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Global Resistance fights back

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posted on May, 19 2004 @ 04:37 PM
i donít think we would be in this situation if they hadnít been sticking there noises in were it wasnít meant to be stuck.

cars the westerners claim to freedom. cars the worlds destructive force.

there are some in this world who are on a never ending quest to get rid of people with low iq's. how do i know this because violent crime is on the up rise. why because people that donít have much brain are feeling trapped in a continuously harder to understand environment. some would say o but whatís wrong with creating a world with more intelligent people. for starters everyone in this world should have a right to be plain and simple [as long as they understand the basics of respect and certain disciplines] if thatís what he or she wish. but those people end up on the doll and in poor housing while the rich get richer. think demolition man with Sylvester stallone fighting for the underground leftovers in a world thatís become so tight a**ed you cant fart in public without being fined.

simple liberties are being lost in this world. were as it might be good for us to take heed to simple safety rules it shouldnít be made law, some of us would rather they left that to our own devices.

and medical issues there needs to be something done there because, of corse, its more humane and less costly to keep a terminally ill person alive when they would rather die. there needs to be more understanding on a whole that itís ok to die when your time has come. all i ask for is some morphine so that i donít die in pain if there going to get all arsey over costs then screw them, i would rather die. all this banning smoking.

i ask you what happens in 50 years time when youíre old and still fit and have no pension but for whatever it is that the government will give you. do u think maybe your days will be spent as an old man/woman being brow beaten and looked upon as a waste of space because you didnít save for the future, possibly even being tormented by those that have with an endless commercial of "what will you do next with your pension". i have no way of having a pension. im just not that kind of person. so who the hell are they to try and force me into it and what kind of a world and legacy do they think there be leaving for there children. [old age comes to us all, take a look around doesnít look like much fun for some]

what a joke, the great western industrialized fantastic brilliant world has bought destruction by pollution. its fact [almost].

"admit that the waters around you have grown" bob dylan.

unyet they still argue over oil prices. [i would ban oil. and let you all suffer, including myself]. and to top it all they want to watch us from above with there cctv, keep tags on us possibly even start implanting us with chips genetically coding us keeping dna profiles of us. and why because over the years over there oil and greed they have been in upset and terrorised arab countryís [and others]. we all know that they sold arms to theses countryís supported them even when there were bad leaders in place, then when things donít go there way they turn face. its a no wonder that certain arab countryís feel so much hate for the west. i just cant blame them. if your friend or brother did this to you how would you feel and all this so they could make money and keep us in our cars and warm in our beds, and so that they can control us and enjoy the admiration and power some of us give them and keep them in the comforts they are accustomed to, and were all going to pay for it.

i agree not all politicians are bad. but the good one are few amongst the general populous of government., there are not many that will stand there and give you the truth. thatís why there so many conspiracy theories on this site, thatís why the general populace seem to think all politicians lie [bbc poll. mmmm] European political history. what a joke. but then if your one of them, who is intelligent and has a job they enjoy and is saving for a pension and conforms everyday at work drives the latest model and believes what they tell you, then everything i have just said will mean nothing. they talk of a better way, what better way, take our liberties telling us how we should live our lives, discriminating, and then telling everyone that it doesnít happen. bullying managers and smart mouthed co-workers. i kick arse mate, i want be bullied, but then thatís why i have a cv as long as your leg.

the evidence for all this is in your midst, on this site and others and in books, in the quotes of great men and women, of what they said of there own present the future and of the past. the truth really is out there, but what will you people do with it. [some of you] nothing because your all to happy playing with your computers, all to happey looking forward to that holiday, all to happy with your technical gadgets. so it looks like were set, for the NEW WORLD ORDER.

i was talking to a friend about a post i had read in which someone had said that international intelligence, [lets just say) monitor whatís going on at ats now and again, and whatís more, it is more then probable that several of the members at ats will be international agents and high rankers in society.

my friend said

"i got a message for them. i donít like anything that represses freedom of speech regardless of what people have to say. i donít like anything that takes there liberties from them and discriminates. if you do read this then know this. if at anytime in the future i have to fight for my freedom you better make sure you catch me first. i donít care if you know who i am i got eyes in the back of my f**cking head and believe me, i will unleash an anger and rage upon you that you will not be prepared for. i will unite like minded people, like my friend and i through acts of courage and defiance and will expect like minded people to do the same. i will came at you with a passion a heart and a faith unmatched even by the pope himself. defiance is my middle name when it comes to you lot. i WILL find a way."

he one angry s.o.a.g.

i know i bought up just a few issues here and this is just my opinion, but your opinions and views will be much appreciated.



well its the spirit that counts. it was just a bit of a rant

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