus of sloth is with the political system -- both dominant parties. Voters can be fickle, and some have very little patience.

Well written thread.

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 10:32 AM
The Political Map change... Watch the entire segment. Very interesting.

Rachel Maddow

Truth is, many people didn't vote because Obama's name wasn't on the ballot and many people who made their way out to vote for him for the first time didn't bother to vote.

I think the reason you're not getting many responses is that you make so much sense, it's hard to argue with.

I definitely agree that Obama has to take a look at these votes, but I'm not sure they made the statement that many people would like to believe.

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 10:48 AM
Great post!
Since your post doesn't concern swine flu paranoia, reptilians or FEMA coffins, it will get little attention.
I am also concerned at the lack of Dem will. I think Reid and Pelosi both suck when it comes to controlling the party, and the "blue dogs" have shown themselves to be utterly spineless. And don't get me started on Joe "please pay attention to me" Lieberman!
Obama had better kick some a** soon, health care needs to be passed NOW, do what Bush did, PASS THE AGENDA and to hell with the opposition!
Dems and Obama, you got elected, now DO WHAT YOU PROMISED!

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by argentus

While I agree that the entirety of the problems can't be personally blamed on Obama. After all he did honestly receive a big problem to deal with. The blame game on the previous administration can only go so far.

Fact is this is now Obama's problem. It is his mess to clean up. If he doesn't do anything about this problem within the next six months, he won't get re elected and the people that already have compared him with Carter will be right.

This is just the reality of the game folks, it's nothing personal against Obama, believe me, I have supported Obama up to this point but things need to be addressed. It can't always be the former administrations fault.

Also the Republicans cant themselves just blame Obama, you just can't say no to everything that goes through congress, then blame the president when it doesn't pass. Honestly how long can you shoot someone in the foot and expect him to try and be bipartisan?

The reality of this mess is that the people of this nation are tired of the two party system. They are tired of politicians that say one thing then pander to special interest groups.

They are tired of their voice being unheard. This I believe was the underlying current in the tea party protests. It wasn't a conservative movement. It was a movement of people in this country that are sick and tired of Washington ignoring them in favor of lobby groups. I know FOX news slanted the tea party protests in favor of the right wing. But in all reality it wasn't that, it was the people of the United States protesting that our elected representatives have ignored them.

They continue to do so. No matter how much we write them, no matter how much we call them, no matter how much we Email them, they ignore us for the Lobbyists and special interests that truly control this government.

We need congressional reform. We need people that will promise and deliver when they say that they will not bow to special interests. We need laws against lobbying by huge special interests that influence congressional votes over the constituency that these people were elected to represent.

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by whatukno

We need congressional reform. We need people that will promise and deliver when they say that they will not bow to special interests. We need laws against lobbying by huge special interests that influence congressional votes over the constituency that these people were elected to represent.

You are 100% right! Unfortunatly the fox is guarding the henhouse.
Congress would have to reform itself.
That's about as likely as Wall Street reforming itself.
I think we need a President that through sheer force of will and personality
galvanize public opinion and make this happen.

I was hoping Obama could, maybe not.

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