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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 03:19 PM
So, you want to hear a story about a monster do you ? I'd be very careful about
wishing for something like that. You must be crazier than an outhouse rat, really
. . . "out there" aren't you ? Nothing scares you does it ? Well okay then, let me
tell you what happened to me and then maybe you'll think twice.

You see, I was walking home from a secret bomb-making class we had just had at
my budddy's house, and I was on a reckless high you know, wanting to blow some-
thing to hell and back, when it began to rain as hard as I've ever seen it rain. The
rain seemed to heighten my senses even more, and I ran to the top of the nearest
hill and shouted "Screw you, Feds, you're going down. You're going down !" I bet
you can tell I don't much care for the government and their bureaucratic BS can't
you? The cold rain pelted my face so hard I thought I might start bleeding but I
kept on screaming at the top of my lungs, "Screw you big government, and screw
you too big corporations, you're all going down, do you hear me? You're all going
down! "

I was soaked to the bone, and freezing when the lightning hit me square on the
head and knocked me backwards some twenty feet. Knocked me unconscious
as well.

I woke up some time later, on my back in a deepening mud puddle that surrounded
me completely. My head felt like a raging fire had taken over inside and I had all
I could do to sit up . . . and puke! I must have puked for twenty minutes, expelling
anything and everything from my body in a bizarre cleansing ritual. Ten minutes
more went by before I managed to pull myself up to a standing position and survey
the damages. My hands and arms were charred black, but I could move them. My
hair was burned and still gave off little wisps of smoke, but most of my hair was
still there! My legs and feet were shaky, but okay. My socks were soaked. And my
damn shoes, my new shoes, were gone! I couldn't see them anywhere! Just gone!

Once again I headed for home. Slow but steady. As I sloshed through the water
I began to remember what had just happened to me. The bomb-making class, the
rain, the lightning, the . . . hurt. Man, I was one lucky SOB !

At home it took me three hours to clean myself up. I had a case of the shakes, and
was trying like hell to get it under control when the telephone rang, scaring the
bejesus right out of me ! I leaned over and picked the receiver up. "Hello, is this
Mr. Jones ?" . . . . I replied, "Yes, this is Mr. Jones, what can I do for you?"

"Ah, Mr. Jones, do you know that your account with Guns & Ammo is more than two
months behind in payments?"

"Yes, I'm aware of that, but I've had some . ."

"Mr. Jones, I'm sorry to inform you that your account has been closed. Any further
business between us will be conducted through our attorney. We have also been
in touch with your bank and any and all moneies realized from our "partnership"
with you has been frozen."

"But I . ."

"Good day Mr. Jones."

"Wait, sir . . can I ask your name please ? For the record ?"

"Well yes, it's Mr. Tewsbury, John Tewsbury."

"Mr. Tewsbury, answer me a question, can you feel this ?"

On the other end of the phone John Tewsbury dropped the receiver and grabbed
his head with both hands. Searing pain streaked through his skull. Blood seeped
from both ears, and now also both eyes and his nose. He fell out of his chair onto
the floor, trying hard to summon help, but was only able to cough out more blood.
He was dead in sixty seconds.

I kind of liked the feeling it gave me . . . and hearing him scream on the other end
of the phone. The pompous ass ! Same old same old. An uncaring, rude twit.

My eyes hurt now so I've put on some sunglasses. Guess I was seeing nothing but
red there for awhile. Ah . . . .

I wonder if that lightning bolt did anything to me. I feel . . up to it . . able . . more
than able . . . powerful.

( More to come in Part II )

posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 05:05 PM

I've been very busy lately. I'm getting more done with less effort. The
bomb-making class at my buddy Allen's house has been officially cancelled
now that I've shown them what I can do.

Two weeks ago it was an office in Waco, Texas. The local branch of the
FBI. Yeah, the frigging FBI, if you can believe it ! Seems it just exploded
into flames. Seventeen seasoned investigators and ten trainees burned to
crispy critters ! No leads on who or what . . . .

Last week, after our secret meeting, an explosion at CIA headquarters in
Virginia. Three dead and fourteen critically injured.

Two days ago the local post office burned to the ground. (Very bad service
. . . pissed me off).

This . . this power I now have . . it's a little heady. Seems if I get angry,
and picture things in my mind . . then the pictures . . well, they actually
happen !

