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Ruby and Oswald

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posted on May, 18 2004 @ 11:45 AM
I am researching the possibility of a prior relationship between Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby, his killer.

On the day he shot Oswald, Jack Ruby gained entry to the Dallas Co. Jail by presenting himself as a member of the press. According to the findings of the Warren Commission, Ruby had presented a press pass from the Newspaper “The Jerusalem Post.” That English-only newspaper is generally believed to be a ‘pipe-organ’ for the CIA.

I no longer have access to the Warren Commission’s reports. I’m looking for pictures of the pass in question. I have searched in google, but don't find any direct references or pics of this document

Was it a forgery? Or was it authentic?

If it was authentic, it could provide an important tie to between Ruby and the CIA.

Any opinions on the press pass, or other links between Ruby and the CIA?

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 10:27 AM
To my knowledge, no such pass has been released to the public. In fact, the entire incident remains clouded. Eva Grant's comment that she saw Ruby with some sort of press pass has fueled many theories. Some have said he had a press card on his car from the Daily Worker, a communist publication. Others suggest the Jewish mobster had one issued from the Jerusalem Post.

According to investigators, Ruby did not have any press passes on his person when apprehended, and he told the FBI he did not have any sort of press card or other identification on the outside of his coat, nor did he show any identification to gain entry to the basement. Furthermore, no discarded press badges were found within the basement. And no such passes can be seen on Ruby from the video of him shooting Oswald.

Ruby would not shed light on the matter of how he gained access to the police basement, except to say he did not want to get any officers in trouble. You can read more about the interviews here:

I think it is clear that Ruby had to have assistance from Dallas police officers to gain access to the protected basement. And even if they did not let him in, he knew many police, who frequently visited his club and have testified to knowing him well. It would have been unlikely that he was not noticed.

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 02:44 PM
I found a small portion of a reprint of some of the Warren Comission's interviews on the subject. Fool that I am, I failed to bookmark it. There was a claim that he had come down the ramp when the armored car arrived to take Oswald from the jail, but there was contradictory testimony given by practically everyone, that a person coming in that way would have been seen by the driver, as well as police on duty across the street and within the sally port of the jail.

So then, is it your opinion that there never was a press pass, and that Ruby was merely covering for his friends in the dept?

I guess I find that idea difficult as well. Even if one friendly officer got Ruby in the back door, there are still checkpoints around any high profile prisoner, especially during transport.

I'd expect the dept. to have a logbook of all visitors (including press) to the jail. Anything in that direction?

(thanks for your time and input, by the way!)

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 02:54 PM
I don't believe he was wearing a press pass at the time, but may have had a press card on his car, as some have suggested. This would allow him into the press parking area across the street. Even if one officer let him in, others would have recognized him. Most of the police interviewed admitted to knowing Ruby well. You can see Ruby in some of the video where the press are walking the police department halls, questioning police. Ruby is holding a pen and pad, and even corrects the police commisioner on one of his statments. The police knew he was very interested in Oswald from the begining.

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