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Cattle Mutilations

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posted on May, 19 2004 @ 12:56 PM
In 1997 I got to have first hand experience with an unexplained cattle mutilation and some parts of the initial investigation as well.

My uncle owns a farm in Vance, Alabama, a small town about 20 mins from Tuscaloosa (University of Alabama.) He owned at the time about 20 to 30 head of cattle which he would raise for a few years and eventually sell as beef. In late August around 7AM to 8AM in the morning he went to the pasture nearest to his house and found one adult cow dead with a large circular wound on its left side, just slightly behind its left front leg. The wound was approximately 1 ft in diameter at the "entry point" but growing smaller farther down, passing through several bones and layers of muscle to almost the other side of the cow. Here's some strange facts about it:

  1. The other cows were still laying around the dead one. Cattle are easily frightened and if anything larger than a dog had approached them they would have ran off.
  2. Geographically, there would not be any carnivores (wolves, coyotes, etc) in the area.
  3. No sounds, lights, disturbances of any kind were noticed by my aunt & uncle.
  4. The area around the wound looked and smelled burnt.
  5. There was no blood on the ground around the cow nor was there a large amount of blood left in the cow at all.

Naturally shocked by this, my uncle first called the local police and my father. My father and I arrived at the same time as the police, who were just as dumbfounded as we were by the scene. The police officer radioed his supervisor to come out, and once he did the supervisor remarked that it appeared that the cow had been "shot by something" however no shell casings or other projectiles could be found. At the point it was decided by the police that experts should be notified so a veternary doctor at Auburn University (over 2.5 hours away) was called in to examine the cow. The police instructed us to call them if anything else happened and we spend the waiting time searching the surrounding area, checking the other cattle and taking photos of the cow.

The doctor eventually arrived but he was unable to explain what had happened either. He did note the appearance of burn marks and stated fairly unequivocally that no animal in the area would have been able to physically do that much damage or to do so without being heard or seen. After finishing the exam, the doctor loaded the body onto his truck and took it back to the university to examine it further.

Needless to say we never heard from the doctor again. I was familiar with stories of cattle mutilation by UFOs, Chupacabras, Black Helicopters and the like at the time and it was an unforgettable experience to actually see it happen. No Men in Black, no government agents, no one told us never to talk about it again, no one confiscated the photographs. I hope some of you find this interesting and I would really like to hear some of your experiences, directly or indirectly with the topic of cattle mutilations.

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 01:46 PM

I wonder why you didn't hear from the vet after he came?

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 02:44 PM
The area around the wound looked and smelled burnt

it is possible the lightning struck the cow !
since the animal is with separated 4 points groundcontacted it can be that due to the enormous difference of the electric charge the lightning bolt
split the cow's skin on entrance and left a burned smelly wound on exit !

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 02:51 PM
here is a few links about Cattle Mutilations;

The term "mutilations" is used by UFO devotees to describe animal corpses with "unusual" or "inexplicable" features. What counts as "unusual" or "inexplicable" is just about any cut, mark, wound, excision, incision, swelling, distention, abrasion, contusion, scrape, bruise, or organ or blood absence. These "mutilations," we are told, are being done by bad aliens. No one has shown either that there are thousands of inexplicable animal deaths around the globe or that, if there are, they are related, much less that they are the result of alien experimentation. These facts, however, are no deterrent to those who are sure we are not alone. To them, these visitors from other worlds are not only responsible for the deaths and mutilations of thousands of cattle, horses, cats, and other domestic animals around the globe, they are also responsible for numerous human abductions for the purpose of experimental and reproductive surgery. Furthermore, some of these aliens are destroying crops around the globe in an effort to impress us with their artistic abilities or to communicate to us in strange symbols just how much they like our planet's cattle.


Cattle Mutilation Phenomena refers to thousands of cases in North America where cattle have been found mutilated under abnormal circumstances. The cows are found dead (although the cause of death is undetermined), exsanguinated (all their blood has been removed), and have had certain organs surgically removed from their bodies. Often their reproductive and rectal organs have been removed.

Abnormally high radiation levels have been detected near the dead animals when they are found, and scavengers will not touch the carcass. There are no footprints leading to or from the cows. There is evidence (clamp marks on the animals' legs) that the cattle were taken from their habitats and mutilated elsewhere. Sightings of UFOs and strange, unmarked, black helicopters coincide with most cattle mutilation cases.

The phenomena began in the Fall of 1973, when farmers in Minnesota and Kansas reported mutilated cattle. The circumstances surrounding the deaths were different then anything the local police had ever investigated. At this time, the blame for the mutilations was placed on Satanic cults. Soon, reports of cattle mutilations spread throughout the Midwest United States and even into Canada. Paranoia and speculation about the deaths ran rampant. By the late 1970s, four main theories about the mutilation cases had emerged:


el_topo, i think that you should compare your story to other on the internet so you can compare the similarities of this event. It may be satanic rituals or might be something unexplained.

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 03:11 PM
Thanks for the links infinate, good info on there. I did find it was odd that the examples in the 2nd link were all from another AL town. Most of you may be aware but Fyffe, Alabama annually has more UFO reports than the majority of the USA, often hundreds a year that are reported to authorities. The pictures did look similar to what we saw.

Possibility of lightning: It would be possible due to the nature of the wound, but it was not raining or overcast the night before and a lightning strike that close to the house would have definately made a sound loud enough to wake anyone up. Additionally, cows sleep on their stomachs with their legs underneath them, not on their sides, so the bolt would have needed to turn before hitting the ground. Since the wound was straight on (not at an angle) we rule this out as unlikely, but still a possibility.

Satanic ritual: While it would explain "why" this would of occured, it doesn't really fit the "how." Cows are docile but very strong animals, it would have taken multiple people to do that to the animal. Also, anything like that taking place would have disturbed the other cows enough to either make noise or run away. While they aren't incredibly smart animals, cows are very good at assessing threats and none of the cows viewed whatever happened as enough of the threat to get more than 20 feet away.

It never happened again and is the only reported incident in his neck of the woods. From time to time in Alabama you do see a blurb about cattle mutilations on the news or in the paper.

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 05:07 PM

Originally posted by infinite
It may be satanic rituals or might be something unexplained.

Quite a few animal mutilations go far beyond what any self-styled "satanist" would be capable of doing. Most of those supposed "satanists" wouldn't have high powered surgical lasers handy.

This tends to be the easiest and worst explanation.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 09:43 PM
Just found this posted on some blog in 2009, its the only reference to a classic cattle mutilation before 1973, and it happens to be around the Dulce area.

I grew up in a small town in northern NM, 100+ miles south of Trinidad CO... we had one of those mutilations, in like 1972, freaked out the entire town. Same exact cirmcumstances, out on a ranch 35 miles from blood, no tracks but sexual organs gone but not cut out kinda thing. hell my mom wouldnt even let me ride my bike after 5 o'clock

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 586029
United States
3/23/2009 8:19 PM

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