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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 04:40 PM
(Please bear with me, as I am sort of typing this in the manner I came to my possible conclusions)

-GDR never ended
Officially the GDR is said to have ended 1989/90. But actually that never happened. What really happened was that the five member states of the GDR (Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, and Thüringen) and half of Berlin seceded from the GDR, and joined the FRG in what has become known as the 'Anschluss'. Interestingly enough the GDR might live on at Ernst Thaelmann Island, off the coast of Cuba which was apparently forgotten.
GDR Defence Force

These events allowed the FRG to continue, now being referred to as 'Germany', albeit not oficially having been reinstated.
If the correct process would have been applied, then we would now have a free German Empire (Deutsches Reich) that could then be renamed (if they so pleased) and run by the people.

The result of this is that 'Germany' has no constitution!
It is still bound to the 'Grundgesetz der BRD' (Basic Law for the FRG)!
There is a major difference between a Grundgesetz, and a Verfassung (Constitution).
That being that a constitution is created by the people for themselves, and that a 'Basic Law' is forced upon the people from the outside (occupying forces), and is only supposed to be a temporary solution. See Article 146 of the german basic law.

It is my opinion, that a true german unification would have not been acceptable for the people behind the drive for european unification and their FRG politician lackeys. So the 'Anschluss' was a perfect excuse to continue running Germany as a defeated country under the guidance of the allied-victors.

Before the fall of the iron curtain the political talk excluded a re-unification of the Germanies to the day of the fall. Then a whole bunch of courageous GDR people simply walked around the barriers (through CSSR, Hungary, Austria, and into the FRG), demonstrating the futility of the separation. Practically over-night the politicians views changed. All of a sudden re-unification was plausible. Of course we know they pulled a little stunt, and deprived the german people of true unification.

-Russian predicts secession of states
The russian Professor Igor Panarin has been predicting that the USA will disintegrate by 2010.

I don't really have to elaborate on this point. There's been plenty of posts on this one!

As also described in numerous posts on this site, the concept of a Nort American Union has been pushed by both Dubjah Bush, and Obama. The NAU would effectively unite Canada, USA, and Mexico under a new Constitution. Who is to say it will be written in such a decent manner as our current one?

You might be able to guess, at this point, what I am trying to get at.
Then again, you might be asking yourselves wth Germany has got to do with US?

Right now we have our States and federal government. United under the U.S. Constitution.
Our politicians seem to be ignoring any provisions of State- and Individual-Sovreignty, and foster anything un-constitutional they can get away with. This is creating a climate that may well lead to violence and unrest.
Which can then be used against us. The many possible results have already been discussed on these boards.
The general trend seems to be that we will either fall behind a unified government (=Dictatorship), or revolt and try to claim our rights.

-continued below-

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 04:41 PM
-continued from above-

There seems to be a push for secession in many states. At first I thought that would be a wonderful way to show the federal government where they can shove it. However, after some pondering I had to think of the GDR.
If we allow our states to secede, then who ist to say, that they won't be re-united under a new union, the NAU?
Effectively removing our Constitution. Leaving us wide open to the nefarious plans of the NWO.

There is some truth to the old saying 'united we stand, divided we fall'.
By seceding we might give corrupt polititians the needed leverage.
They might be able to pull a similar stunt like they did in Germany in '89/90. Think of it in reverse.

My suggestion is, that we need to combat the root of the problem. Secession is not part of that.
The root is clearly that our own government fails to adhere to a simple binding document.
We, the people need to enforce our rights. Disregard any un-constitutional laws.
All the traitors need to be rounded up, and prosecuted. (there's a provision for that)
Then we need to re-form our government in a way that would make our founding fathers cry! (tears of joy)

-edited for spelling, then for boldness

[edit on 2009.10.20 by Carlthulhu]

Here's another lesson we can learn from the Germans:

The 'end' of the GDR was not brought about by politicians. It was the grass-roots, the people willing to brave the long march around the barriers.
Too bad they didn't follow through, and let themselves be lured into an unfinished unification. We must not allow ourselves to be treated the same deal.
Back to the basics outlined in the U.S. Constitution should do the trick. Nothing else!

[edit on 2009.10.20 by Carlthulhu]

posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 07:59 AM
we stand united. E Plurabus Unum.
we need to share, love and it appears we must also fight. for the right to be free... notice I didnt say Remain Free.. cuz, we never were... the lie is just coming unraveled that forces us to defend what is ours.


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