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Dont Make Waves! Live In Fear!

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 11:09 AM
All instances of the words "I, we and you" is intended in the collective sense - not personal.

People are way too concerned with getting through their own private lives and do not wish to make waves, stand out in the crowd, diverge from political correctness, appear different, speak their minds or refuse to follow. We don't have the individual power to change anything and therefore become complacent. Getting a majority to agree on anything is near impossible so the concensus stands. Let it ride and hope for the best. Believe that good men are running things and hope for a little peace.

Its too bad. Because with a little back-bone, some elbow-grease and a heaping helping of determination is all it takes to exist in freedom.

Continue letting the television tell you how to think, what to wear, what to eat and who to vote for. Keep doing what you've always done. Sit in your little corner and feel oppressed or do something. We choose to sit in anonymity out of fear of reprisal and repercussion. We are trapped but comfy. LOL

I'm so sick of people spouting off ignorant worthless rhetoric like caged monkeys. Think for yourself people, get off your routine and do something different. REACH OUT. We are here waiting for you to open your sealed eyelids and see that YOU HAVE THE POWER to make this life worth living for yourself, your families and the rest of the human race.

But no. Type into your keyboards all the woes and frustrations you feel, complain, and cry about your sovereignty and freedoms being eroded but don't lift a finger. Pitiful people with gigantic egos who can't even realize that your ideologies are not even yours. They are implanted through thousands upon thousands of tiny pushes.

Fear!!!! BE AFRAID!!!! The more afraid you are, the more uninformed you are, the easier you are to manipulate. Which vices are you afraid will become public knowledge if you do stand up and be counted? Blackmailed into submission by the powers that exist through your own human tendencies cause your frustration. You and I are pawns in the grand chess game of power and control. The pawns outnumber the controllers. They know this and use it against us. WE let them. WE, ALL OF US. Stop being so damned afraid. BE what you say you are and things will change. The change will be immediate.

Or is that what you are afraid of? Change? LOL

I wish I could inject my strength and power into the lot of you. We are the underdogs. And we are exactly where they want us. How empowered does that make you feel? Get mad. Get up. Get going. DO SOMETHING. Make yourself known. Show the timid ones the way to be brave. Accept what is coming for you or hide from it. Pretending it isn't happening is allowing it to overtake the entire human race. Whose fault is that? Mine. Yours.

If you sit there cowering in your corner, you can expect your life to be controlled. Your thoughts to be monitored and your actions to be used against you.

You are all a bunch of cowards. I'm ashamed of the lot of you. Sitting on your butts typing into a computer monitor imagining that you are making a difference. Fools.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by Hazelnut

S&F, raising awareness is always good.
Your right. But i'm afraid its not enough.

I always look to Gandhi when seeking change. What he did in Africa and then India was extraordinary considering his methods.


I posted this video in a thread i did a while back called We Are Weapons Of Mass Creation which had to do with using our talents to make a change.

Freedom, Peace and Security will NEVER be won nor secured by the sword, another war will always need to be fought to end the fear of the sharp blade against the vital thoughts of change.

The last war will be waged without soldiers or freedom fighters, without blood shed or death, no rockets red glare, no bombs bursting anywhere.

The last war will not cause suffering, broken hearts, splintered spirits, or shattered bodies and souls, the creation of nature and man will not be crushed under the rolling thunder of armored machines, chemicals will not rain down from above, maniacal viruses will not attack from within, suicide terror raids, genocide, and nuclear holocaust will have no place in the last war, the casualties will be the end of competition, industry, government and religion which plan for and carry out the destruction, addiction and control of others.

The last war will be waged BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE, a war where all things will be TREATED as equal, a war employing weapons of MASS COOPERATION, battles fought and won with tolerance for all, understanding of difference, awareness of responsibility, a war in which compassion and love conquer and destroy the final evil enemy of humankind, the last war, the mother of all wars, the war to end all wars, must be waged upon fear. We the People, declare a global war on fear.

How do we the people start this war, how do we wage this war, how do we the people win the last war ?

We start by turning away from those who support fear, by denying our services, our employment, our political, financial, moral and spiritual support to those who build and profit from the economy of competition, addiction and war.

We wage the last war by demanding that our energy and environment be clean and renewable, by demanding that the thousands of billions of dollars spent yearly on making the weapons and means of war be shifted and added to the nearly meaningless hundreds of billions which is reluctantly parted out for social, health, education and domestic infrastructure.

We win the last war by simply entrusting our votes, our support, our children's and grandchildren's lives to those of US whose words and actions - DELIVER - compassion, love and truth.

We the people can, will and must defeat fear.

Strength, Unity, Peaceful Change . . .

So Hazelnut...what are you doing?


posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 11:49 AM
I don't think posting here makes anyone waking up because people in this forum are already aware? or am I wrong? it's the wrong place you are giving such comments , I think in these times only big boom can make everybody aware and make them really think , and oh by the way I think it's a good solid message

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by LiveForever8

I wish I were made of the same stuff as Ghandi. But I'm not. I'm teaching my children to be aware, be confident, be strong, be brave and think critically. I am teaching them about the manipulative nature of television and peer pressure and video games/texting addictions. I'm teaching them how to understand nature. I'm doing all I can in this world gone mad.

It isn't enough. I can't do enough. I'm just one minute particle in the scheme of things. But I won't give up and won't give in. I'm honest and truthful in a world of lies. I am nothing to admire and have made no world impact. I am just doing what I think is most important. I'm being myself.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 12:05 PM
i agree completely with you.

i havent dont sh*t yet, but im lying in wait for an opportunity. everyday i tell as many people as i can about the way the world is goin and the freedoms that are slowly being eroded.

most people think im stupid or crazy or racist or paranoid. some listen.

either way, theirs not much to do now but spread knowledge so that when the time comes, people know who their real enemys are. when that time comes it will no longer be time to sit. we'll have no choice by then.

we just have to make sure we're not pitted against each other. not republican vs democrat. not crazy right vs crazy left. not atheist vs christian. not white vs black.

when its to late everyone'll be a frenzy to blame it on the other side. its not the other side. its the tip top of the mountain we have to blame.

us vs them.

freedom vs slavery

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 12:07 PM
I don't know about you but I can honesty say a big thank you to all those cowards sitting on their butts making thread after thread here on ATS which has resulted in a more awake, more aware ME. (I'm betting a hell of a whole lot of other people as well). Now does this awareness result in me buying a gun and getting ready for revolution... No, but guess what, if the SHTF I will have educated myself enough to cope (hopefully). To me education in Truth is a far more useful tool than a gun. Thanks for everything ATS!

By the way what separates you from us so called cowards???

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