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If you were President...

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posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 10:56 PM
I was in my class today and the teacher posed this question that we had to answer if a few short paragraphs, or however long we deemed neccesary.

The question was this: If you were President, what changes would you make, what might your polices be on domestic and international affairs, and how would you handle the problems in the middle east? (Or Gov't Atrocities, you could choose between the last two.)

I thought very long and hard about answering this, but my answers seemed to come out at their own will.

If I was President (Which I never want to be, nor intend to be), the first thing I would do in America would be to strengthen the economy from the inside starting with the middle class. Decrease dependency on foreign countries and re-open the factories that had provided for our familes for nearly a decade in a half. Not only would this bring thousands of jobs to the country, but it would also bring more independency on the nation... America never should've stopped making our own needs and neccesities anyways... If we wanted to be used - it'd be easy. This is a weak spot for the U.S.

I'd also stick to a 0% Tolerance program when it came to crime. No if's, but's or whines. A crime is a crime no matter how big or small - yes maybe some a less strict punishment - but no crime go unpunished. If it's picking daisy out of a daisy field for fifty years so be it. (I think you get the message)

For Foreign Affairs, I put strengthening relationships with the Middle East leaders and helping them promote a better education with Morality and Ethnics as the spine of the material taught. A problem with the middle east, in my opinion as I've watched videos on terrorist and their ideas that murdering mass amounts of people would some how put them closer to the gates of heaven, is that children from a young age are being taught that violence is acceptable on certain grounds. On NO grounds is violence acceptable, if it's forced upon someone such as fighting to stay free or fighting for their lives then yes its understandable, but fighting and killing in the name of their religion puts innocent lives at stake regardless of what race or religion one belongs to. In my opinion though, no life is more important than someone elses. The man who does my insurance is just a man, and Barack Obama is just a man. Nothing makes one life more important, and I really do believe that children and ADULTS need to be taught this if they don't already know it.

So theres my answer in a nutshell. Now I want to know yours.

If you were President, what changes would you make, what might your polices be on domestic and international affairs, and how would you handle the problems in the middle east? (Or Gov't Atrocities, you can choose between the last two.)

Your welcome to add as much or as little as you like, what I care about is the general view.

I'm curious to see what you would do if you were given the power and money to do it with.
Good Luck

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posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 11:22 PM

I would keep the status quo, really.

I feel serfs and slaves should keep their mouths shut and keep drinking the flouride.

I feel the Mega Corps deserve the money they received by destroying small business.

I feel the workers can move to whatever country they can to find work, be it Mexico or Bangladesh. Because when I institute the One World Government, it will not matter where you live.

I feel their is nothing the peasants can do about it, so you should quit imagining having MY FRACKING JOB.

posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 11:27 PM
All wars ended...military bases overseas packed up and rebuilt at home. Military troops would be responsible for the rebuilding.

All federal employees serving in positions not specifically outlined under the constitution would be given a notice that in 5 years their position will be eliminated.

All federal employees would be reassigned during this 5 year period to growing gardens, and various community projects.

As President I would sue congress, to challenge various laws on a constitutional basis.

All Czar's would be eliminated.

And that's just for starters lol.

posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 11:28 PM


posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 11:32 PM
I'd tell the world who is really in control in a speech and then would probably be assassinated so i wouldn't be able to do anything else.

posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 11:40 PM
I would eliminate all lobbyists and czars.

I would put a 2 term limit on the house of reps and congress.

I would tax corporations for using cheap slave labor in other countries.

I would declare we would go to mars and bulid an asteriod defense by
I would end the violence in afghan and iraq.

I would implement true transparency and make my administrations's motives clear and visible with day by day updates.

I would declassify everything, the Gov. was put in place for the people, not to keep secrets.

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posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 11:48 PM
If I was president.... I would nuke mcdonalds with exploding fat babies from overweight people who blame everyone else for eating too damn much.

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 01:32 AM
This is something that I have given MUCH thought about throughout my life, because I have always planned to become President.

First and Foremost - Create and Implement a plan for the peaceful extraction of US and Allied troops from War Fare (Afghan/Iraq)

2) Create and implement the necessary actions to shut down the FED.

