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Keeping "our" country away from those that would take "theirs" back...

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 09:23 AM
I've seen it touched on here so many times before... the concept of "Taking MY country back" or something else referring to our great nation as an entity of singular ownership...

Sorry to all the folks that feel as though they are the misplaced singular owners of a nation founded by a mixture of belief systems... but it isn't only "yours"...

It's mine too... as well as my neighbor's... as well as my neighbor's neighbors...

The sad part of it is that your wonderful government, and not just the current administration, is getting exactly what they want by having dissent among the people... It puts us at odds with each other when we should be focused on fixing their level of control... You don't do that, however, by being completely narrow minded and limited by party lines...

You have two extremes:

Those that are conservative in everything, and will watch/believe nothing other than what Fox News/Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh/(insert extreme right nutjob here) will tell them... They are typically those with old lines of thought about race/religion/sexuality/and any other manner of dividing people...

Then you have the complete opposite... Those that constantly quote the Huffington Post, believe in anything the current political machine tells them, and generally want everyone to have everything without working for it and want to volunteer to be the benefactor of a Nanny state (even though they fail to see that with that comes a loss of rights)...

So, and I know there will be plenty from both sides of the above groups that will surely reply as a few will be highly controversial, here is how to get the ship headed in the right direction... (of course, in my personal opinion)

1. Bring an end to organized religion...

Way to start out with a bang, eh? (no pun intended! haha)

Yes, you read it correctly. Organized religion has no place in this country. It basically is a way for people to belong to something that they feel makes them better. In reality, the organized religious system is much like the American political machine, and maybe that is why they are so often intertwined.

From the beginning, those that adhere to OR are slowly but surely taught that to belong to said group, you must do certain things... What does that sound like when put that way?

It's easy enough to figure it out, and if you haven't by now, you should be ashamed. It's all about control. When you are a part of a group, no matter what it is, you let that group, to an extent, control your decision making process.

What better way to pull the strings of a section of the population than to play on the doctrines that are already trained into these people? Morality is often shaped by religous belief, and one of the oldest control methods is to play to people's morals.

Divide and conquer... Think about that...

What better way to distract American thought from real issues than to place a variety of different Gods between them?

2. Let your actions speak louder than your words...

So, you are all for helping the lower class, but you never spend your time actually doing it?


You don't think anyone should get anything they didn't work for, but your great grandfather's business ventures have trickled all the way down to you to pay for your high class education and life of comfort... Yeah, screw the little man that lives paycheck to paycheck, because it isn't your fault his great grandfather wasn't so savvy...

I grow tired of both of these thought processes.

Granted, I know there are those that abuse the system, and an end should be put to that... However, I highly doubt that we all (myself included) do everything in our power to help those around us and better our community... We need to fix that... We need to end the thought process that allows us to be content with our own comforts and make those around us more comfortable...

How so, you ask?

It's simple really... Random acts of kindness go a long way... There will come a day, be it sooner or later, that you're going to need the help of a stranger in some way, shape, or form... Why not go ahead and get a jump on the tab? We all will need each other in the end, and at the current rate, we're steaming towards it...

You've got to learn to see past the stereotypes that have been driven into you from the political/religious machines... and once you do, you're on the path to making the country better...

3. Reign in the Government and redefine their boundaries...

We need to make the Government smaller... Too many heads involved makes for too many possible holes in the system.

Every week, you read about a new controversy involving some politician... It happens on Federal and local levels...

Here in NC, the former governor is under investigation for corruption, while the current one, under a budget crisis, is scheduling a trip to China which will cost around $80,000 at least... I didn't even vote for her, no matter how hard it was to vote for a Republican over her... But you know what, they both sat back and laughed because it was one or the other...

They keep our options limited. Any smaller name that enters the system has no chance, due to the fat pockets and clout of the big players...

It's time to truly give the power to the people, and not just pretend...

I can't really say how this could be accomplished, short of Revolution, but I'm not ready to go to battle with the current "revolutionaries" who are nothing more than members of a system...

Before we can truly take back the power, we have to put ourselves in mental state that will allow us the clarity to react if that power should be given to us... Honestly, it scares me that viewers of Fox News think they could do what was right for me... The same goes for the opposite side... I won't be giving up my guns, thank you... I can't very well hug a robber to death and criminals will always have access to guns...


I guess that will be all for this post, as I have covered the major issues and I am running out of room.

It all boils down to breaking down your self-imposed borders and working together to make the country better.

Stop being divided and conquered, and get this country back to where it should be among the world's leaders...

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by Azazelus

you are totally right, although i would debate the pros of gun prohibition if this was the right thread for it i do agree on the other points entirely.

The only way that people will ever manage to outgrow the 'system' which we have created to control us is by actually knuckling down and doing simple good, worthwhile things. It sounds insanely simple and it really is, just do good things and the world will get better.

Yeah of course we need to think cairfully and do the right things but really its not as hard as we make it seem. We need to simplyfy life and actually take time to understand ourselves and our world then it'll start making much more sence, people will begin to understand and trust each other more and before we know it we'll all be enjoying a nicer, happyer world.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 10:52 AM
There are many posts like this - and while I applaud your identification of one of the central problems (that being division) - your proposed solutions don't hit the center of the target.

The problem in many ways, is that the conspiracy is so much bigger than most seem to think.

They focus on their own little pet thing - chemtrails, or swine flu, or liberties, or health care, or media bias, or education, or bank fraud, or political corruption, or religion, or race or whatever.

The conspiratorial group that is the NWO covers EVERYTHING.

The central pillars though are what needs to be attacked;

Media control - this can be undermined simply by switching off - and getting others to switch off TV, newspapers etc.

Religion - certainly a central piallr. I agree - keep your beliefs if you must - although I think your better to give them away. But stop going to church or whetever - start working out what is moral for yourself - allow that othrs can have divergent views, and accept them - tolerate them.

Finance - stop using banks, stop paying loans. Remove yourself from the system entirely. Close all you accounts - take all the money you can - then default.

Utilities and Food - become self sufficient - grow your own food, find some way to collect or condense water yourself without using electricity. Stop using electricity.

Law -stop obeying the law. In fact - disobey - encourage others to disobey. Dont pay your taxes, dont pay anything. Walk into anywhere you like - any government building - just ask questions - demand answers.

Stop working, go to the Capitol and protest - dont leave - take your guns.

Only revolution can change the current problem - once it is a success. Then charging interest on lending needs to be illegal - all law needs to be repealed (except for Do no harm, cause no loss - all other law is just designed to control you) abolish all corporations, ensure they can never be created again by writing a new declaration of liberty and independence.

In summary;

- destroy all banks, no interest on lending
- repeal all law - except do no harm, cause no loss, change the legal system
- destroy all corporations, forever
- do not allow religions to collect money, no donations allowed
- change the electoral system so it cannot be abused
- seize the assets of the very rich, and large private companies - hold them in trust by the government - put them up for sale
- draw a line around the nations borders - ensure all wealth created remains inside that border
- replace fiat currency with sound money, silver and gold is a good idea
- redistribute government and legal power to the local level
- destroy the CIA, NSA and all external and internal intelligence agencies
- reveal all secrets of government to the people - only military bases and deployment of troops needs to remain classified

Thats a decent starting list of objectives of a revolution.


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