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Yes I Remember

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posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 09:29 PM
The phone rang...

"Kim, you have been chosen."

4 years earlier at Pomme De Terre Dam...

Getting down to the camping spot had been anything but uneventful. From the time the two vehicles set out towards the lake they could see in the distance black and silver grey clouds in the far distance. Lightning flashes were quick and intense.

Kim pulling the boat and her Grandfather of 85 the Camp Trailer. One wrong turn and the skilled Truck Driver eased the older model 25 foot camper seamlessly up and down the tight and twisting oneway mountainous dirt road.

Just a few short miles from the destination and surrounded on 3 sides by the lake, rain came down with a thunderous crash and lighting was spiraling down to the ground and could be felt from inside the slow moving minivan.

Once back out on the main road and heading towards the campground, the rain began to stop and in it's place the freshest, cleanest smelling air and sunkissed glowing clouds filled the sky above, it was glorious.

The perfect start to a great weekend getaway with the family. The seven of them ranged in age from the Grandparents at 85 to the youngest fair haired boy of 4.

Pulling into the camp spot it was only moments later the guys were waving goodbye headed out for the first fishing run.

Kim sat with her step grandmother and while casually talking realizes that she had been observing a UFO dancing playfully along the bottom of a cloud 500 feet above and straight ahead over the lake.

A camera sat above her on the bench and once her mind opened and she acknowledged what it was she was seeing, the new 24 exposure camera was snapping shots.

Pausing only to look with the naked eye from time to time the excitment of the moment was momentous, a full blown Alien Craft playing right before her.

What she found most curious was how once she began to really see the craft, only then did the details begin to become noticeable as well.

Nothing was as expected and even the A-Typical dome was under the vehicle and not on top. It was magnificent looking with its subtle silver triangular shape and the beautifully blinking lights that caught the sun and twinkled in pale hughes of all the primary colors as well as purple and a high violet.

A laugh rose up from her heart and the joy of a child on Christmas morning filled her senses. This was an amazing display in full daylight. She searched her memory banks for an instant and couldn't recall having ever seen pictures this close and in broad daylight.

Standing on the beach she watched as it buoyantly hoovered and glided along the base of the clouds it had created along with the storm moments before to "fillup".

For 15 minutes it put on a show for her and her alone. Noone else seemed to even notice. Eventually it simply vanished, but not from her sight as she had begun to walk back to the campground content in what she had seen. This was not the first sighting, but it was the most unexpected and unusual.

Moments later the guys came back without any fish but everyone agreed that an afternoon nap was in order.

They all went to their prospective tents and camper, Kim and her husband in the back of the minivan where they had a thick futon to sleep on.

2 hours later, they all woke at the same time, a bit groggy but still excited about the film, she began chatting away to her husband retelling the whole experience.

Although he had never had a sighting himself he never doubted her, not for an instant.

They soon discovered that all the electrical components in the mini van were shorted out. Radio, battery all dead as a doorknob.

She went to get the camera that she had placed in the floorboard of the van to secure the film, and found it missing. Completely gone, never to be recovered.

The sun was nearly setting and during the late afternoon boat ride, pure stark white seagulls followed above the boat and dove down playfully catching insects and small fish around them.

Never having seen seagulls in the midwest before, it was an indication of the events which were to unfold for the middle of the US, the heartland.

Late Fall 2009

"Who is this?"

"In time Kim, for now just be prepared, you know what you need, only one bag."

"Listen, I don't know who you are or what youre talking about, but I would never leave my family and the ones I love, not for any reason."

" Only your immediate, but then again this is something else you know. Kim, you have been preparing for this since the day you were born."

"Genetic luck of the draw."

"Listen I dont know who you are or what you you are talking about but I think you have the wrong person, the wrong number."

The skies above her home began to first vibrate, and then resonate a sound frequency she had never heard before. A melody which invoked visual accompaniment in geometric shapes and colors never before known.

Running to front door and stepping out, just 35 feet above her home was a massive black 3 story space craft.

Her family all came rushing out and before anyone could even mention a camera or binoculars, it floated away gracefully and silent to disappear below the treeline in the near distance.

"If you would like to make a call, please hang up" She placed the phone back on the jack and sat down softly in a high backed chair.


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posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 10:34 PM
Great start to a very interesting story!!!!!!
Maybe you should enter i in the contest??? It has to do with creatures and there's nothing scarier than ET's.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 10:49 PM
The kids were noisily chattering on about having seen either an advanced Military craft or an alien space ship, Kim slumped down into the deep recess of the lived in chair and placed her hand on her brow line.

The voice although unknown had a certain familiarity to it, commanding yet reassuring at the same time. It was only in retrospect that she finally realized that this was something she always knew, expected.

He had not said how long, but at this stage in the plan it must be soon.

Every survival forum she had visited in the past 9 years had not prepared her for this, there was never a discussion about this.

"Kids I know it's all exciting but you need to get to bed now." They gave the usual "A's" but soon the house was silent and she set out to pack the bags, one for each of them with just the basic necessities, nothing more for all their needs would be met once aboard the craft.

