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orang - Are you serious?

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posted on May, 18 2004 @ 05:20 PM
So, the people who actually placed the bombs didn't kill our troops, Bush did.

For one thing, Bush declared an end to the major combat against Iraq's Army as it stood. Saddam was gone, so the old government was gone,

Now the terrorists, (this is proven) from Al-Quida and the likes of them are the ones blowing stuff up.

The media really has you believing things are going really bad out there. Figure this one, we have 135,000 troops over there, why don't we hear about what those troops are doing?

Its because they are making progress. How come of all those troops over their, actually outstanding HUMAN BEINGS is a better phrase, this is nothing compared to Vietnam. These Soldiers of America, have freed a nation.

What have you done, sit there and complain because half of America and a President were willing to stand up against a tyrant.

Millions of people and probably you too, watched the Lord of the Rings. We all took that fantasy in, Good versus Evil, but when the real battle happens, we see who the real heroes are. Shame they don't have more support.

If they think we are not supporting what they are doing, then they will believe in their goals less, resulting in unfocused soldiers and death and suicide.
Do the Iraqi people and our troops a favor and support a free Iraq, and support what is actually going on right now, (The War on Terror). The Iraq war is over.

I wish you the best man, but please calm down a bit. Although I am conservative, I have my questions too, but this stuff you put out here is just ridiculous.

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 05:34 PM
I'm closing this thread.
This could have been posted in a related orang thread/topic or by u2u.

Any questions, u2u me or staff, or file a complaint.

Thread Closed



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