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Razor's Edge: You had it all the time

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 07:28 PM

PS.: Ironically, the YouTube uploader that edited the video and added the last seconds THAT TOTALY CONTRADICT the message of the whole clip.

In the film Razor's Edge, Bill Murray portrays a spiritual seeker on the journey to enlightenment. Larry is a voracious reader who is pulled away from his studies to weather the horrors of World War I. In the aftermath of his painful experience he makes a pilgrimage to India to find answers to his burning questions.
Larry makes his way to a temple near the top of the Himilayas, where he meets a wise guru. "I want to know the secret to life," he tells the master.

"Do you see that hut at the top of the mountain?" asks the sage. Larry's eyes scan the snow covered peak, where he spies a tiny lean-to near the summit.

"Take your books up there and stay until you find your answer."
Excitedly Larry gathers his volumes and hikes up to the flimsy shelter, where he builds a campfire. Eagerly he opens his books to find the answer he fervently seeks. This is the moment he has been waiting for!
Larry reads for days, then weeks. In each succeeding scene he looks colder and more fustrated; the stubble on his cheeks grows into a beard. Despite his intense efforts, Larry is no closer to enlightenment; to the contrary, he looks more dispirited than ever.

Larry is freezing. Snow is falling, bone-chilling winds howl, and tiny icicles cling to his moustache. If he doesn't do something soon, his quest for enlightenment will be carried over to another lifetime.

The fire dwindles and there is no more wood. Then Larry's eyes wander from the book in his hands to the fire, and back. Suddenly his face glows with spark of real understanding. Larry tears a few pages out of the book into the campfire. As the flame rises, Larry delights in the warmth, and an impish smile spreads over his face. Boldly he stands, rips out more leaves, and flings them into the inferno. His smile grows to a giggle and then a howling laughter. Victoriously he takes the entire volume and hurls it into the fire. Larry gathers the rest of his books and transforms them into fuel for warmth. From a distance we see a silhouette of Larry standing at the top of the darkened mountain, enfolded by a bright orange glow.

The next morning Larry marches triumphantly down the mountain to the base camp. He is happy. Larry has found his answer, and it was not in a book. His answer was to live; to do whatever was required to make life fulfilling and joyful in the moment. Enlightenment was not found by escaping into words or suffering in the cold. The answer was not somewhere out there. It was right where he was. He had it all the time.

-Alan Cohen

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 08:09 PM
Razor's Edge, definitely the best movie ever...

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 08:32 PM
Better than that it explains why such enlightenment is perfectly useless and not much to talk about. There isn't anything to bother with. I agree partially about "Tune in, unlock, attain" being totally contractory to the message. You are free to bother with that on the other side or just stay there and freeze on the mountaintop, whatever it is that you consider to be "living" after you wasted your time seeking nothing.

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