A few intimate keepsakes and some grooming aids as well as a couple of favorite books, childhood toys and a clean outfit or two each. Nothing more.

Kim awoke sometime before dawn and was pressed off to the side of the bed with little arms and legs strung out all over her and the queen size mattress leaving her little room to even move.

Picking up an arm which was draped over her chest, she slid out of the bed and made her way into the kitchen to put on a pot of strong Starbucks coffee.

If only her husband had not left them 3 years before, he would be included in the "immediate only", never before had she felt more alone standing barefooted on the cool hardwood floor.

Having been a packrat all her adult life, this was going to be so strange, so different to simply walk away from everything including family heirlooms, memories of a lifetime.

Yet it was the only way, it was the best for all of them.


posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by antar

Very visual. Good characterization, Make a great screen play/TV series!

Waiting anxiously for the next "episode"

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 11:00 PM
reply to post by whaaa

Ah you are so sweet. Thank you for being so kind.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 11:21 PM
All at once every electronic in the house went of simultaneously, stereos, TVs and blenders, clock radios blaring their alarms, the kitchen stove began beeping until she walked over an hit the reset button.

The kids were all getting up sleepy eyed and coming toward the kitchen shutting off everything along the way.

"Whats going on Mom?" asked the eldest teen, Kim just shook her head and shrugged. "Power surge of some kind Jake."

"Kids it is time we have a talk, lets have some hot coco and sit down to discuss something important."

The two little ones ran off to the family room where morning cartoons were in full swing.

"Mom I need to go shower before school!"

"Jake you wont be going to school today."

"What do you mean? I have that Science test today, remember?"

"Yes I remember Jake, it just that something has changed in all of our plans and school is something which is not part of it."

"Ah crap! How am I suppose to get the INSPIRE scholarship if I dont keep up my grades Mom?"

"Jake, trust me when I tell you everything you will not only understand but realize that there are things in life which are far greater than your current aspirations and goals. So grab your little brothers watching Sponge Bob and get to the table."

It felt almost surreal, how was she to explain to her children that which she still did not fully understand, remember?

Being pulled by intuition alone Kim made the trays of hot coco and graham crackers and started out to the dining room table.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 08:09 AM
As the children started grabbing for the coco and sweets it was aparent the mood although seemingly high energy was cast with a shadow of seriousness judging from Kim's face.

"Ok first of all I want you to think about how we have always been a little different, how we have always had special abilities that seem to be rare."

"Yeah, Jake can fart like a sasquatch!"

" Listen, I have something important to tell you guys and I need you to just quietly listen until I am done and then we can discuss this openly, deal?"

All three boys rang out in unison:


"But Mom does this have to do with the UFO last night?"

"It wasn't a UFO David, it was just some Military plane"

"Hey! I said wait until I am done explaining."

"Now, I have always had the ability to identify craft in the skies and even encountered a live alien being once, you guys know the story."

"There was always a reason but I just couldnt remember why, it always seemed so unfair to me that some people could just accept blindly, never having had a sighting and yet still believed it possible."

"Soon at least within the next few days there is going to be a worldwide disclosure about our connection to Aliens and interdimensional visitors from other frequencies and planets."

"This may cause some people to become afraid and others to unite for a common cause. The real reason behind it is to attempt to keep the fearful ones from haphazardly shooting at the craft which will begin to be seen as they uncloak their craft which have always been here but in a higher dimensional frequency."



posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 01:54 PM
you've hooked me Antar my dear...
*patiently waits....

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 02:12 PM
"Many changes have been happening in subtle and not so subtle ways in the past several years, they have now begun to skyrocket from financial markets to Spiritual bankruptcy of scores of people who have been put in place within the hierarchy of the world Leaders."

"But what does this have to do with us Mom?"

"Yeah, and why are we staying out of school today?"

"Well the sign that I have been waiting for has happened, I recieved an annonomous call last night and was told to get ready, to be prepared to be lifted off world for something which is about to happen on this planet, something which we have no control over other than to evacuate."

"You mean all the people of the planet?"

"No sweetheart, not for all people, only those who have been assigned this time in history by the highest power, Gods power."

"But we dont go to church, how will we be included on the evacuation if we dont go to church?"

"Just wait my love let me continue."


"Very soon, things will begin to happen worldwide on many different levels , the begining of WWIII."

"What is going to happen?"

"First the financial markets are going to collapse."

"We are well supplied Mom you made sure of that, we have enough to survi"

" Yes, and perhaps what we have saved and stored will help someone else who is not as fortunate as us and is left behind to survive the next years when all services are disrupted and then controlled by the New World Government."

" The sign that I have been waiting on has come Children..."

"The countdown has begun."


posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 08:40 AM
"We have been given a rare opportunity to go with ASTT The Advanced Space Technology Team to an undisclosed location off world until such time it can be determined that our world is once again safe for us to inhabit."

"How did they decide to take us? Why us and not everyone else too?"