Yesterday I was listening to the radio and drinking a beer and ACDC came
on . . . "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap". After singing along with the radio,
I got this brilliant flash of an idea . . . maybe I could "hire" myself out to
groups opposed to this elitist government ! You know, as a terminator of
sorts. Get paid under the table . . . paid well . . . for my new talent. It's
something to think about, that's for sure. And I could use the money !


There's something wrong. I'm having a lot of trouble trying to stay in a
good mood. Seems I feel physically better when I'm mad and angry.
Today I went grocery shopping, and yeah I was a little ticked off at the
lack of decent produce, and . . maybe I "thought" the melons were too
small . . . but I swear I didn't make them explode ! But they did . . . all of
them . . as I walked by. What a frigging mess !

I also noticed today that people aren't making eye contact with me any
more. Not that they could see my eyes through these dark sunglasses anyway . . but it's just the point, you know? Weird !
My eyes hurt all of the time nowadays. The "whites" of my eyes have
turned a permanent blood red. Therefore, the sunglasses. But still, more
and more people don't look at me . . . why is that ? Do they know ?

( More to come in PART III )

posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 11:27 AM

I follow the news, so it only seems fitting that "accidents" have happened
at some of the better known corporations across the country. Company
executives no longer take my calls, and for good reason I suppose, . .
because the word has probably gotten around that exploding brains makes
quite a mess on an individual's desk. I hope they're getting the picture !
Why should these non-producing SOB's get raises and bonuses when the
rest of the country is in a frigging recession ? Why do they continue to
exploit the masses ?


My eyes hurt all of the time now. Light makes it worse.


My personal life is becoming almost non-existent. My friends act like
they're scared of me, even though I'm doing everything they ask me to
do. I've terminated alot of their enemies for them, yet they show no
My landlord has bought the farm . . good riddance. I could not afford
another rent increase anyway. And I told him so. Maybe I talked too loud.
My dog, Jimbo, who I've had for years, has died. I did not wish him dead.
I just got a little upset with him because he wouldn't stop barking at the
neighbor's cat. Next thing I know, he's stiff as a board. Poor thing, I really
liked him. The neighbor's cat is now also dead. The cause of it all.


My eyes bleed regularly now. They're so painful I can hardly stand it.


I'm afraid to go to the doctor's. I know what they'll do. I'll be committed
somewhere and tested like a lab rat. My secret will get out because I'll kill
every god damn one of them that tries to hold me prisoner. I have to
remain free.

PART IV is coming.

[edit on 22-10-2009 by SIEGE]

posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 01:06 PM

So now you've heard my story, told in the first person, second person, and
third person. Told to you, face-to-face. Still looking for a freaking
monster are you ? I thought you wanted a story about a scary monster !
Don't I qualify ? Aren't I scary enough for you . . you lily-livered little
slug ? How would you like to feel your head explode into a thousand
bloody pieces ? Or feel your blood begin to boil inside ? I can do that !
Yeah, I'm more than able to get it done ! You see, I've got this power now!

You're just out for a good time aren't you ?

While you're here, I could use a little help. Come over here and sit down
at the table. I'm going to show you something that'll back up everything
I've told you. I'm going to take off these dark glasses, and I want you to
look into my eyes.
Pretty bad aren't they ? Red blood mixed with slime that looks like
gangrene, right ? With a few tiny maggots here and there ? Means my
tissue cells are decaying. Pain in the ass if you want to know the truth.
I've got to stop the decaying or I'll be dead in forty-eight hours myself.
And that's where you come in, paleface. You're going to fix the problem !

Now, when I say go, you pick up those two hot pokers here and jam them
into my eyes, you got that ? Jam them in deep and hard, and if everything
goes the way it should, the cautherization should destroy the infection.
It's my only chance!

"What ?" "I don't care that you don't want to do it !" "You're going to do
it, or else, got that ?"

"You're going to do it because if you don't I'm going to visualize your
skin slowly peeling off of your body, tearing and ripping, and bleeding,
until you're dried out like an old piece of cowhide." "It'll hurt . . bad."
And I can do it . . . believe me . . . I'm more than able.

Now, are you ready ?

G . . Go . . . . . . . . .

posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 01:48 PM
Yikes! Sounds like this guy was on a huge tear about the government, and the lightening strike sealed the deal forever.

I must say.......I wouldn't be sad if the pokers ended his reign permanently.

Good work!

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