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Challenging the Past - The Pleistocene Coalition

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posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 08:31 AM
Hello ATS Folks,

The Pleistocene Coalition is a coalition of professional archaeologists, scientists, rock art specialists and researchers whose purpose is to utilise the internet to challenge the mainstream religio/political agenda and loosen its grip on what the public is allowed to hear about humankind's true history.

The founder of the Pleistocene Coalition is John Feliks, whose paper Phi in the Acheulian sparked considerable controversy. The other founder members of The Pleistocene Coalition include the renowned archaeologist, Virginia Steen-McIntyre, who has been up against the establishment for most of her working life over the archaeological discoveries at Valsequillo in Mexico. Sam VanLandingham, one of the world's leading diatomists is another founder member, along with Chris Hardaker, the author of The First Americans, and James B. Harrod.

Here is Issue 1 of The Pleistocene Coalition's Monthly Newsletter.

Enjoy and let the battle commence.

Best wishes,

Scott Creighton

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 12:57 PM
Challenging the Past - The Pleistocene Coalition

Dear ATS Folks,

Here is ISSUE #2 of The Pleistocene Coalition's monthly newsletter (PDF).

This month's contributions include:

- Diversity not Dar-wisnism contd. Jörn Greve and Gerhard Neuhäuser

- A Case of the ‟Limited Hangout‟. David Campbell

- In Their Own Words. Virginia Steen-McIntyre

- Mystery of the Dorenberg Skull. Patrick Lyons

- Bilzingsleben. Beth McCormack

- Does Symbolism Represent Pro-gress? Jörn Greve and Lutz Fiedler

- The Mind in the Cave. Ishtar

- Debate: In Plain Sight. Peter Faris.

Some very interesting alternative views relating to our history and origins in the above articles. Enjoy.


Scott Creighton

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 03:21 PM
It actually sounds like a really awesome group of people to chat with.

I wonder if this is the type of work I should be doing. Being I studied history in length and I challenge mainstream theology on most matters.

A lot of the names I see mentioned are actually really credible people from what I have seen, and their conclusions are very succinct.

I need to follow your links.

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