"There are only so many StarShips available, for the most part they have been developed over the past 45 years based on crashed UFO and back engineering techniques, it has been privately funded and kept secret from the general public in hopes that when the time came on our planet there would have been enough built to house one person of each family, at least one representative from every namesake."

"But wait Mom! are you saying only one of us gets to go?"

"No no honey, in our case it was predetermined long before even I was born, our family it seems has a rare genetic signature, one that was manipulated long ago by the seeding of another dying species of people from a planet 300 million light years away."

"Sheeze Mom are you saying that we are the aliens!"

"Not exactly, we have the same DNA as everyone else ours simply has hidden codes that once activated will eradicate all disease and enable us to travel into higher densities without physical harm, but other than that no, we are not the aliens, lol."

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 09:13 AM
" Just great! I was going to get my license this year, I was going to start dating! Does this mean I am going to have to settle for some purple girl with three eyes?"

"No Jake she will have three boobs and three"

"Alright, now, no, from what we have discovered they are very much like us, only minor differences in physical developments such as height and and in many cases weight, but very very similar."

" "The biggest thing to consider is that they are around 500 years behind us in their evolutionary stage so it will be most different in that aspect than any physical differences."

"So we go to meet the cavemen?"

"No they have just surfaced from their renaissance period, they are just now making discoveries which we did hundreds of years ago but are learning fast and show great promise, once we share with them all of our current technologies it will only be a short period of time and they will be caught up to where we are now, it happens fast once they are on board with our Scientists and Scholars."

"From what we have discovered by the ground crews who have already been making the decision for us as to the safety and viability of the planet, they are still a violent race much like we were a short time ago, but once their governments make full disclosure of our presence we will be welcomed with open arms and then the real work begins for not only their future but ours as well."

"What about our education?"

"For the time being you will continue to study on the Starship, we will transport down to the surface to live and be housed, but all of the children will simply use the Ships interface for your educational needs, it's really quite neat and I think you will enjoy it even more than your old school. "

"Can I bring my games? I am at level 34 Mom and don't want to loose status!"

"Listen Brice, you are going to have your hands full with your new curriculum, and with all of the ships educational systems in place there will be games that are not only fun and challenging, but educational too, I promise you will never miss your old life."

"How long do we have before we go?"

"That I am not sure David, we will wait for the next phone call but I already packed all of our bags and we are ready when we get the call."


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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 09:24 AM
Phone rings...


"Do You Remember?"

After a long silent pause, "Yes I Remember."

"Good then be prepared at 0600 for beamups."


posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 09:26 AM
After saying their final goodbyes to friends and family, the three young boys and their Mom, sit down at the dining room table for the last time and share some hot coco and graham crackers.

"Why do we have to leave Mom?"

"In a short time inhabitants from another planet will be taking over ours, they are a very nasty species which will cause many disastrous changes to our planets environment, our air, water and even soil composition will become uninhabitable for us to sustain life."

"Mom, do we know the name of this new planet?"

"Yes my love it is called Earth."


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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 10:36 AM
I really wanted to get something up for the Twist contest but did not have time, so even though I missed the official deadline, this is or would have been my entry.

Thanks for reading.

*** I think about how we define who and what is alien without ever knowing the real truths behind why otherworlders come to our planet.

Is it possible that they have been here guiding our technology in hopes that we will catch up to their level in just a short period of time?

Would they hope that by granting access to higher understanding that it would also propell us past the waring species that we are and usher in a new age of tolerance for all humans and open the conscious stream for acceptance of those much more different than just the geographic differences, religious ideologies which keep us separated upon our own planet?

Without this kind of bigbrother approach will we simply blow ourselves out of existence and destroy one of the most beautiful planets in our Galaxy?

Could they allow us to do that if in fact their planet is in dire jeopardy, would we? ***

Again thanks for reading and when next you hear about the possibility of disclosure, really think about it from not just your head but your heart.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 12:36 PM
loved it....truly loved it!
I know sometimes it's hard to find the time to write with realities interruptions..but you have done an outstanding job here hon.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 01:07 PM
In my heart and imagination this mess we are in could be resolved with the aid of a more advanced species.

In this story there were about 3 billion 'aliens' brought to our planet, with them and the current 6 billion that brings us up to around 9 billion, enough to raise the vibrational frequency to a level which would propel us into a higher dimension.

With their technology food would never again be a problem, anything you eat would benefit the body and have a taste which would be so delicious, so whether you love coco and chocolate dipped graham crackers, or salad and hot brown rice, it would all be healthy and delicious!

When you take money out of the equation, when we no longer base our needs and wants and desires from a survival/greed mode, then the prosperity of earth would flourish and become a Heaven for all sentient beings.

Also whos to say that aliens have to be seen in such crazy light? Perhaps many of them do look much like us, are like us? But past that, wouldnt it be a more interseting place to live if tollerance was a t a level where we could comfortably see all the races and species in our Galaxy without fear?

posted on Oct, 7 2010 @ 08:47 PM
No no the ending was good!

Beutifully told. Nice work. I look forward to reading more

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