3) Address Healthcare & Education. Americans should have the Rights and Freedoms for both. Right now, both of these are financialy out of reach for most people.

4) Create a 2-4 year temporary ban on Auto Manufacturing in the U.S. and all Foreign Auto Imports. The U.S. motor companies will spend that time recycling the materials from junk vehicles in order to build up strong inventories of the base materials used in manufacturing. Not only will this help lower the cost of future vehicles, it will also open up jobs to help the unemployed and will have a positive impact on our environment.

5) Get rid of Labor Unions and design labor laws and policies that will protect the employer and employee equally.

6) Implement Anti-Fraud processes for the National Voting System.

7) Get rid of the Electoral Votes thus making all voting decisions and outcomes be based on the Popular Vote, which is the will of the people.

8) No more "Special Healthcare" or Outlandish benefits for branches of government. If it's good for the public then it's just as good for the publicly elected.

9) Cutback on Financial Support in Foreign Policy. We will no longer be a bottomless money pit for foreign disaster relief or the sole responsibility of policing the planet. We will encourage International brotherhood amongst all nations regardless of Race or Religion.

10) Encourage relations with Canada and Mexico officials to wotk together with the U.S. on illegal imigration and means to control it. Possibly working together to help clean up the crime and corruption in Mexico in order to help build a strong self supporting infrastructure that would discourage immigrants from leaving their home country and encourage those people into helping work towards a better country.

11) Get rid of the Federal and State Income Tax on citizens. Increase Sales Tax by 1.5 or 2%. Possibly set Nation wide Sales Tax to 10%.

12) Give Americans their Rights and Freedoms back that have been taken away or supressed.

13) Encourage American Companies to bring their Operations back to the U.S. from overseas by offering tax breaks and special incentives.

14) Set up Temporary Housing and Job Assistance for the homeless.

15) Cut all ties to Foreign oil and initiate the uses of American Oil.

16) Implement Prisoners For Peace Program. Whereas, prisoners that have been convicted of Non-Violent Crimes will be removed from prison and enlisted into the U.S. Military ander strict supervision and guidelines.

17) Implement Prisoners For Prosperity Program. Whereas, those who remain in prison and do not qualify for the Peace Program will be put to work in Secure manufacturing facilities to provide a cheap labor option to American Companies returning from overseas. These facilities will operate 24/7/365 on rotating shifts with scheduled days off. A percentage of the wages that the prisoners earn will be transferred to their families or to the families of their victims to help support them.

18) Strict welfare policies. I propose that any individual, male or female, while seeking assistance from the welfare program will undergo mandatory treatment for temporary insertable birth control that will be removed once the welfare recepient is stable and independent enough to leave the welfare system.

19) Work towards realizing the dream of colonizing space by way of the Moon and Mars. Encourage private sectors to push the limits of space travel and technology. Opening up NASA to be the truely public organization that it was meant to be.

Running out of room .. but that is where I would start.

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 01:36 AM
If i was president the first thing i would do is to start a progressive ban all imports from china,japan,india,tiawan and all asian countries.This includes everything from tea towels to cars.I would apply these new laws over a period of 36 months.At the same time within the same 36 months i would start to create jobs in United States making thoses items that had been placed on the ban list.In the first 12 months things may look bad but after that things will look better for the United States.I would pull all troops out of Iraq and aftghanistan return them to the United States.That will save alot of money for the goverment.Cut spending of weapons and ban oil imports from middle east.The United States can use its own oil.Cheaper oil from mexico would be better too.The money saved on weapons and war can be used to deveolpe more clean energy sorces like electric ,gas and solar powered cars.Send all latino ,african and asian people who were not born in the United States and currently living in the United States back to the country they originated from.

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 08:13 PM
Legalize Cannabis. Curb Green House and Save the world. Seeds could feed the hungry. Even fabrics and gas can be made from it... see the world go green and free... imo

P.S: This is also my solution, coming from this thread that was closed for some reason even though more content was involved. (just my opinion)

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by Beefcake
I'd tell the world who is really in control in a speech and then would probably be assassinated so i wouldn't be able to do anything else.

lol Yeah I can imagine that not going over so well...

