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Comet is comming, read this...

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posted on Feb, 20 2003 @ 09:41 PM

Well, what a 23hrs. it has been folks.
Where would we all be without NZdooode. Thanks dude!

He was on to me within a few hours of godunlikeproductions being pulled.
I knew from the moment it happened, why it happened. Here's the incredible and highly informative story of exactly waht happened.

Well, somebody sure pushed the Code Orange panic button when the screwed up image was found at:
The gulufuture copy is at:

I had been already glued to the previous webboard for over 24hrs. and was saving material as I went along. I nearly fell of my Internet seat when the composite image overlay GIF was posted at:

I grabbed it immediately. Within around 45mins or so, Godunlike had been pulled and I knew the s**t had hit the fan.

I spent the next ten hours writing up the whole story to get it out quick in case they wanted to bury it forever. And coordinating with NZdooode. Around 16:30GMT I had it all ready to fly. No way was I going to just post it to my own site alone. Too easy to block me out as well. So I had about five windows open and two email clients opened. Just then NZDoooode came back with the new forum details and we were ready to fly.

In one fell swoop I uploaded to my own GuluFuture site; posted the whole deal on RMNews forum; posted it to Cloak and dagger at:

Also I had prepared two mirror sites so I popped it up onto them at the same time; and pushed the button on a pop mailout to key individuals and a duplicate of same by email HTML client. Along with the details of the new forum.

There was now way to stop all that. No way. I took a break to eat.

You will never guess what happened. They took off both Rumormill and Cloak and Dagger within the hour. Both are high profile & high traffic sites. Somebody had hit the Code Red panic button this time. Now I hear that even was down. (I got into some hot water on RMN recently for getting in an argument with Jeff Rense over the Maariv photo of Columbia [NASA again folks])

They never hit my own sites -remember I had two mirrors set up.
But there was no way they were letting the forum regroup to do even more damage before they had figured out where things stood. Or if there was even worse coming down the pike.

So within a few hours they started hacking the forum here. Didn't look good at that stage. But NZdoode kept plugging away and managed to beat off the hackers.

Well then I guess they figured they had the measure of the problem by then, so next thing you know, is back; RMN is back with no mention of offline time -which they usually do; and Godunlike is back with a neat message explaining they lost their net connection for a while. Of those three are just one of those wierd coincidences.

Cloak & Dagger is still off as I write, and they are trying to figure what happened at the moment.

I just recorded and analysed the great work done by others to uncover all this. Take a bow folks. This is strike three for me. Strike two was the Columbia "accident." And as some of you know, I was all over the 9/11 issue as you can see on and our site:

All of these featured a lot of disinfo but none had panic buttons being pushed like we have seen today. It's a good day for free thought and speech. Smells like some kind of freedom coming.

Fintan Dunne
21 Feb. 2003 1:52GMT


Following a close approach by comet NEAT to the sun in the early hours of 18th February, 2003 satellite web images were interrupted from the SOHO satellite by NASA. Up to 7 hours of data were missing. A webboard containing hundreds of posts discussing these issues called (associated with went offline early on 20 Feb, 2003 --shortly after members discovered evidence that NASA was faking images subsequent to the close pass.

Website operated by Fintan Dunne, an online investigative journalist ( & was following these events closely and was accumulating the evidence being gathered on the discussion board. Among the evidence is a collection of screen captures of the false images, and standard solar wind, electron and magnetic 7 day charts which show a marked spike in the graphs coincident with the gaps in NASA data.

After the discussion webboard went offline, GuluFuture prepared a special report at:
and announced details of this and links to the appropriate GuluFuture webpages at two popular websites in the US & Canada. Also posted was a link to a new NZ discussion forum where members of the previous discussion could regroup. The two websites where this announcement was made were:

Both of these websites also went offline within an hour of the announcements being posted.

GuluFuture Comet coverage at:
Direct URL
New Comet Discussion Forum

Original Forum

posted on Feb, 21 2003 @ 03:16 AM
i dont really know anything about comets and space and i am too lazy to try and keep reading it, untill i understand what it means, so in basic terms what does this mean is an asteroid/comit coming to hit us?

there would only be two reasons to cover up a passing object in space as far as i am aware 1 is life on the passing object or the object posses a serious threat to the planet, other than that i dont see a valid reason for doctoring images and coving it up, so if you may please enlighten me as to what this all means...

[Edited on 21-2-2003 by The Blade Runner]

posted on Feb, 21 2003 @ 01:44 PM
In another thread, someone provided a link to a news article that said NASA would *not* publicly reveal any knowledge of an asteriod on an impact-course with Earth. (Think of this next statement as being said with a sarcastic tone of voice) They wouldn't want to cause a panic.

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