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 12:30 PM
Well, I'd be shot, but here's my list.

1. Do away with the fed.
2. Break the unions.....they've served their purpose and now only hamstring our businesses while making a select few rich.
3. Bring home all of the troops and close bases world wide....we've been policemen long enough.....handle your own business. No, I don't care about other people, just my country.
4. Redo the entire FCC....get the language, celebrated violence and sex off of t.v. and radio........wonder why some of the kids are as messed up as they are with all of this exposure to it?
5. Get the hell out of private business.....can't make it, you sink, happens all the time to small business.
6. Restrict must pass a drug test to qualify, no more kids born while under the program, you will get a job.
7. Repeal hate crime special treatment for anyone.
8. Enforce our laws concerning immigrants....ship em out if they are not here legally, I don't care if their kids are in school or not, bye bye, get caught a second time 25 years prison, you will serve the whole term.
9. Cut off unding to any and all questionable organizations....Acorn, Cair etc.
10. Disband the Aclu.......not needed and costs a whole lot of money in awards......see above hate crimes.
11. Make english the official language, you live here, and need to conduct business here, learn the language.
12. All racist organizations....Naacp, kkk, black caucus....done, you make money off of people by furthering a problem that could have gone away if not brought to the fore front daily. Go be productive in the private sector without making money off of supposed injustices.
13. Institute a larger tax on imorts.....30%. There was a time that built in America stood for something, needs to happen again.
14. Two year term limit on all elected officials except the Potus.
15. Two year limit on Supreme court judges.......making a career out of writing law instead of interputting it just isn't the way to go.
16. No child left behind ends today....between it and the teachers union with help from certain organizations, is it really any wonder Johnny can't read? If you can't make the grade you fail....hey, just like real life.
17. Get the hell out of the UN.
18. End the war on drugs....just too expensive all of the way around, instead institute meaningfull punishments with long sentences that have to be served in full.
19. Two years manditory military service for everyone between 18 and 20. Learn how to be an adult, and some respect for one another. You can go to college after your term, with continued learning during, if nothing else you will have learned a trade.
21. Sue to repeal any un constitutional laws that have been put on the books at any point in our history.
22. Stupid pork programs gone.....if it isn't specifically covered you don't get the money.
23. Flat tax......shoulda happened along time ago.
24. One chance at amnesty for back taxes, too many people ruined by mistakes, 1 chance at forgiveness.
25. Get rid of the ellectoral college....popular vote should be the only outcome.
26. Require an I.D. as well as tax reciept before being allowed to vote, sitting on your ass at home without ever contributing to this great country, as well as living off of it, wouldn't count.
27. Call in all outstanding debt owed the U.S. until repaid, no help in the fututre.
28. Actually enforce campaign laws through an outside office, no more gift cards donated anonymously from over seas.
29. Czars gone, every last one of them, those elected to office were elected to do a job, not appoint others not answerable to those that elected them.
30. True transperency, if it does not involve national security, everything bill wise should be available to the public 2 weeks before voting. No more closed door late night sessions.
31. Enfoce the sedition laws we have the MSM is a farce, a few put to death now may solve this issue in the future. to be continued

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 12:33 PM
I say just go on holiday and let it run itself, lol.

What i would really do, is tell people right on live tv, that the president does not run anything, but a council behind the scenes does, and democracy is a con, and your all serfs for being conned all this time.

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 12:37 PM
32. Expell all extremeists from this country, if you are here for no good, bye bye, and you're not taking anything with ya, but your family.
33. Frivolous lawsuits by people wanting to be "special" go away, and you get to pay the legal bills.
34. Leave health care alone....and get the hell out of the drug companies pockets, period.
35. Lobbyists banned from capital hill, period.
36. Veterans treated better than they are now, no excuse for the treatment that our finest recieve, benefits only apply to those serving in combat, injured during active duty or those serving at least 2 terms.
37. If we ever went to war again, it would not be with the media and with our hands tied behind our backs, ruthless overwhelming force would be applied, the end achieved quickly along with a siezure of said countries assets until we were payed back for our expenditure.
38. I have many others, but this should be enough to give you an idea of where I'm coming from. IMHO the world was a much better place before and we can get there again.

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